“All about My Mom” ep 29 ~ Chae Ri:”Pregnant?!”

To separate Hoon Jae and Jin Ae, Yeong Seon suggests Jin Ae to go study in New York.

San Ok has a pregnancy dream and suspects that Jin Ae is pregnant after Hoon Jae and Jin Ae announced that they plan to get married soon. Hyeong Soon convinced Chae Ri to go home, but she returns soon with the news that she could be pregnant.

Episode 29

San Ok dreams that she is doing laundry when a cute little puppy comes to her and bits her heel. She wakes up and remembers that she had the same dream when she was pregnant with Hyeong Kyu.

During breakfast San Ok suspects Jin Ae of being pregnant. And when Hoon Jae announced the whole family than he and Jin Ae will get married, San Ok’s suspicions grow.

Hoon Jae:”We are getting married as soon as possible.”

Everyone is happy that Jin Ae’s getting married. But San Ok stops the celebration. She won’t agree with Jin Ae and Hoon Jae’s marriage until Yeong Seon will accept it. Later, San Ok goes to Jin Ae’s room and asks Jin Ae is she is rushing the wedding because she is pregnant. San Ok doesn’t want her daughter to have a similar life as she did, she doesn’t want her daughter to suffer under a mother-in-law that doesn’t like Jin Ae. But Jin Ae is confident that she can make Yeong Seon like her again.

Arrived at the office, Jin Ae received a huge surprise. To get rid of Jin Ae and to separate Jin Ae and Hoon Jae, Yeong Seon sends Jin Ae to New York for training.

Hyeong Soon made up his mind. It’s time for Chae Ri to return to her house and make peace with her father. They can’t be together until president Jang accepts their relationship. Chae Ri doesn’t want to, but she ends up accepting. Disappointed and angry, Chae Ri runes to Jin Ae’s room.

To help Hyoeng Kyu, Hye Joo met San’s father. She accepts his conditions. Hye Joo plans to quit her job and leave far away, somewhere where Hyeong Kyu won’t be able to find her every. She even accepts that San’s father come and cheek on her to convince himself that she and Hyeong Kyu aren’t in a relationship.

Hyeong Soon took Chae Ri home. He apologized for making president Jang worry. Now that Chae Ri is home, president Jang wants to help Hyeong Soon get a job, but Hyeong Soon rejects the offer. Hyeong Soon knows is hart, but he wants to find a job himself. Because president Jang has the wrong idea, Hyeong Soon made sure to explain politely that he isn’t returning Chae Ri since he never stole her. Hyeong Soon isn’t planning to break up with Chae Ri. He is just letting her stay home because Chae Ri’s father is suffering.

Chae Ri keeps eating so her grandmother is surprised. She would’ve understood Chae Ri eating that much if Chae Ri would’ve been pregnant. Hearing her grandmother mentioning her being pregnant, Chae Ri is worried. She checks the calendar and there is a huge possibility that Chae Ri is pregnant.

Grandmother:” It’s not like you’re pregnant.”

Chae Ri:”Pregnant?!”

While exercising Hyeong Kyu meets San. The boy was sitting on the ground thinking about how sad his mother was when they were still leaving with his father. Recently, after she started working for Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo began smiling again.

Hoon Jae is on his way home when he sees Yoo Hui. She was waiting for him at JY Group lobby. She told Hoon Jae about Jin Ae going to New York to study and she keeps grabbing his hand. Sang Hyeok sees them and separate them.

Chae Ri goes to Hyeong Soon and tells him that there is a huge possibility that she is pregnant. And if she is indeed pregnant, her father will be forced to let them get married.

Chae Ri:”I think I’m pregnant!”

Hyeong Soon buys a pregnancy test and they go home to check if Chae Ri is pregnant or not.

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