“Taste of Love” ep 1 ~ Wen Feng:”Miss, you are not worth a single second of my time.”

Wen Ji is considered one of the world’s 10 best restaurant and received even Michelin stars. Millionaires and celebrities fly over to Wen Ji just to eat. But one day the owner and chef of that restaurant faints and falls unconscious. The chef is the only one that has the recipe of Wen Ji’s signature sauce. The youngest son Wen Feng goes to Taiwan to find the other person who has the recipe for that sauce. In Taiwan, Wen Feng meets Xiao He, who works as a food tour guide.

On that journey, Wen Fang and Xiao He end up falling in love while helping each other.

Episode 1

Ye Xiao He has an happy life. She works as a food tour guide and lives with her boyfriend whom she will marry soon. But her life changes the day she meets Wen Feng. He is the son of a restaurant owner and chef in Hong Kong. Wen Feng’s restaurant is worldwide renowned. But when his mother is hospitalized they face troubles. Wen Feng’s mother is the only person in the restaurant that knows the secret ingredient of their main dish. In order to save his restaurant, Wen Feng goes to Taiwan to find the recipe of his restaurant main dish.

Xiao He went to the airport to pick up her client that is coming from Macau. She didn’t have time for make up that morning so she does it in the car. She couldn’t attach her eyelashes well so at the airport one eyelash fell…on Wen Feng’s shoe. He is looking for his tour guide, but when he sees something furry on his shoe, Wen Feng bends down to pick it up. That moment someone passed by and pushed Wen Feng, whose head ended up in Xiao He’s bottom. She turns around angry, thinking that the stranger is a pervert. They fight for a while then Wen Feng leaves.

Wen Feng:”Miss, you are not worth a single second of my time.”

Just when he was about to leave, Wen Feng sees the placard from the tour agency and realizes that Xiao He is his tour guide. He turns around and looks at the. But Xiao He misunderstands him again…this time Xiao He believes that the pervert Wen Feng is looking at her breasts. She hits him and sprays something in his eyes.

The misunderstandings were cleared and after she found out that Wen Feng is her agency VIP client, Xiao He changed her behavior with him. Afraid that he could file a complained and get her fired, Xiao He is extremely careful and polite around Wen Feng.

Wen Feng gave Xiao He an address and told her to take him there. Unfortunately there was nothing there, except an old building. There used to be a restaurant that closed 20 years ago. To help Wen Feng find the person he is looking for, Xiao He took him to her friend Jun Hao, who is working at a restaurant. They’ve got an address and followed that new lead. In the car, before leaving towards the new address, Wen Feng wants to pay for Xiao He’s services. He looks for his wallet and realizes that it was stolen at the airport. Now Wen Feng doesn’t have money, doesn’t have his passport or his ID. Without an identification card, Wen Feng can’t even stay at the hotel he reserved.

Xiao He took Wen Feng to file a complained in order to get new papers. Then she took him to eat, but it’s a place too cheap for Wen Feng. Because Xiao He can’t leave Wen Feng on the streets without money, ID or a place to stay, she took him home. As soon as they entered, they hear some noises. Xiao He thinks that there must be a thief since her boyfriend should be at work. Wen Feng and Xiao He search the house and find Bo Yu with another woman. Disappointed of the man she loves, Xiao He fights with Bo Yu and breaks up with him. Shameless Bo Yu makes Xiao He be sorry that she loved him until the end. Both Bo Yu and Xiao He paid for their apartment, but the apartment is on Bo Yu’s name so he asks Xiao He to leave his house. While she was getting her luggage, Bu Yu didn’t let her take anything because he paid for half of her thinks or gave them to her as presents and he wants to keep them and give them to another woman in the future. Hurt, Xiao He leave without anything from her apartment.

After all that happened that day…when it’s her birthday…Xiao He took Wen Feng to eat at an expensive restaurant. That is the only thing that occurred make her feel better. They got drunk while talking. Later Xiao He and Wen Feng went to a supermarket to get more alcohol. At the restaurant they were holding a six-pack contest. Seeing the prize, Xiao He asked Wen Feng to participate. And Wen Feng won….

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