“All about My Mom” ep 27 ~ Hoon Jae:”Our seal of love.”

Chae Ri run away on her way to the airport. Hyeong Kyu found her in a bad condition and took her home. Even if her father came to take her, Chae Ri refused to leave.

Meantime Hoon Jae found out that his mother transferred Jin Ae and went to talk to Yeong Seon. In an attempt to not lose her son, Yeong Seon took Hoon Jae’s belongings from Jin Ae’s house. Unfortunately what Yeong Seon’s is doing at the moment is pushing Hoon Jae away from her.

Episode 12

While everyone in his family look for Chae Ri, Hyeong Kyu is being beaten by Hye Joo’s ex husband. Hye Joo came in and found him hurt and unconscious. She woke him up and wiped his face, crying. Hyeong Kyu wipes her tears and kisses her. After they kissed Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo are awkward, but still Hye Joo cleans Hyeong Kyu’s wounds. Later he took her home, but Hye Joo is more worried about Hyeong Kyu and his wounds.

Jin Ae can’t take it anymore and goes to have an honest talk with Yeong Seon. She planed everything in her head and thought of talking honestly to Yeong Seon, even if that meant to say something that Yeong Seon wouldn’t have liked. But arrived in front of Yeong Seon, Jin Ae failed. She tried so hard to please Yeong Seon that she couldn’t say anything that she wanted.

On his way home, Hyeong Kyu saw Chae Ri. She seems sick and fainted while talking to Hyeong Kyu. Hurt, Hyeong Kyu carried Chae Ri home.

Later, Hoon Jae goes outside to wait for Jin Ae. When she arrived she hugged him.

Hoon Jae:”Our seal of love.”

Before Hoon Jae and Jin Ae entered the house, president Jang came. Hyeong Soon called him and president Jang came to pick up Chae Ri. But Chae Ri refuses. She wants to stay there with Hyeong Soon. Upset president Jang leaves, but Dong Chul ensures him that when Chae Ri will feel better they will send her home.

Sang Hyeok found out that Jin Ae’s been transferred and he tells Hoon Jae that Yeong Seon’s been treating Jin Ae badly for a while now. Meantime at the house Hyeong Soon tries to convince Chae Ri to go home. But afraid that her father will send her to America or will try to make her break up with Hyeong Soon, Chae Ri refuses.

The clients Dr. Kim introduced to Hyeong Kyu forged their documents. Now Hyeong Kyu risks to be prosecuted. Wanting to stop her ex husband from ruining Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo met with him. She asked her ex husband to leave Hyeong Kyu alone, to not beat him or make legal problems for him. But Dr. Kim threatened her that if she won’t quit her job, he will ruin Hyeong Kyu’s life. That moment Hyeong Kyu arrived. He send Hye Joo back at the office and told Dr. Kim what he plans to do in future to protect himself, Hye Joo and San form Dr. Kim.

Back at the office Hyeong Kyu forbade Hye Joo to meet Dr. Kim alone. From now on if she has something to talk to San’s father, she will have to do that through Hyeong Kyu. Actually Hyeong Kyu meant that because he considers himself the man in Hye Joo’s life and wants to protect her, but Hye Joo didn’t understood him and thinks that Hyeong Kyu is only doing that as a lawyer.

Still Hye Joo is scared. She even got a threatening text from her ex husband.

Hoon Jae went to his mother and asked her to reconsider her decision of transferring Jin Ae. Unfortunately that made Yeong Seon even angrier. Now she considers that Jin Ae is the one that told Hoon Jae.

Later Hoon Jae met Jin Ae and asked her to marry as soon as possible. The more Yeong Seon is against Jin Ae, the more Hoon Jae and Jin Ae get closer.

Angry that Hoon Jae takes Jin Ae’s side, Yeong Seon made a decision. She went to Jin Ae’s house and packed Hoon Jae’s thinks. Yeong Seon decided that it’s time for Hoon Jae to leave Jin Ae’s house and return home, without even consulting with Hoon Jae. On her way out with the luggage, Yeong Seon met Jin Ae. She told Jin Ae that she likes Jin Ae as an employee, but she hates Jin Ae as Hoon Jae’s girlfriend or Hoon Jae’s wife.

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