“All about My Mom” ep 25 ~ Chae Ri:”Let’s make a baby!”

With Hoon Jae’s help Chae Ri is able to leave her house and meet Hyeong Soon. They spend the whole and the night together. The next morning Hyeong Soon took Chae Ri home, but president Jang was furious.

The new planning team leader, Yoo Hui and Yeong Seon keep giving Jin Ae a hard time.

Episode 25

Hoon Jae helped Chae Ri get out of her house and meet Hyeong Soon. But Chae Ri didn’t want to return home. She left with Hyeong Soon in search of her own happiness. When president Jang and his mother found out that Chae Ri gone, they wanted to call the police on Hyeong Soon. Luckily Hoon Jae was able to stop them and to make them wait for Chae Ri to return home.

Meantime at the office, the planning team has a meeting. Yoo Hui and Yeong Seon humiliated again Jin Ae. They made her feel like she isn’t doing a good job in front of her coworkers and made her serve their coffee, because she apparently isn’t good for anything else. After the meeting Yeong Seon called Hoon Jae in front of Jin Ae to set a dinner party for Yoo Hui.

President Jang can’t wait anymore. He is too worried for his daughter. He goes to San ok and Dong Chul and together tried to find their children. But worried about his daughter, president Jang made the mistake to ask how Hyeong Soon dared to put his eye on Chae Ri, who was raised like a princess. Hearing him say that, San Ok defended her son and put president Jang in his place. San Ok and Dong Chul also raised Hyeong Soon thinking of him as s prince even if they didn’t have all the financial means that president Jang had. Then they told them how Chae Ri came always to their shop, to their house , to their neighbor looking for Hyeong Soon.

Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon are eating. They spent some time together. Hyeong Soon tries to convince Chae Ri to go home, but she doesn’t want to. Chae Ri knows that she will be scolded anyway so she prefers to stay a little longer with Hyeong Soon. But Hyeong Soon is worried. President Jang liked him and Hyeong Soon doesn’t want to disappoint president Jang any more.

Hyeong Soon goes out and calls Hoon Jae. He gave Hoon Jae the address where president Pang can find Chae Ri. Hyeong Soon doesn’t like going out with Chae Ri like that, he wants president Jang’s permission. Then Hyeong Soon sent a text to apologize to president Jang.

Hyeong Soon left. Chae Ri feels that Hyoeng Soon left her at the restaurant, runs after him. Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri took a bus and went to the beach to spent the rest of the day together.

Hye Joo returned at the office and found a note from Hyeong Kyu telling her that he took San home. Arrived home, Hye Joo sees San’s clothes washed and realized that San met his father. Seeing San’s and Hye Joo’s reactions, Hyeong Kyu now knows that San and Hye Joo are terrified by San’s father’s threats. Hyeong Kyu calmed San and Hye Joo and from now on he will help them.

Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri arrived at the beach. They play for a while on the beach. Then they play with the star fish Chae Ri found. Later they went to the market. Form the market, Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon got something to eat and returned to the beach. After eating, they play again on the beach.

While being on the beach, watching the waves, Chae Ri has an idea. She thinks that if she will get pregnant there then her father will be forced to accept her relationship with Hyeong Soon.

Chae Ri:”Let’s make a baby!”

Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri are waiting for the last bus to return to Seoul. When the bus is approaching Chae Ri turns around and runs. She doesn’t want to go home. Hyeong Soon follows her and finds her pretending to sleep at someone’s house.

Since they’ve lost the last bus to Seoul, Chae Ri got her way. Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri call their parents to announce them that they are fine and that they will return the next day. Then Chae Ri and Hyeong Soo go to bed. Chae Ri wants to sleep next to Hyeong Soon, holding his hand, but Hyeong Soon pushes her away. He wants to sleep as far away as possible so that nothing will happen between them until president Jang gives them permission to date.

In the morning Chae Ri wanted to prepare breakfast for Hyeong Soon, but she got into trouble again. She burned the rice and the pot in which he made the rice. As a result the owner scolded Chae Ri early in the morning.

San’s father has a meeting with Hyeong Kyu. He asks Hyeong Kyu to fire Hye Joo and stay away from his wife and son. But Hyeong Kyu doesn’t get intimidated and advices Dr. Kim to get treated for Othello syndrome. A fight starts between them, but thinking that he is recorded on the surveillance camera, Dr. Kim lets Hyeong Kyu off and leaves. Before leaving he threatened Hyeong Kyu with destroying him if Hyeong Kyu won’t fire Hye Joo.

Jin Ae entered Yeong Seon’s office with some documents. While she was signing the documents, Yeong Seon bragged to Jin Ae about how much she loves Yoo Hui and how she wanted and still wants Yoo Hui as her daughter-in-law.

At night Yoo Hui stops in front of Jin Ae and talks to Hoon Jae on the phone. Later Jin Ae tells Yoo Hui that she is Hoon Jae’s girlfriend and she will also attend the dinner at Yeong Seon’s house. Unfortunately for Jin Ae, Yeong Seon had other plans for her. Yeong Seon and Yoo Hui conspired against Jin Ae and made her work over time.

Sang Hyeok knew that Jin Ae will work over time and went to help her.

Meantime Hyeong Soon brought Chae Ri home.

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