“Bubblegum” ep 7 ~ “In the mood for love- what you couldn’t know!”

Sun Young’s condition gets worse. She lost her way home and couldn’t remember it. She calls Haeng Ah.

Without knowing about his mother’s condition Ri Hwan reveals to his mother that he and Haeng Ah are in love with each other.

Episode 7

Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah are at the restaurant. Everyone is helping at making kimchi. The two of them can’t hide their feelings. Everywhere one goes the other follows. Everything one does, the other is there helping him. They are happy, playing and enjoying each other presence. Since they can’t really hide their feelings around the people they know, everyone found out that Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah finally realized their feelings for each other. Only Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah’s aunt is worried of Sun Young’s reaction when she will find out.

Haeng Ah accompanied Ri Hwan to his office to send a file. On their way out, Ri Hwan turned the light off and wanted to kiss her, but Haeng Ah was surprised and hit him. Later she promised Ri Hwan that she won’t run away from him because she fell in love with him too.

Haeng Ah:”I like you too!”

Sun Young was supposed to meet Yi Seul’s mother and set the wedding day. But on her way, Sun Young forgot where she was going and why. She didn’t answer her phone when Ri Hwan called her. Luckily some passerby helped her. Sun Young called Haeng Ah and the passerby told Haeng Ah where to come.

Haeng Ah knows now that Sun Young is sick. She is worried and scared that she might lose Sun Young, but still Sun Young doesn’t want Ri Hwan to know. Suddenly someone is at the door. It’s Ri Hwan! Haeng Ah hides. Ri Hwan comes is and without knowing about his mother’s condition he tells Sun Young about his relationship with Haeng Ah. He is happy and all he needs to be happy for all his live are his mother and Haeng Ah by his side. Still Sun Young can’t agree with Haeng Ah as her daughter-in-law.

Ri Hwan:”All I need is you by my side!”


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