“Bubblegum” ep 10 ~ Ri Hwan:”There is no such thing as breaking up halfway.”

Sun Young doesn’t let Haeng Ah leave her side. Because of that Haeng Ah had to take a leave from work and be next to her aunt every second. While looking for someone that Sun Young wants to find, Haeng Ah fainted in the hospital. When Ri Hwan heard what his mother is looking for, he realized a lot of things. Ri Hwan breaks up with Haeng Ah.

Episode 10

Out of nowhere Yi Seul’s mother came to the clinic to talk to Ri Hwan about his marriage with Yi Seul. But Ri Hwan wasn’t there so she mistook him with Ji Hoon. After Yi Seul’s mother left, Ri Hwan returned to the clinic. While Ji Hoon was telling him what happened, Yi Seul rushed in.

Talking to Ri Hwan, Yi Seul told him about her conversation with Haeng Ah. She told Ri Hwan that he said to Haeng Ah to break up with him and not force Ri Hwan to choose between his mother and Haeng Ah. Hearing what Yi Seul told Haeng Ah, Ri Hwan is upset. He wants to leave, but Yi Seul holds him back. If he will break up with Haeng Ah, Yi Seul wants him by her side…even if Ri Hwan doesn’t like her.

Yi Seul:”I like you, Ri Hwan!”

Sun Young’s disease progresses faster than her family expected. Few days ago she didn’t remembered Ri Hwan. Recently she recognized him, but who knows for how long. Even if she doesn’t recognize her own son, Sun Young is obsessed over Haeng Ah.

Ri Hwan went to see his mother’s doctor. They talked about Sun Young and her treatment. Also the medic advised Ri Hwan to talk to a specialist and admit his pains before his weaknesses will seize him. At first Ri Hwan rejected his mother’s doctor advice, but as a doctor himself, Ri Hwan knows that the first step towards getting better is acknowledge the hurt and pain.

Later Ri Hwan went to see Haeng Ah. He needs someone to lean on and Haeng Ah is the only person in his life that for that. Seeing Haeng Ah, hugging her are thinks that help Ri Hwan release his pain.

Ri Hwan:”I just wanted to see for a bit.”

Haeng Ae has to go to work, but Sun Young doesn’t let Haeng Ah leave. Even if Haeng Ah leaves Sun Young’s site for a few seconds, Sun Young gets anxious. Because she couldn’t arrive in time, Haeng Ah asked a coworker to cover for her. After Sun Young fell asleep Haeng Ah was able to leave and go to work.

Haeng Ah can’t continue the way she is doing at the moment so for a while she took a leave from work. Returning home, Haeng Ah met Ri Hwan in front of the house. They talk for a while and Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan the story of a man who has the same disease as Sun Young. That man can only remember his wife and how much he loves her so he proposes to her every day. That night Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah decided to go on a trip with Sun Young.

Ri Hwan:”Haeng Ah, let’s get married! Haeng Ah, I love you! ”

Sun Young needs to find someone. She described the way the clothes of that person look like to Haeng Ah and where she could find that person. Haeng Ah went to the hospital to look for that person. She fought with her phobia and entered the hospital. But in the hospital, Haeng Ah so blood on a patient and on a nurses tray and fainted. That moment Seok Joon called Haeng Ah and a nurse told him what happened.

Ri Hwan also called Haeng Ah and found out what happened. He rushes over and meets Seok Joon. When Haeng Ah came to her senses, she asked Ri Hwan to help her get out of there.

Haeng Ah:”Take me out of this pace.”

Later that day, Haeng Ah tells Ri Hwan about the woman that Sun Young is looking for. That woman wears a white dress with polka dots. Haeng Ah doesn’t know who that woman is, but Ri Hwan knows. Sun Young is looking for her happy old self. Sun Young’s favorite dress is a white dress with polka dots.

Seeing how much Haeng Ah suffer while taking care of his mother and with everyone around Haeng Ah telling him to let her go and find happiness for the first time in her life, Ri Hwan decided to break up with Haeng Ah.

First Ri Hwan tells his mother that they won’t see Haeng Ah anymore because she left to a faraway place. Than Ri Hwan packs Haeng Ah’s belongings and says goodbye to everyone he knows. After that he meets Seok Joon and leaves Haeng Ah in Seok Joon’s care. When he finished everything he needed too, Ri Hwan meets Haeng Ah and breaks up with her.

Ri Hwan:”There is no such thing as breaking up halfway.”

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