“All about My Mom” ep 30 ~ Hoon Jae:”Mr. Jang Cheol Woong is my father, isn’t he? “

Chae Ri made a pregnancy test and told Hyeong Soon that she is pregnant. They tell their parents and president Jang disowned Chae Ri. He doesn’t want to see his daughter anymore. Meantime Jin Ae broke up with Hoon Jae to please Yeong Seon.

Hye Joo continues to prepare her leave and goes on a date with Hyeong Kyu and San.

Hoon Jae finds out that president Jang is his father.

Episode 30

Chae Ri suspects that she is pregnant and goes to Hyeong Soon. They buy a pregnancy test and go home. But Chae Ri dropped the test in the toilet. Hyeong Soon buys another one and Chae Ri is about to tell him the result when Hoon Jae comes home. The worried couple barely got rid of Hoon Jae to be able talk when Dong Chul came home. He insisted to give Chae Ri something to eat or tea. Fortunately they got rid of Dong Chul too. Since there are too many people at Hyeong Soon’s house, Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon want to go out and talk. But when they were about to leave, Hyeong Kyu arrived. Managing to get rid of Hyeon Kyu too, the couple left home in a hurry. Outside the house, when they were just the two of them, Chae Ri told Hyeong Soon that the test was positive, she is pregnant.

Hearing the news, Hyeong Soon’s legs left him and he falls down. President Jang doesn’t like Hyeong Soon and now with the pregnancy news, president Jang will hate even more Hyeong Soon. Also Hyeong Soon is worried that he doesn’t have a job yet. Worried as he is, Hyeong Soon pretends to smile and be happy because he doesn’t want Chae Ri or the baby to misunderstand him.

On her way out of the office, Jin Ae met Yeong Seon. That night they both went to dinner together and opened up for an honest talk. While crying, Jin Ae told Yeong Seon how much she likes Yeong Seon and how much she wants Yeong Seon to accept her as Hoon Jae’s partner. All that Jin Ae wants is for her to be happy by Hoon Jae’s site with Yeong Seon’s permission.

Jin Ae:”I really like you! I just want to stay by Hoon Jae’s side.”

If the offer of going to New York would’ve had come few month before, Jin Ae would’ve had left the next second, but now she knows that Yeong Seon gave her the opportunity just to separate Jin Ae and Hoon Jae.

Even if Jin Ae opened up and told Yeong Seon what she feels, Yeong Seon isn’t giving up. She blackmails Jin Ae emotionally. She tells Jin Ae that is Jin Ae really likes her than Jin Ae should just break up with Hoon Jae and remain just an employee, a friend and not a daughter-in-law.

After dinner Yeong Seon and Jin Ae went to the karaoke room. There Jin Ae made up her mind. If she really loves Hoon Jae she can’t hurt Hoon Jae’s mother. In the end because of Yeong Seon, Jin Ae decides to break up with Hoon Jae.

Jin Ae:”I must let him go!”

Hoon Jae is waiting for Jin Ae outside the house. When he heard that Jin Ae had been drinking with his mother, Hoon Jae felt happy. He thinks that finally his mother accepted Jin Ae.

While sleeping Hyeong Soon has an nightmare about how his life will going to be after the baby will be born and he will still be unemployed. Since he wake up screaming and woke Hoon Jae too, Hyeong Soo talks to Hoon Jae about his concerns.

Thinking that his mother accepted Jin Ae and that is why they went drinking the night before, Hoon Jae visits Yeong Seon to set a date with his mother in which Yeong Seon well meet Jin Ae’s parents to set the wedding date. He went happy, but left sad because Yeong Seon told Hoon Jae that she will never accept Jin Ae as her daughter-in-law and she met Jin Ae the night before to made herself clear about her decision.

After talking to his mother, Hoon Jae met Jin Ae. He is shocked to find out that Jin Ae doesn’t know what to choose between marrying him and going to New York. He doesn’t understand Jin Ae’s reason for doing so and Jin Ae doesn’t tell him her true feelings regarding the situation. She doesn’t want to hurt him or to get between Hoon Jae and his mother so Jin Ae prefers breaking up with Hoon Jae instead.

Yoo Hui see Hoon Jae and Jin Ae fighting. Happy that things are worse between them, Yoo Hui calls Sang Hyeok to come and console Jin Ae.

Hye Joo is preparing her leave. She invites Hyeong Kyu out to lunch and they call San too. She wants to buy one meal for Hyeong Kyu, who helped her so much before she leaves. The three of them went to lunch, they played at the arcade and took pictures. San got to enjoy the family outing he never experienced before.

Hyeong Soon went with Chae Ri to see a medic. Contrary to how a pregnant woman would act, Chae Ri isn’t happy at all that Hyeong Soon is there with her. Luckily for Chae Ri, Hyeong Soon received a phone call right before they’ve entered the doctor’s office. Someone called Hyeong Soon for an interview and he got the job. As soon as he came out of that interview, Hyeong Soon received San Ok’s phone. She was angry. Chae Ri told San Ok and Dong Chul that she is pregnant with Hyeong Soon’s baby.

Later Hyeong Soom asks Chae Ri for the baby’s ultrasound, but Chae Ri avoided the critical situation. She told Hyeong Soon that she forgot the ultrasound at the hospital.

Wanting to protect his mother and to see her happy, San went to see his father. He asked his father to let his mother be happy and instead of his mother, San is willing to go and live with his father.

San:”Please let mom go. You can take me instead. I’ll come live with you.”

Dr. Kim is impressed to see San rejecting him and more importantly he is shocked to hear that San sees him the scariest person in the whole world.

Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri went to president Jang’s house to tell him about the baby. The shock to hear that his precious daughter is pregnant made president Jang’s blood pressure raise until he fall down. When he came to his senses, president Jang asked Hyeong Soon to take Chae Ri with him and leave the live Chae Ri. From now on president Jang doesn’t have a daughter anymore.

President Jang:”Chae Ri is your family now. This selfish, spoiled girl is a stranger to me now.”

Hoon Jae is on his way home when he received a phone call from president Jang. Suffering and disappointed by Chae Ri, president Jang went to drink. The only person who he could think of drinking was the son he never knew he had, Kang Hoon Jae. When Hoon Jae took him home, president Jang asked Hoon Jae to let him hug Hoon Jae as a father would hug his son.

On the day she left Seoul, Hye Joo waited for Hyeong Kyu in front of his house. For once she wanted to walk him to work as he did with her for so many days.

At work Hoon Jae sees a picture with president Jang from when president Jang was in college and realized that it’s the same man from a picture his mother has. Hoon Jae goes home and confronts his mother.

Hoon Jae:”Mr. Jang Cheol Woong is my father, isn’t he? “

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