“All about My Mom” ep 32 ~ Hoon Jae:”Jin Ae’s waiting for me…I have to go see Jin Ae…”

Hoon Jae and Jin Ae broke up and Hoon Jae returned back to his mother’s house. He is cold towards his mother and blames her for his break up with Jin Ae. Not liking how Hoon Jae treats her, Yeong Seon plays the victim role.

When Jin Ae finds out about the hard time Hoon Jae is going through after finding out that president Jang is his father and Jin Ae calls him. Unfortunately an accident occurred and Hoon Jae got hurt.

Episode 32

The wedding is over and the whole family is eating. Suddenly Chae Ri’s grandmother came by to give Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon some money as a present for their money. San Ok sees the grandmother and invites her in. Chae Ri is happy that her grandmother came, but the same time she is sad that her father didn’t soften up even a little. Being from a rich family, Chae Ri’s grandmother is socked too see in what conditions her spoiled granddaughter is living, but what is done is done and she can’t do anything about it. All the grandmother can do is accept the situation as it is.

Hoon Jae comes out of his new room and sees Chae Ri crying. Since Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon are married, Hoon Jae moved in Hyeong Kyu’s room. He talks to Chae Ri, who is sad for hurting and abandoning her father.

Chae Ri:”You have a very nice smile.”

Hoon Jae:”Then I should smile often in front of you.”

Later Jin Ae and Hoon Jae told San Ok and Dong Chul that Jin Ae will go to America for training and Hoon Jae will move back to his mother’s house. They decided to go their separate ways. But San Ok knows that it wasn’t their decision because they don’t love each other anymore, but Yeong Seon’s way of breaking them up.

San’ s father took the best decision he could’ve taken for San and Hye Joo’s well being and for himself too. He will leave for a few years to not be tented to meddle in Hye Joo’s life anymore. He came to tell Hyeong Kyu his decision and asked Hyeong Kyu to take good care of Hye Joo and San.

Hoon Jae got everything ready. He said his goodbye and left Jin Ae’s house. Because Jin Ae didn’t come out to say farewell to Hoon Jae, San Ok went to see how she feels. After taking with her mother, Jin Ae runs after Hoon Jae, but she doesn’t talk to him. Jin Ae hides and watches Hoon Jae leaving. On the other hand Hoon Jae was hoping Jin Ae will come after him, like she did the first time so he is disappointed she didn’t come.

Arrived home, Hoon Jae is cold towards Yeong Seon. He looks at her eyes and asks her if she is happy now that she managed to get her way and broke up him and Jin Ae.

Hoon Jae:”Mother…are you happy now? You got your way. I moved back here and Jin Ae is going far away.”

No one likes when someone else throws the truth in her face so Yeong Seon plays the victim card. But Hoon Jae doesn’t get fooled. For the first time in his life, Hoon Jae tells him mother what he truly feels. All his life, Hoon Jae felt trapped and controlled by his mother. But Yeong Seon doesn’t listen to her son…or she doesn’t want to listen him because she knows that he in telling the truth. Yeong Seon get upset and crying throws at Hoon Jae once again the fact that she didn’t tell anyone that she got pregnant and she raised him alone, while facing hardships.

Chae Ri wore a hanbok and waits for Hyeong Soon to come and have their first night together after the wedding. But she tied the knot to tight and Hyeong Soon can’t untie it. In the morning San Ok began Chae Ri’s training. She left Chae Ri in charge of breakfast. Since she doesn’t know how to cook, Chae Ri left Hyeong Kyu to guard the door and announce her when San Ok returns. Meantime Hyeong Soon and Dong Chul helps Chae Ri prepare breakfast. When everything was going perfectly, Hyeong Kyu had to use the toilet and left his position. That exact moment San Ok returned and saw what was going on in the kitchen.

Hye Joo is out meeting a friend for dinner. She needs to use the toilet and there she helps a woman. That woman is the woman Hyeong Kyu went on a blind date with. Because San Ok insisted that Hyeong Kyu should fire Hye Joo, Hyeong Kyu accepted to go on a blind date. The deal that Hyeong Kyu and San Ok made was that if Hyeong Kyu will go on a blind date, he won’t have to fire Hye Joo. Unfortunately Hyeong Kyu’s blind date was in the same restaurant Hye Joo was with her friend. When she sees Hyeong Kyu with that woman, Hye Joo realized that he is on a blind date.

Hyeong Kyu and the woman he is on the blind date don’t like each other. They both treat the other badly to be sure that they would be rejected. When Hyeong Kyu saw Hye Joo, she asked her friend to leave. Hyeong Kyu follows them outside to explain Hye Joo what he is doing there. But Hye Joo doesn’t listen. She congratulated Hyeong Kyu for his blind date and left.

Sang Hyeok found out that Hoon Jae is president Jang’s son and calls Jin Ae. Hearing what happened, Jin Ae realizes why Hoon Jae was acting strange, she realized that Hoon Jae was passing through a difficult time and she added the break up to Hoon Jae’s suffering. Then Sang Hyeok tells Hoon Jae the real reason Jin Ae broke up with him.

Jin Ae calls Hoon Jae and apologizes for breaking up with him. They have a lot to talk about and they arrange to meet after Hoon Jae finishes his work. Hoon Jae is working late at a construction site with his team. Happy that he has to meet Jin Ae, Hoon Jae gets back to work to finish earlier. But suddenly an accident occurred and Hoon Jae got hurt while trying to save someone else.

Hoon Jae:”Jin Ae’s waiting for me…I have to go see Jin Ae…”

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