“All about My Mom” ep 28 ~ Hoon Jae:”We’re getting married!”

President Jang gives Chae Ri and ultimatum to break up with Hyeong Soon or he will disown her. Soon after that president Jang finds out that Hoon Jae is his son.

Yeong Seon did everything he could to separate Jin Ae and Hoon Jae, but in the end everything turned against her. She is reaping what she sowed. Hoon Jae and Jin Ae announced her that they will get married.

Episode 28

Jin Ae hurried home and found Yeong Seon leaving with Hoon Jae’s luggage. Yeong Seon tells Jin Ae that she likes Jin Ae as an employee, but she hates the idea that one day Jin Ae could become Hoon Jae’s wife. When Yeong Seon left, Jin Ae followed her to try to convince her to leave Hoon Jae’s luggage and to accept her as Hoon Jae’s girlfriend.

After Yeong Seon left, Jin Ae returned home where San Ok scolded her for being so submissive in front of Yeong Seon who was insulting her. Seeing her daughter being humiliated by Hoon Jae’s mother makes San Ok suffer more than Jia An can imagine. There is nothing wrong with Jin Ae, she is perfectly fine, so San Ok doesn’t want her daughter to lose her pride and beg, in her knees Yeong Seon to accept her. Especially since in the Korean culture Jia Ae is better off than Hoon Jae who is a fatherless son. On the other hand Yeong Seon used to be poor. She wasn’t accepted by the family of the man she used to love and she suffered all her life for that. Now, she forgot what happened to her and she is treating Jin Ae the same way president Jang’s mother treated Yeong Seon in the past.

Its lunch time and Hyeong Kyu invited Hye Joo to eat lunch together. But Hye Joo brought her lunch from home. Since she has too lunches, she invites Hyeong Kyu to join her. He accepts, but as soon as he tastes the food, Hyeong Kyu remembers that Hye Joo is an awful cook.

The same time, Hyeong Soon calls Hoon Jae to tell him that his mother came and took his thinks. Also Hyeong Soon tells Hoon Jae that Jin Ae was there too.

After hearing what happened, Hoon Jae called Jin Ae. She was trying to convince Hoon Jae to spend the night at his mother’s house and talk to his mother when Yeong Seon showed up behind Jin Ae. She heard Jin Ae talking to Hoon Jae and got more upset with Jin Ae. Yeong Seon believed that Jin Ae called Hoon Jae to separate him from his mother.

Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon are at San Ok’s store. From the first time she saw Hoon Jae, he felt familiar to Chae Ri. But she doesn’t understand the familiar feeling that comes from Hoon Jae. When she will find out that Hoon Jae is her half brother, Chae Ri will understand.

Chae Ri:”What if Hoon Jae is my soul mate!”

Hoon Jae comes home and finds San Ok smiling together with Sang Hyeok. Upset after Yeong Seon’s visit that day, San Ok sends Hoon Jae away. She can’t let Hoon Jae stay at her house anymore. But Hoon Jae doesn’t want to move. He isn’t a child anymore so he won’t let his mother order him around. Hoon Jae back hugs San Ok and starts acting cute to convince San Ok to not kick him out.

Chae Ri sleeps in Jin Ae’s room, but she moves too much and Jin Ae can’t sleep. Since she has to sleep because in the morning she will go to work, Jin Ae wakes Chae Ri up and asks her to sleep with San Ok. Chae Ri takes her pillow and goes to San Ok’s room, but she doesn’t want to wake up Dong Chul.

Chae Ri:”This is my chance.”

Chae Ri takes advantage of this opportunity and goes to sleep with Hyeong Soon. When he woke up in the morning, Hyoeng Soon is surprised to see Chae Ri next to him.

Hoon Jae:”I couldn’t sleep because I was embarrassed.”

Before San Ok find out where she slept, Chae Ri returned to Jin Ae’s room. During breakfast San Ok asked both Hoon Jae and Chae Ri to return to their own houses.

Before going to work, Hoon Jae passes by his mother’s house. He explains Yeong Seon that no matter what she will do, he will not return home, he will continue to stay at Jin Ae’s house. Then Hoon Jae invited his mother to dinner, just the two of them.

Hyeong Kyu brought side dishes from his mother’s store to eat lunch again with Hye Joo. It makes him happy seeing Hye Joo enjoying the side dishes he brought. Wanting to help Hye Joo get rid of her ex husband’s threats, Hyeong Kyu got statement from Hye Joo’s ex neighbors. They witnessed San’s father obsessions and that will help Hye Joo during trial. Scared of her ex husband, Hye Joo isn’t sure that provoking her ex husband will be a good idea. Still Hyeong Kyu wants to help her and insists of going to trial with San’s father.

Accompanied by Dong Chul, Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon went to see president Jang. After seeing that his daughter is doing well, president Jang wanted to talk in privet with her. Left alone with Chae Ri, president Jang gave her an ultimatum. If Chae Ri really loves her father, than she will break up with Hyeong Soon and return home. If she will not do so, than president Jang will disown her. Chae Ri has few days to think about her father’s offer.

Leaving her father’s office, Chae Ri is sad. Dong Chul can’t see her like that and covers for Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon while they play for a little while.

Hoon Jae met his mother for dinner. But Yeong Seon cheated. Knowing that there will be just her and Hoon Jae, Yeong Seon called Yoo Hui too. Since his mother is the one that break their understanding of having dinner just the two of them, Hoon Jae called Jin Ae to come over as soon as possible.

When Jin Ae arrived, Hoon Jae announced his mother that he and Jin Ae decided to get married.

Hoon Jae:”We’re getting married!”

Hearing that, Yeong Seon gets angry. She tells Hoon Jae that she will never agree with him marrying Jin Ae because she always regarded Yoo Hui as her daughter-in-law. She comes strong towards Jin Ae, expecting Jin Ae to back up her decision. But Jin Ae doesn’t back up. At Yeong Seon’s strong attack, Jin Ae responded strong too. Jin Ae isn’t backing up, she asks Yeong Seon to agree with hers and Hoon Jae’s marriage.

Yeong Seon went home furious. She thinks of ways to make Jin Ae gave up her idea of marrying Hoon Jae.

San’s father visited San Ok and told her that Hye Joo is cheating him with Hyeong Kyu. Since San Ok doesn’t know the real story and believes that Hye Joo and her husband are still married, she is shocked. When Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo arrived, San Ok vents her anger and while crying she hits Hyeong Kyu.

President Jang has suspicions over Hoon Jae so he asked his secretary to look into Hoon Jae’s background and Hoon Jae’s father. Later, visiting the office, president Jang found out that Hoon Jae was registered a year later. The new information rises more suspicions to president Jang. To clear his suspicions, president Jang goes and asks Yeong Seon.

President Jang:”Kang Hoon Jae is my son, isn’t he?”

Now that he knows the truth, president Jang goes to see Hoon Jae.

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