“Bubblegum” ep 12 ~ ” I’m calling out to you, like a song that doesn’t end.”

It’s been a while since Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah broke up. Each is moving on with their lives they best they can. Ri Hwan is living everyday without thinking of anything, he just waits for the dya to end. Meantime Haeng Ah does all the thinks she didn’t have the power to do before. She is getting her driver’s license and fixing her phobias. When she will be done, she won’t be a burden on Ri Hwan’s shoulders and will be able to help him.

Episode 12

Ji Hoon wants to make Ri Hwan forget all the problems he has at least for a few hours so he drags Ri Hwan out for drinks. At the bar they meet Seok Joon and Dong Il. Because the atmosphere was really tense Ji Hoon and Dong Il pretended that they have to use the toilet and left Ri Hwan and Seok Joon alone. During the time they were alone, Seok Joon lied that Haeng Ah is doing well. He didn’t meet her since Ri Hwan and Haeng Ag broke up, but he wanted Ri Hwan to not worry about her. He is the one that wanted to break up, to protect Haeng Ah from sacrificing herself to take care of Sun Young, but until now Ri Hwan can’t even call Haeng Ah’s name.

After Ji Hoon and Ri Hwan left, Seok Joon remembers that he met Haeng Ah. They had lunch together and Seok Joon was acting the way Haeng Ah wished he was acting when they were dating. He proposes that they should start again. He will approach her this time, he will ask for her phone number, he will put her before anything else. He even agrees with telling everyone at work that they are dating. While he was talking to Haeng Ah, Seok Joon’s phone was ringing and Haeng Ah is surprised to see that he isn’t answering. This time noting is more important to Seok Joon than Haeng Ah.

Since she broke up with Ri Hwan, Haeng Ah’s been visiting a doctor to heal her hospital phobia. It’s the same doctor that takes care of Sun Young. After finishing her session, Haeng Ah asked her doctor about Sun Young’s condition. The doctor realized the meaning of Haeng Ah’s question and told her that she isn’t to blame of Sun Young’s disease.

Doctor:”Kim Haeng Ah, there was nothing you did wrong.“

Some time passed since they’ve broke up. Suddenly Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah saw each other on the street. Ri Hwan wants to avoid her, but Haeng Ah has something to tell him. They are across the street from each other. There is the only way Ri Hwan will stay and listen to what Haeng Ah has to say. She is getting her driver’s license, she went to see the doctor to heal her phobia and for a week now she can enter hospitals and take the elevator alone without any problems. When she heals her phobia, Haeng Ah will return to Ri Hwan’s side.

Haeng Ah:”I’m going to go back to you…even if you tell me not to.”

Because she doesn’t want to be a burden on Ri Hwan’s shoulders, Haeng Ah is starting to do all the thinks she couldn’t before. Afraid that Ri Hwan could see her, Haeng Ah doesn’t cry, even when she is at home. There are days she misses Ri Hwan so much that she wants to get a taxi and secretly see Ri Hwan at his clinic or at his house. Still Haeng Ah endures everything and waits until she will not be a burden anymore.

Haeng Ah:”I missed you so much!”

At work Yi Seul thought about Ri Hwan. After work she went to give something healthy for Sun Young. She didn’t intend to enter, but Gong Joo invited her in. Yi Seul has a smell that Sun Young likes, the hospital smell. Because Sun Younh likes her smell, Yi Seul tells Sun Young about her daily life at the clinic. Later Ri Hwan arrived and took Yi Seul out. While having a cup of tea each, Ri Hwan tells Yi Seul how his life is without Haeng Ah in it.

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