“Bubblegum” ep 9 ~” Love…so heavy and so scary”

Sun Young’s condition worsens faster than everyone expected and she starts forgetting the most important things in her life…she begins forgetting her son, Park Ri Hwan.

Episode 9

After finding out about his mother’s disease, Ri Hwan went out to drink with Ji Hoon. For so many years Ji Hoon was the one drinking and Ri Hwan was the one taking care of him. Now the roles changed. Ri Hwan gets drunk and Ji Hoon takes him home. On their way Ri Hwan and Ji Hoon met Haeng Ah. She came after Ji Hoon sent her a text.

Ji Hoon carried Ri Hwan on his back into the room. When he and Haeng Ah were leaving, Ri Hwan grabbed Haeng Ah’s hand and asked her to stay. Then he pulled her into the bed and hugged her. Haeng Ah did the same.

Ri Hwan:” Don’t go!”

Thinking that Ri Hwan is sleeping, Haeng Ah gets up, apologizes for not being able to keep her promise of staying be Ri Hwan’s side until the end and leaves. In the morning Ri Hwan goes to have breakfast with Ji Hoon and tells his friend about his mother’s disease. Later Ri Hwan takes Haeng Ah out to eat. He tries to convince her to not give up their happiness. But Haeng Ah believes that all the bad thinks around them happened because they decided to accept their feeling and date openly. She prefers being the unhappy one as long as the once she loves are happy and healthy.

Ri Hwan:”You can see me date other people?”

Personal thought: Seriously now!!!! How had the genial idea of writing something so stupid????? The writer made Haeng Ah’s character a producer, which means Haeng Ah is smart and educated. There is no educated human in this whole world who will think that because she/ he announce to be dating someone his/ hers family doesn’t like the family members will get incurable disease….. Haeng Ah could say from the start that she wants to break up with Ri Hwan because his mother doesn’t want her as Ri Hwan’s girlfriend. Also Sun Young is a doctor, Ri Hwan is a doctor so they know better than anyone how the disease progresses and what they should do for the patient to life long, even if that patient will forget his/ hers recent or not memories.

Yi Seul searched for some solutions regarding Sun Young’s disease and went to talk to her. At Sun Young’s house, Yi Seul met Haeng Ah. They talk and Yi Seul asked Haeng Ah to don’t make Ri Hwan chose between Haeng Ah and Sun Young. Yi Seul even told Haeng Ah and Haeng Ah can have everything Yi Seul has as long as Haeng Ah disappears from Ri Hwan’s life.

Yi Seul:”Can you disappear from Ri Hwan’s side?”

Later Haeng Ah told Tae Hee about her plans of breaking up with Ri Hwan and move into Sun Young’s house to take care of her. Tae Hee doesn’t like that idea. She knows that Haeng Ah will suffer so Tae Hee calls Seok Joon. She prefers seeing Haeng Ah with Seok Joon than suffering alone. After talking to Tae Hee, Seok Joon visited Ri Hwan at the hospital. He gave Ri Hwan some advices to not let Haeng Ah suffer, but knowing that Seok Joon still likes Haeng Ah, Ri Hwan was really defensive.

Personal thought: I always get angry with those people who do nothing but victimize themselves. If Yi Seul has issues with her mother, than it’s not Haeng Ah’s problem. She should deal with her mother. No one has to feel bad because her mother thinks she is fat and treats her badly. If she is fat, than Yi Seul should STOP feeling sorry for herself and lose some weight. She should eat clean, exercise, wear makeup, change her hairstyle, dress better ( Haeng Ah too should dress better). No matter how much she loves Ri Hwan, as long as he doesn’t feel the same Yi Seul won’t have him. Maybe Ri Hwan could be forced to marry Yi Seul, but he will never love her and in the end Yi Seul will end up suffering.

I really don’t understand why the writers made Yi Seul’s character so stupid. She is from a rich family, but she has no pride and more importantly Yi Seul doesn’t love herself. If you don’t love and respect yourself how can you expect others to love and respect you? Everything starts from you! If you want to change something in your life, you should start from changing your way of thinking and do something for yourself, don’t expect others to do it because they won’t.

Feeling suffocated at the hospital, Ri Hwan went for a walk. All his paths took him to Haeng Ah so he can’t break up with her. He tells Haeng Ah that he can’t ran away from his feelings anymore. Even if they will break up now because of his mother’s disease in the end they will end up together.

Sun Young’s father died and after the funeral she slept for a while. For a few days Sun young did nothing but sleep and take her medicine. When she woke up, Sun Young wasn’t remembering Ri Hwan. She asked about Haeng Ah, but she was scared of the man in front of her who she wasn’t remembering that it’s her own son.

Ri Hwan”:”I’m Park Ri Hwan!”

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