“All about My Mom” ep 26 ~ Hoon Jae:”Let’s get married!”

Since Yeong Seon and Yoo Hui give a hard time to Jin Ae at work, Hoon Jae decided to propose Jin Ae. Hyeong Kyu takes Chae Ri home and breaks up with her as president Jang wanted. Chae Ri is supposed to leave for America for a year, but she runs away.

Hyeong Kyu is beaten by San’s father and finally there is some progress between Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu. And finally Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo’s relationship progresses a little.

Episode 26

Hyeong Soon brought Chae Ri home. The moment he saw Hyeong Soon, president Jang hit him. President Jang is so furious that he got sick and fell on the floor. Chae Ri’s grandmother also feels sick. When he recovered, president Jang is calmer. He decided what he will do next. In two days Chae Ri will leave for studies in America. After announcing his decision, president Jang send Chae Ri to check on her grandmother while he finishes talking to Hyeong Soon.

Left alone with Hyeong Soon, president Jang asks Hyeong Soon to convince Chae Ri to go to America for an year. He won’t ask them to break up, president Jang wants just Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri to be apart for an year and think about if they really have feelings for each other. And if president Jang is lucky then in that year Chae Ri will forget about Hyeong Soon.

Hyeong Soon:”I love Chae Ri!”

Since he found out the truth about Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon, all that president Jang wants is to destroy Hyeong Soon, to ruin his life for good. But president Jang decided to not do that and believe that if Hyeong Soon really loves Chae Ri, he will let her go, he will convince her to leave. He kneels in front of Hyeong Soon and crying, president Jang begs Hyeong Soon to not ruin Chae Ri’s life and to let her go.

Before leaving, Hyeong Soon talked to Chae Ri. He convinced her that she should go to America as her father wants her to. Meantime he will work hard so that when Chae Ri will return, president Jang will accept him.

Jin Ae is almost done with her overtime work. When she was about to finish and leave towards Yeong Seon’s house, a call came. Yeong Seon made sure that Jin Ae won’t come to dinner. She gave Jin Ae more work to do.

Meantime Hoon Jae can’t seem to understand why Jin Ae has so much to do that particular day. He suspects that Yoo Hui gave Jin Ae more work do to so Jin Ae won’t be able to come to dinner. But Hoon Jae is sure that his mother won’t do something like that ever again. Hearing Hoon Jae having so much confidence in her, Yeong Seon seems to feel a little guilty for what she did.

Sang Hyeok stayed and helped Jin Ae with her work. Then he took her home. He knows that Yeong Seon gave Jin Ae so much work to do so Jin Ae won’t participate at the diner. He knows that Yeong Seon doesn’t like Jin Ae and is giving her a hard time. No matter how much Jin Ae pretends to not be truth and defends Yeong Seon, Sang Hyeok knows the truth.

Yoo Hui stick to Hoon Jae like gum. She took him home and before leaving she kissed him on the check. Jin Ae saw everything and got angry.

Jin Ae walks home angry. Hoon Jae follows her, but Jin Ae isn’t in the mood to talk to him. Because Hoon Jae insisted, Jin Ae came out of her room. They fought a little in the living room until San Ok and Dong Chul heard them. Since Jin Ae doesn’t want her mother to know what happened, she pretends that nothing happened and goes to sleep.

In the morning Hoon Jae wants to drive Jin Ae to work, but she refused and took a taxi. When she arrived to work, Hoon Jae was there waiting for her. Jin Ae tried to get Hoon Jae out before someone sees him, but Hoon Jae noticed that his mother and Yoo Hui were coming. He officially introduced Jin Ae as his girlfriend to Yoo Hui. In front of Yeong Seon both Hoon Jae and Jin Ae asked Yoo Hui to not kiss Hoon Jae on his checks. With Hoon Jae’s help, Jin Ae was able to put Yoo Hui and Yeong Seon in their place.

After Hoon Jae left, Yoo Hui follows Jin Ae to her office and threatened Jin Ae that she won’t give up. Yoo Hui challenged Jin Ae to a fight for Hoon Jae’s love, but Jin Ae doesn’t need to do that. She is sure of Hoon Jae’s feelings for her.

Jin Ae:”I won’t accept your challenge! The decision to accept your challenge is up to the champion, right?”

Hyeong Soon left home for a few days so that Chae Ri won’t be able to find him. He also left his phone home so she won’t call him. He is afraid that if he will see or hear her, he won’t be able to let her go.

Chae Ri indeed went to see Hyeong Soon, but he wasn’t there. She met San Ok and Dong Chul. Returned home Chae Ri talked to her father. She doesn’t want to leave for America because her father wants to. She can’t break up with Hyeong Soon because her father doesn’t consider Hyeong Soon to be at their standards. But president Jang put her to choose between himself and Hyeong Soon. If Chae Ri won’t go to America as he wants, if she will go to Hyeong Soo, then president Jang won’t see Chae Ri ever again.

Yoo Hui and Yeong Seon made Jin Ae work over time again. Jin Ae is at work. She takes a break. Everything around Jin Ae’s office is dark. Suddenly some lights in heart shape appear before her. Hoon Jae shoes up to. He prepared a surprise for her. Hoon Jae proposed to Jin Ae.

Hoon Jae:” Mrs. Lee Jin Ae, let’s get married!”

In the morning Jin Ae entered Yeong Seon’s office with some documents. Yeong Seon saw the ring on Jin Ae’s finger, but Jin Ae lied saying that the ring is a couple ring, not an engagement one.

With a smile on her face, Yeong Seon told Jin Ae that she was promoted to section chief…to the factory where Jin Ae used to work before coming to the headquarters.

Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo were called at San’s school by Sam’s teacher. When they were leaving Hyeong Kyu saw San with his friends and in front of the other children he pretended to be San’s father.

On her way to the airport Chae Ri got out of her car and run away. She will not let her father decide what kind of life she will lead. Chae Ri will decide her life.

Hyeong Kyu doesn’t have to take Hye Joo home since she has plans with her mother. He stays to the office to finish some work. Hyeong Kyu is working and someone is at the door.

Hyeong Kyu opens the door and a masked man hits him. That man locks the door and enters inside the office. He beats up Hyeong Kyu until he left Hyeong Kyu unconscious. Arrived home, Hye Joo received a threatening phone call from her ex husband. Scared that something might have happened to Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo runs over to the office. Hye Joo found Hyeong Kyu unconscious and full of blood. When he came to his senses, Hye Joo was crying. She feels so guilty for what happened to Hyeong Kyu that she wants to quit her job. Hyeong Kyu wipes Hye Joo’s tears and kisses her.

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