“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 12 ~ “Taking precautions is my habit, extermination is my method.”

The evidences against Hong Pei’s killer are showing up. Hong Pei is shocked to find out that the one who wanted to kill him is his best friend. He possesses Shu Hai’s body for one last conversation with Jian Hao, but it didn’t end well. Jian Hao drove his car and hit Shu Hai.

Episode 12

After possessing Shu Hai’s body, Hong Pei became evil. She wanted to kill Shu Hai so he could continue to life in Shu Hai’s body. Luckily, with Si Yi’s help, Shu Hai was able to come back to his own body and wake up. Later when he found out what happened, Shu Hai isn’t upset with Hong Pei. Actually he understands Hong Pei’s desire to continue life. Shu Hai asks Hong Pei to make a promise that, in the future, no matter who will have Shu Hai’s body, he will have to stay by Si Yi’s side and take care of her. Hong Pei can’t angry with that. Shu Hai’s body is Shu Hai’s body so Shu Hai should be the one using it.

Shu Hai:”Don’t ruin this romantic mood.”

Jia Zheng, the son of the man who hit Hong Pei, opened up and tells everyone why his father hit Hong Pei. Someone paid his father to hurt Hong Pei the day of Hong Pei’s graduation. Jia Zheng’s father tries two times and failed because there were too many people around Hong Pei, but suddenly Hong Pei took his bike and left alone. That day was also the day of Jia Zheng’s younger sibling’s surgery. His father needed the money for his youngest son surgery, to safe his son’s life.

Hearing what Jia Zheng said, Hong Pei remembers his last day alive and his last conversation with Jian Hao.

While talking to Shu Hai on the balcony, Hong Pei noticed that a man was watching Shu Hai. He goes near that man and hears him talking to someone on the phone. The voice on the phone seemed familiar to Hong Pei.

“Taking precautions is my habit, extermination is my method.”

Later, Jia Zheng gave Mystic Dragon the phone his father used the day his hit Hong Pei. Shu Hai wants that phone to use it and find evidence against Hong Pei’s killer. After he fixed the phone, Shu Hai called the last caller, the number from the exact time of Hong Pei’s accident. When the person answered, Hong Pei and Shu Hai are shocked. They recognized the voice and Hong Pei also realized that it’s the same voice who was talking to the man that is following Shu Hai. They realize that the one who wanted to kill Hong Pei and who assaulted Shu Hai is Jian Hao.

After realizing the truth Hong Pei gets angry and the watch Shu Hai is wearing its getting hotter. But Hong Pei doesn’t get angry and the watch stops from being hot. Hong Pei gets transparent and disappears.

Soon after Hong Pei disappeared, he appeared again. He never left Shu Hai’s site, it was just that Shu Hai couldn’t see him. Suddenly Zheng Nan calls Shu Hai. She and Si Yi are drunk. The girls are drunk so while Shu Hai was covering Zheng Nan with his coat, Si Yi told Hong Pei that she can’t meet Shu Hai anymore because she fell in love with Shu Hai and feels sorry towards Hong Pei.

Shu Hai takes off his sweater and covers Si Yi with it, than Shu Hai and Hong Pei went home. Hong Pei has something to do. He asks Shu Hai to help him meet Jian Hao. On their way Hong Pei possessed Shu Hai’s body and had an honest conversation with Jian Hao. Even if Hong Pei knows that Jian Hao is the one that tried to kill him, Hong Pei still wants to help his friend.

Jian Hao:” Hong Pei, I’m the person who killed you!”

Hong Pei is giving Jian Hao another chance. He is willing to forgive Jian Hao. But he also has a request. Jian Hao has to stop hurting Shu Hai. After they split Jiao Hao hit Shu Hai. Jian Hao can’t let either Hong Pei or Shu Hai get Si Yi. He will kill anyone that Si Yi likes.

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