“I Am Sorry, I Love You” ep 13 ~ Final episode!

I am sorry I love you” it’s a drama about true friendship more than a drama about true love that lasts even after one person dies. Hong Pei, Shu Hai and Si Yi met before Hong Pei’s accident and they were connected even if they never knew about that. The day they’ve met both Hong Pei and Shu Hai participated at a concert. They’ve won what the other wanted and exchanged the presents. Six years after Hong Pei’s accident, the present Shu Hai won six years ago – the watch Hong Pei wanted for Si Yi- returned to Shu Hai’s hands.

When Shu Hai put the watch on his wrist, Hong Pei’s ghost appeared. From that moment Shu Hai and Hong Pei were always together, helping each other and building a beautiful friendship. They friendship went beyond life because Hong Pei was willing to sacrifice his own life so that Shu Hai could get Hong Pei’s heart and live.

Episode 13

After finding out the truth Hong Pei possessed Shu Hai’s body and confronted Jian Hao. Afraid that Shu Hai could give the evidence against him to the police and more importantly that Shu Hai will get Si Yi, Jian Hao hit Shu Hai. Now Shu Hai lies unconscious on the hospital bed. His friends are there for him. They’ve put the watch on Shu Hai’s wrist and Hong Pei appeared. Hong Pei stays next to Shu Hai’s unconscious body every second. Even Hong Pei’s mother came to see Shu Hai.

When she heard that Shu Hai was an orphan, Hong Pei’s mother asked the nurses to move Hong Pei and Shu Hai in the same room. With Hong Pei and Shu Hai in the same room it will be easier for Hong Pei’s mother to take care of both of them.

Hong Pei:”Shu Hai, get up quickly!”

It’s been a while since Shu Hai is in a coma. Hong Pei is always there watching Shu Hai and talking to him.

Hong Pei:”Shu Hai, do I really have to watch you die like this? We’ll disappear together!”

While watching over Shu Hai’s unconscious body, Hong Pei remembers Shu Hai’s idea. He remembered that Shu Hai said once that weaknesses create opportunities so if Hong Pei’s vital signs weren’t stables then maybe Hong Pei’s spirit could reunite with the body.

Hong Pei:”I rather be a ghost forever than let you die. If you need a heart…I will give you mine.”

Hong Pei collects all the energy he has to disconnect his body from the machine and die. But Hong Pei didn’t die. Shu Hai’s theory was true. The moment Hong Pei’s signs weren’t visible anymore, his spirit was able to return to his body. Hong Pei woke up from coma after six years! Even if he woke up from come and he is alive, Hong Pei can’t move on with his life. He feels guilty for Shu Hai’s condition. Hong Pei feels that if it wasn’t for him, Shu Hai wouldn’t be in that condition. But, even if he feels guilty towards Shu Hai, still Hong Pei wasn’t able to tell the police that Jian Hao is the one that tried to kill him six years ago.

Even if Hong Pei didn’t tell the police what he and Shu Hai discovered about his accident six years ago, Jian Hao’s brother told the police everything. He even told the police that Jian Hao contacted Li Mei. The police followed Li Mei and arrested Jian Hao.

Meantime Hong Pei starts feeling strange. The next day Si Yi took Hong Pei out. He feels wronged because Si Yi stays by his side because of a promise they’ve made with each other six years ago instead of looking for her own happiness. Hong Pei takes out his and Si Yi’s necklaces and let Si Yi go towards her own happiness. He let Si Yi go to Shu Hai and be happy without him. Back at the hospital, Hong Pei tells his mother how he met Shu Hai and how much Shu Hai helped him. Of course Hong Pei omitted to tell his mother that the moment he and Shu Hai met, he was a ghost. After telling his mother his and Shu Hai’s story and telling his mother how much he loves her, Hong Pei asked his mother to love Shu Hai in the future the same way she loves him. Later that night, Hong Pei said his farewell to Shu Hai and fainted.

That night Hong Pei died for good and Shu Hai recovered. Even if Hong Pei died, he will always live inside Shu Hai. As long as Shu Hai will be alive, Hong Pei will also be live because Hong Pei’s heart is inside Shu Hai.

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