“She Was Pretty ” ep 16 ~ Final episode!

Episode 16 in the final episode of She was pretty. Hye Jin accomplished her dream of becoming a writer and she writes children books. Seong Joon finished his work in America and returned to work at The Most.

Hye Jin and Seong Joon got married and had a little girl. Ha Ri finished her classes and got a job at a hotel and this time she got her job using her own abilities. Ten released a new book dedicated to Hye Jin.

Personal thought: The first episodes of this drama were great, but then in the middle things started to change and become boring. At first I thought that Seong Joon will fell in love with the ugly Hye Jin, but the writers, producers….stuff, changed her and made Hye Jin’s character beautiful.

About Go Joon Hee I can’t say much. I think this was the first drama I saw with her. Choi Si Won…I don’t really like him, but I have to admit that I enjoyed Kim Shin Hyuk/ Ten character. Park Seo Joon…a good actor. Hwang Jung Eum she is a good actress…on a certain type of characters. I didn’t see her in much dramas (with this one there are 4 dramas I saw with her), but I kind feel that in a way Kim Hye Jin from She was pretty and Oh Ri Jin from Kill Me Heal Me are kind the same. Or maybe I get that impression because Hwang Jung Eum tends to over exaggerate her facial reactions, actions and screams a lot while saying her lines.

Episode 16

Hye Jin is pursuing her dream to become a children story book writer. She quit her job at the company and went with the other writers. During the day she writes children story with the other writers and at night she talks with Seong Joon on video call. Seong Joon and Hye Jin talk daily. Every time she has the time Ha Ri comes to see Hye Jin too.

After few months, Hye Jin isn’t willing to reach Soeng Joon. His phone is turned off. He doesn’t answer when Hye Jin video calls him. She is worried that something might’ve happened to him. She’s been trying to reach Seong Joon for two day, but she can’t. Worried she tries one more time and Seong Joon answered. Suddenly he appears in front of her. Seong Joon gave up his job in America and returned to work as the editor-in-chief at The Most.

Hye Jin went to visit her family and spend the night with them. Arrived home, Hye Jin is surprised to find out that Seong Joon is living with her parents and Hye Rin until he will find a house.

After the children story that Hye Jin worked for come out, Seong Joon and Hye Jin set their wedding day. Seong Joon gave wedding invitation to all his coworkers and they are shocked to see that the bride is their “Jackson”.

Seong Joon:”I’m getting married!”

The day before the wedding, Ha Ri took Hye Jin out. She wanted them to spend one last day together in a beautiful place before Hye Jin gets married.

Hye Jin and Seong Joon got married. They are happy. Hye Jin writes her books form home now. Ten released a new book called “Ten” and dedicated to his best friend “Jackson”. Ha Ri finished the course she took and now was hired at a hotel by her own abilities.

Hye Jin and Seong Joon had a little girl….that unfortunately for her looked exactly like Hye Jin…

The end!

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