“Bubblegum” ep 13 ~”A green signal in the dark night sky.”

Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan met, coincidently, at the doctor’s office. Ri Hwan tries to escape without talking to Haeng Ah, but he ends up listening to her. After realizing something Haeng Ah went to Ri Hwan’s house and told him how she truly feels. Ri Hwan can’t hurt Haeng Ah or himself anymore and accepts her back into his life.

Episode 13

Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah were called at the hospital by Haeng Ah and Sun Young’s doctor. Without knowing that the other was coming, they’ve met at the hospital. The moment he saw Haeng Ah, Ri Hwan leaves. He wants to avoid her, to not talk to her. Haeng Ah follows, but he doesn’t stop. Suddenly the elevator’s doors opened and the hospital staff where bringing a man hurt. Seeing that in the elevator there was a man fool of blood, Ri Hwan goes to Haeng Ah and covers her eyes.

Haeng Ah convinced Ri Hwan to return and see why the doctor called them, maybe it’s something related to Sun Young. But actually the doctor called them to clear their misunderstandings. The doctor made Haeng Ah angry until she, without realizing, told what she really feels.

Before leaving, Haeng Ah makes it clear to Ri Hwan that she won’t break up with him except if he doesn’t like her anymore, even if he has the gene of Sun Young’s disease. After Haeng Ah left, Ri Hwan returned to the hospital to get tested.

Yi Seul’s brother, Jung Woo, came to visit Ri Hwan. He wants Yi Seul to marry a man that loves her more that she loves him. Since Ri Hwan can’t love Yi Seul the way Yi Seul wants, Jung Woo decided to step in and let go of Ri Hwan. He looked for a place where Sun Young could get the treatment she needs. There Ri Hwan will get everything he needs, including toothbrush.

Haeng Ah finished her recording and is going out to dinner with her team. Seok Joon came to invite her to dinner and ends up going with Haeng Ah and her team. At the restaurant Seok Joon is acting different, he is even cutting Haeng Ah’s meet.

Dong Hwa brought some side dishes to Haeng Ah. While talking to Dong Hwa, Haeng Ah realized something and run away.

Knowing him better than anyone else, Haeng Ah realized that Ri Hwan got tested to see if he inherited his mother’s disease. When Haeng Ah entered, Ri Hwan wanted to leave, but Ji Hoon was home too and held him. Since Ji Hoon doesn’t let Ri Hwan leave, Haeng Ah is able to tell him everything she needs Ri Hwan to know. She made it clear that she will live well, the way she did after her parents died, as long as she has Ri Hwan by her side.

Ji Hoon:”You’re hurting her just to protect her.”

After Haeng Ah left, Ri Hwan followed her. He decided to allow himself to be happy with Haeng Ah without thinking about the future.

Ri Hwan:”I’m here now!”

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