“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 14 ~ Yan Hao:”Luo Shao Qing, I can’t love you anymore!”

Because Shao Qing ruined him, ruined what he worked years to accomplish, Yan Hao goes home angry. He screams at Shao Qing and breaks up with her. But, Shao Qing can’t agree with Yan Hao’s decision and once again attempts suicide to make Yan Hao return to her side.

After Yan Hao and Jia An saved her from killing herself, Shao Qing changed. The thinks between the three on them is as they were still students.

Episode 14

In order to make Jia An the third person in her relationship with Yan Hao, Shao Qing ruined Yan Hao’s life. He worked years to build his dream, a construction company, and now because of Shao Qing the board of directors removed Yan Hao from his position. Jin An rushes to Shao Qing and slaps her. But Shao Qing doesn’t understand what she did wrong. All that she cares about is for other people to see Jia An as the third intruder in Shao Qing’s relationship. Now that Jia An slapped her, Shao Qing is happy that she can love Yan Hao freely without feeling guilty towards Jia An.

Later Yan Hao comes home. He is angry and forces Shao Qing to change into all the wedding dresses that are there. Then he asks Shao Qing if she was the one that tried to kill Jia An.

Yan Hao:”The person who drove the car to hit Jia An, was that you?”

Because Yan Hao mentioned Jia An, Shao Qing gets angry too. She starts crying and puts the blame for what she did on Yan Hao’s actions. Yan Hao wants to leave. Shao Qing puts her hands around him to hold him back, but Yan Hao removes her hands and leaves.

Yan Hao:”Luo Shao Qing, I can’t love you anymore!”

Zhen Lun comes over to Jia An to apologize for not telling her about Shao Qing’s plan and to console her. He is surprised that Jia An is upset with Shao Qing for what Shao Qing did, but still Jin An finds excuses for Shao Qing. The reason Jia An is upset with Shao Qing is not because Shao Qing made her into a third intruder. Jia An is upset with Shao Qing because Shao Qing lives her life thinking if other people thinks she is or not a third intruder. For Jia An, Shao Qing was only her friend who she loved, not a mistresses daughter.

Realizing that she made a mistake and that her actions made her loose her friends, the people that loved her, Shao Qing leaves her house dressed in a wedding dress. She goes to her old school and remembers the happy times she spent with Yan Hao and Jia An.

Zhen Lun, Jia An and Yan Hao spend the whole night searching for Shao Qing. They found her in the morning, Jia An sees Shao Qing going towards the sea to drown herself. Jia An caught her before Shao Qing entered the water and stopped her.

Jia An:”Wherever Luo Shao Qing goes, I, Song Jia An will go with you until the end!”

Jia An lets go of Shao Qing’s hand and entered the water. She is about to drown when Yan Hao shows up and saves her. Shao Qing enters the water to help Jia An too, but she ends up making Yan Hao saving both of them. Then Yan Hao took Shao Qing home.

Personal thought: Ohhh please stop already! Shao Qing does all the stupid things the cross her mind, the Yan Hao or Jia An are to blame for her bad decisions and actions. Every time Yan Hao makes a decision to make him happy and have a life of his own, Shao Qing goes crazy and pretends to trying to commit suicide. Afraid that Shao Qing could kill herself, Yan Hao goes back on his decisions.

Come one….Shao Qing was alone the whole night, but she wanted to kill herself exactly the moment Yan Hao or Jia An are around????? And if she realized the she was wrong and regrets to have hurt Jia An and Yan Hao, then why would she commit suicide to make them feel guilty for the rest of their lives??????

Shao Qing met Zhen Lun. She handed him an envelope and asked Zhen Lun to keep it safe until she will tell him. Then she asked Zhen Lun about Yan Hao’s problems with the board directors. Hearing how bad things are because of her, Shao Qing plans to help Yan Hao clear the mess she created, but she didn’t tell Zhen Lun how she will do that.

Zhen Lun made Jia An an official employee. Happy with what she heard Jia An jumps around, laughing happily and hugging Zhen Lun.

The following days Jia An, Yan Hao and Shao Qing spend their time together, doing everything together as they were during their school years.

Yan Hao and Shao Qing are on their way home when suddenly it started to rain. They went to a corner to not get wet. There Yan Hao thanked Shao Qing for helping him with the board of directors. When Yan Hao thanked her, Shao Qing realized that because she helped clear the mess she did, Yan Hao decided to keep his promise of marrying her. They dance in the rain for a while, then they go home. For dinner Shao Qing prepared the porridge that Jia An thought her how to prepare.

Meantime Jia An is home reading a book called “The blue bird”. She finishes the book and looks at the pictures with herself, Yan Hao and Shao Qing.

Jia An:”This time you two have to be happy.”

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