“Bubblegum” ep 8 ~ “Don’t mind stains, don’t mind scars, just don’t disappear.”

Ri Hwan reveals his mother that he and Haeng Ah are in love with each other. Still Sun Young doesn’t agree with that relationship and continues to meet Yi Seul and her mother to set the wedding date.

Ri Hwan finds out about his mother’s disease and doesn’t know how to react.

Episode 8

Leaving Sun Young’s house and crying sadly from all the thinks she heard there, Haeng Ah fainted on the street. Seok Joon was around and saw her. He took her home and staid with her until Ri Hwan arrived. Knowing that Haeng Ah is uncomfortable in hospitals and that Ri Hwan is a doctor, Seok Joon called Ri Hwan over.

After Seok Joon left, Ri Hwan calls Tae Hee to find out what happened. While talking to Tae Hee, Ri Hwan realized that when he was arguing with his mother, Haeng Ah was there, hiding, and heard everything.

All night Ri Hwan took care of Haeng Ah. In the morning she woke up and seeing Ri Hwan there, Haeng Ah pretended that she isn’t hurting. She pretended that she fainted because she was too busy to eat the day before. But Ri Hwan knows the truth.

Haeng Ah made a decision! Now that Sun Young is sick, Haeng Ah will move into the third floor of Sun Young’s house.

Haeng Ah talks on the phone with Seok Joon to thank him for helping her when she fainted on the street. Seok Joon asks her to meet and talk in person. They’ve met later. Seok Joon remembered that it’s Haeng Ah’s birthday and brought her cake. He apologized for not being there for her last year. He is willing to change for her. He is willing to make up for all the mistakes he did in the past if Haeng Ah will return to his side.

Sun Young plans to marry Ri Hwan soon with a person that can protect him. And the person that can protect Ri Hwan no matter what is Yi Seul, because of Yi Seul’s family background. Sun Young meets with Yi Seul’s mother and later with Yi Seul. She tells Yi Seul about her disease.

Ri Hwan brought some flowers for his mother. He wants to apologize for how he treated her the other night. At the hospital Ri Hwan found out about his mother’s disease. After staying sit for a long time thinking about his mother and Haeng Ah, Ri Hwan got up and went to drink with Ji Hoon. He got drunk.

Haeng Ah’s co workers prepared her a birthday party. When she came in and saw the surprise that everyone prepared her, Haeng Ah started crying.

One his way home, Ri Hwan met Haeng Ah. They are both crying. Ri Hwan goes to Haeng Ah and hugs her.

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4 Responses to “Bubblegum” ep 8 ~ “Don’t mind stains, don’t mind scars, just don’t disappear.”

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  2. zhaoul says:

    Hey! I like your episode recaps but curious about your thoughts about the drama. Are you enjoying it? How do you feel about the dramatic turn? I really like it personally. I’d love to discuss.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Hey back at you 🙂 First of all thank you so much 😀
      About this drama…it’s kind complicated. I like Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jong Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won. All three of them are good actors and the story could be a good one. To tell the truth I’m still not sure if I like it. I don’t dislike it either. The problem is that I’m not eager for the next episode once I finish an episode. I’m not that curious about what could happened. I think the problem is the way it was written. From what i heard the writer of this drama is a beginner… so that must be the reason why.
      The way Lee Dong Wook plays Ri Hwan reminds me of his character in Iron Man too.
      About the new dramatic turn… I feel bad for Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah. Ri Hwan’s mother is the only family they’ve got and now she is sick too…I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes :(.
      I don’t understand the role of the radio show host,Oh Se Young, and Ye Joon Soo…I pass on their parts.
      What about your opinion about this drama?

      • zhaoul says:

        I’m really enjoying it. It definitely has a slower vibe but when u really think about it a lot has happened. The writing style is definitely different. It has a real indie film feel. For me, I think I’m enjoying it so much because it’s different. Although these use some clichés the characters feel less clichéd and more unpredictable to me. Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

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