“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 11 ~ Hong Pei:”Only one person can exist in this body. “

Shu Hai and Hong Pei try to find ways for Hong Pei to return to his own body. They have some ideas, but Shu Hai isn’t sure that it will work yet. Seeing that Si Yi is hurting and wants to talk to Hong Pei, Shu Hai lets Hong Pei to possess his body. But something happened and Hong Pei changed.

Episode 11

Shu Hai refuses to see a doctor until he fixes the watch. Worried about Shu Hai and his health, Zheng Nan told Si Yi the truth, including that Shu Hai’s ghost friend is Ling Hong Pei. After finding out everything Si Yi went to see Shu Hai. She took care of his hand injury.

The same day Jian Hao went to see Hong Pei in the hospital. All Jian Hao wants is to remove Hong Pei from the machine so that Hong Pei would die for good. He was about to do it when Hong Pei’s mother came in and Jian Hao stopped what he was doing.

Shu Hai fixed the watch and Hong Pei came back. Happy that Hong Pei didn’t disappear for good, Shu Hai fall asleep. When Shu Hai woke up, Hong Pei wasn’t able to touch anything anymore. Shu Hai fixed the watch and he can see Hong Pei, but the watch can break up anytime which will lead to Hong Pei’s disappearance.

Hong Pei:”Should we say farewell first?”

But Shu Hai is only interested in finding a way to return Hong Pei’s soul to his own body. Since weaknesses create opportunities, Shu Hai thinks that Hong Pei’s allergies could help. But Hong Pei doesn’t have any allergies, he is extremely healthy.

Shu Hai:”Have a long life. Congratulations!”

Shu Hai and Hong Pei went to the hospital to see Hong Pei’s body. They think that close to Hong Pei’s body they could find a way to return the soul to the body. In front of the hospital Shu Hai sees Hong Pei’s mother. Seeing her sitting there saw, Shu Hai goes to her and gives her a coffee. Hong Pei’s mother recognized Shu Hai. She told him that Si Yi is with Hong Pei in the room now and she also gave Shu Hai some advices as a mother to her son.

In front of Hong Pei’s room, Shu Hai met Si Yi. She insisted to see Hong Pei since she has something to talk to him. Hong Pei also has something to tell Si Yi so he asks Shu Hai to give the watch to Si Yi.

Afraid that Hong Pei could disappear forever, Shu Hai refuses to take the watch off his hand and give it to Si Yi. But since Hong Pei insisted, Shu Hai had to give in.

Si Yi went home with Shu Hai and Hong Pei. Shu Hai gave her the watch, but she couldn’t see Hong Pei. Seeing her so upset Shu Hai comforted Si Yi.

Later Shu Hai went to the hospital. He put the watch on and his worries disappeared when he was that Hong Pei appeared. But they need to find a way for Hong Pei’s spirit to return to the body. The vital signs are normal so Shu Hai supposes that that it’s the reason the soul can’t unite with the body. He thinks that removing the respirator machine from Hong Pei could create the opportunity the soul needs. Still Shu Hai needs some more time to thinks about that idea.

Shu Hai took Si Yi to Hong Pei’s father’s old house, the house where Hong Pei and Si Yi met. There Shu Hai was doing and acting as if he were Hong Pei. Si Yi is confused. Then Shu Hai starts doing and talks more and more like Hong Pei. He was telling her the same sentences Hong Pei told her the first day they’ve met. She realizes the truth. In front of her is Hong Pei. He possessed Shu Hai’s body to be able to talk to Hong Pei. Suddenly something happens. It’s like Hong Pei isn’t him anymore. It’s like he transformed into something evil who wants to kills Shu Hai and take over Shu Hai’s body.

Hong Pei:”Between Wang Shu Hai and I, only one of us can live. Only one person can exist in this body. “

But the evil Hong Pei begins to feel pain. The Hong Pei that Shu Hai knows fights with the evil Hong Pei. It’s like there are two Hong Pei’s, one evil and one good. The good Hong Pei fights, from inside with his evil side and tells Si Yi to remove the flower scent and save Shu Hai. While the good Hong Pei stops the evil one from inside, Si Yi pushes him into the pool. She, then, removed Shu Hai’s watch. She took care of Shu Hai until he recovered. Si Yi was worried that she will lose Shu Hai.

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