“All about My Mom” ep 31 ~ Hoon Jae:”You’re like a cute little sister. Like my real sister.”

Hoon Jae found out the truth about his birth and rejects president Jang. He will also quit his job and wants to go with Jin Ae in America and make their lives happy there.

Hyeong Kyu found out that Hye Joo left and went to get her back. At the house San Ok and Dong Chul held a small wedding ceremony for Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri.

Personal thought: Is it just me or Yeong Seon is emotionally blackmailing Hoon Jae? It’s not Hoon Jae’s fault that she raised him alone, facing difficulties. It isn’t Hoon Jae’s fault that he was born and president Jang couldn’t leave his mother’s skirt. It isn’t Hoon Jae’s fault for what happened to Yeong Seon and for her hard live. She chose that life. She chose to not tell president Jang that she was pregnant with his baby. She chose to put Hoon Jae on another man’s name. She chose to lie to everyone. So now why is she reminding Hoon Jae how hard she raised him?

And this kind of emotional blackmail from parents towards their children isn’t just in this drama…it’s like a mast have in every Korean dramas. And since dramas are inspired from reality and after seeing some episodes of “Hello Counselor” the emotional blackmail is just a daily thing for Korean parents….unfortunately for their children…. If they enjoyed having some time together and the result was a baby that doesn’t automatically makes the parents the owners of their children’s lives.

Episode 31

Hyeong Kyu can’t reach Hye Joo. He is worried that something might have happened to her so he goes to Yu Ja. He asks her is something happened to Hye Joo and Yu Ja told him that Hye Joo left because she couldn’t see Hyeong Kyu having problems with San’s father because of her. Hearing what happened, Hyeong Kyu insists that Yu Ja tell him where Hye Joo is, but Yu Ja didn’t tell him. Later Hyeong Kyu called San out and asked him where Hye Joo is. Sad and crying San can’t tell Hyeong Kyu. San lived this situation in the past. If he will tell Hyeong Kyu where Hye Joo is than Hye Joo will leave again and won’t even call San for a while.

Chae Ri is at home, bored. She tries to call Hyeong Soon, but he is working hard so he can’t talk to her. When finally Chae Ri was able to talk to Hyeong Soon, she heard some girls talking friendly with Hyeong Soon and got jealous. And later when Hyeong Kyu told her that girls always chased Hyeong Soon around, Chae Ri was even more jealous. She disguised herself and went to the restaurant Hyeong Soon works. But even if she was disguised, Hyeong Soon recognized Chae Ri.

Hyeong Kyu investigated San’s father’s life and found out that Dr. Kim didn’t receive his mother’s love and that is why he is so obsessed with Hye Joo. While Hyeong Kyu was trying to convince Dr. Kim to let Hye Joo go, San Ok called him to say that San disappeared. Suddenly the door opens and San entered his father’s office.

Dr. Kim rushed to hug San seeing that he is alright, but San pushed him away. Hyeong Kyu comes near and San jumps into his arms. When Hyeong Kyu asked him why he is there and why he has his luggage with him, San answered that he will live with his father from now on so that his father will let his mother be happy.

San:”I’m going to live with dad.”

Hyeong Kyu takes San home and stays with the boy until Yu Ja will come home. While Hyeong Kyu was with San, Hye Joo called. Hyeong Kyu takes the phone from San and talks to Hye Joo, but she hangs up.

On his way home, Hoon Jae meets Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon. Chae Ri sees him upset and grabs his hand. She tells Hyeong Soon that Hoon Jae is like her real family, without knowing that Hoon Jae is her brother.

Hoon Jae:”You’re like a cute little sister. Like my real sister.”

That moment Hoon Jae received a text. President Jang found out that Hoon Jae knows that truth and came to apologize, even if he never knew about Hoon Jae’s existence. Hoon Jae met president Jang and made it clear that for him president Jang is just his employer and nothing more. Also Hoon Jae will quit his job after finishing the project he is working on at the moment. Hoon Jae made is clear that his father died 30 years ago and he doesn’t have a father now.

Hoon Jae:” There is nothing to forgive. To me you are my boss and nothing more than that.”

San gave Hyeong Kyu the address where Hye Joo is and went to get her. She was trying to get a job at a lawyer’s office. That lawyer is a friend of Hyeong Kyu’s. He convinced Hye Joo to return. In the bus towards Seoul, Hye Joo falls asleep on Hyeong Kyu’s shoulder. He’s heart is beating faster. He holds her hand and pretends to be asleep too.

Meantime Jin Ae took Chae Ri shopping. Since president Jang threw Chae Ri out without anything and Chae Ri doesn’t have anything to wear expect for Jin Ae’s clothes, Jin Ae decided to buy Chae Ri some new clothes. At the store Chae Ri and Jin Ae met Yeong Seon, Yoo Hee and Hoon Jae’s aunt. Yeong Seon is surprised to see that Jin Ae’s sister in law is president Jang’s daughter, but she is happy that Jin Ae broke up with Hoon Jae.

Jin Ae comes home and enters Hoon Jae’s room. Yeong Seon mentioned something that made Jin Ae think that something happened to Hoon Jae. They talk, but Hoon Jae didn’t tell her the reason he is upset, he didn’t tell her that he just found out that the person he thought was his father isn’t his father. Instead Hoon Jae proposes Jin Ae to go with her and they will make their life in America.

Hoon Jae:”Let’s go to America together. I’ll come with you!”

Since Chae Ri is pregnant and she is living with them, San Ok and Dong Chul decided to hold a small wedding ceremony between family members for Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon.

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