“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 12 ~ Yan Hao:”Let’s get married!”

Mei Mei and Yan Ran join forces to eliminate Shao Qing and make Yan Hao and Jia An get back together. Mei Mei made Jia An cook for Yan Hao and took the food to Yan Hao and Shao Qing’s house. There Mei Mei told Shao Qing everything she had on her heart. After fighting with Mei Mei, Shao Qing went crazy and made Yan Hao accept marrying her.

After Shao Qing announced her wedding with Yan Hao, Mei Mei and Yan Ran made another plan. They left Jia An and Yan Hao alone in the mountains without a car. Unfortunately Shao Qing heard them making the plan and went there too. Shao Qing tried to kill Jia An.

Episode 12

Jia An helps Zhen Lun get his medicine. He asked her to take some documents to Yan Hao’s company and then he wanted to pay her for taking care while he was in the hospital. Jia An took care of Zhen Lun while he was in the hospital as a friend so she gets angry when she sees the money and scolds Zhen Lun. Not wanting to lose to Jia An’s scolding, Zhen Lun made the mistake to mention Jia An’s divorce. Angry, Jia An leaves.

At the house Yan Hao takes care of Shao Qing. When he was about to leave at the office, Shao Qing asked him when are they going to get married. Once again she talks about her feelings and what she is scared about.

Oh well…good one Shao Qing. If Yan Hao will marry you, he will completely forget about Jia An and will love you so you will be happy (note my sarcasm). When I see what Shao Qing had become I honestly home that she won’t end up with Yan Hao and will end up in a mental institute.

And another thing… Shao Qing asked Yan Hao to not disappoint her again…but when in the world Yan Hao disappointed her????? Shao Qing is the one that disappointed Yan Hao ten years ago when she left without a word. Shao Qing is the one that disappointed Jia An, when she became Yan Hao’s mistress.

Yan Hao comes out of Shao Qing’s room and has another flash back of his past with Shao Qing. On his was to school, Yan Ran sees his brother looking terrible. He wants to sent Yan Hao to to doctor, but Yan Hao refuses. Worried about his brother, Yan Ran asked Yan Hao if he is really happy with Shao Qing. Since he divorced Jia An, Yan Hao hasn’t smiled, he forced himself to smile. Since he divorced Jia An, Yan Hao hasn’t eaten a normal meal. Since he divorced Jia An, Yan Hao pretends to be happy just to make Shao Qing happy.

Mei Mei continues with her plan to get Yan Hao and Jia An together. She called Jia An to cook something. Then they went together to Yan Hao’s company. At the company Mei Mei and Jia An met Yan Hao and Shao Qing. They were on their way to eat lunch at their new house. Shao Qing was showing off how happy she is with Yan Hao in front of Jia An. But Mei Mei isn’t the nice Jia An. Mei Mei made it so that Yan Hao invited them to lunch too.

At Yan Hao’s new apartment all four friends have lunch together. Yan Hao and Shao Qing eat the pasta Shao Qing cooked for the first time by searching online a recipe and Mei Mei and Jia An cooked the delicious meal Jia An cooked. The dishes Jia An cooked where all dishes that Yan Hao liked. Seeing Shao Qing showing off in front of Jia An, Mei Mei gives the food that Jia An did to Yan Hao. The poor Yan Hao wants to eat, but he knows that Shao Qing will go crazy again if he does so. During the meal Yan Hao walked on egg shells to not upset the crazy Shao Qing. Luckily for Yan Hao his secretary called him. He doesn’t need to eat in the awkward atmosphere anymore.

After Yan Hao left, Mei Mei had the chance to tell Shao Qing what she really feels. No matter how much Jia An tried to stop Mei Mei, she couldn’t. Mei Mei can’t understand how could Shao Qing call herself Jia An’s best friend if Shao Qing ruined Jia An’s family, if Shao Qing stole everything Jia An had. Shao Qing can’t stay silent. She also can’t understand why her friends, Mei Mei and Jia An, aren’t giving Shao Qing their blessings for finding her happiness. But luckily for Shao Qing, Mei Mei is there to illuminate her stupidity.

Mei Mei:”Because you’re a third intruder! You build your happiness on others pain! What right do you have to deserve blessings? Even if you are together with Yan Hao, even if you moved to a new house, it’s useless. You’ll forever be the third intruder that ruins another person’s happiness. “

Hearing what Mei Mei had to say, Shao Qign goes crazy. She pushes Mei Mei down and tries to strangle Mei Mei. With Jia An’s helps Mei Mei could remove the crazy person from her.

Meantime Yan Hao is in his office. He looks on the window and sees Mei Mei and Jia An leave happily. He feels sorry for what he said to Jia An and for hurting her. He would wish to go to Jia An and make her happy, but he can’t. Now Yan Hao has to take responsibility for the mistakes he did before his accident. All he wishes for Jia An now is that Jia An will find a man that will make her happy, that will make her forget about him.

Yan Hao:” Forget everything I’ve said to you. Forget the tears you’ve shed for me. Forget the love that came too late between us. You must be happy!”

Returned home, Yan Hao sees all the food on the floor and the dishes broken. He goes to his crazy woman and makes her come to her sense. Then he hugs her telling her that even if there will be no happiness between them he will always stand by her side. Without understanding what Yan Hao said, Shao Qing is happy that Yan Hao is by her side and insists to get married. In the end Yan Hao accepted.

Yan Hao:”Let’s get married!”

Zhen Lun feels sorry for hurting Jia An with the commet regarding her failed marriage. He bought her a smiling balloon and a present to apologize. Jia An likes the present, a beautiful and expensive flower, but the card that came with them was written in a robotically manner.

Yan Hao goes to an annual tea party with the board directors. Zhen Lun is also going. Cleaning her desk, Jia An realizes that she gave the wrong file to Zhen Lun and goes over to the party.

When Jia An arrives at the party Shao Qing was there. The board directors are happy to see Jia An. Seeing that everyone still considers Jia An to be Yan Hao’s wife, Shao Qing announce everyone that she and Yan Hao will get married at the end of the mouth.

Shocked by the news, Jia An leaves. She trips and falls hitting her head on a table. The moment Jia An fall and got hurt Zhen Lun rushes to help her. Yan Hao can’t control himself and releases Shao Qing’s hand to run and take care of Jia An. He screams at everyone to bring water and to call for an ambulance.

Jia An left and Zhen Lun went to see how is Shao Qing. He regrets having encouraged her to return to Taiwan and fight for her love for Yan Hao. Zhen Lun doesn’t know what to do to make Shao Qing happy, but he is shocked by Shao Qing’s wish.

Shao Qing:”Turn Jia An into a third intruder.”

Yan Ran and Mei Mei made a plan to let Yan Hao and Jia An spend some time together. Shao Qing heard Yan Ran talking to Mei Mei, but she didn’t do anything.

In the morning Yan Ran pretended that he wants to go somewhere with Yan Hao and Mei Mei pretended that she wants to go for a walk with Jia An. Arrived at the meeting place Mei Mei and Yan Ran left leaving Yan Hao and Jia An alone to spent some time together. The walk for some time and suddenly they see a car. Jia An tries to stop that car, but the driver keeps coming toward her. The driver intends to hit Jia An. Yan Hao sees that the driver doesn’t stop and pulls Jia An away. The driver was Shao Qing!

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2 Responses to “To the Dearest Intruder” ep 12 ~ Yan Hao:”Let’s get married!”

  1. CPY says:

    This drama turns out more interesting than I expected and I unknowingly chased 11 episodes!! However, I do find Shao Qing gtting all that crazy and hallucinating a little … “overdoing” … I don’t see her getting that serious … but of course that adds to the drama and it could be what she experienced in America, which we didn’t know of.

    Overall, it’s a nice watch!

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