“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 1 ~ ”Happiness is achieved by taking from others.”

Marry Me or Not?, a drama that shows that opposites attract. Cai Huan Zhen works for a tourism agency as a sales manager. She plans meticulously every detail or both her personal and professional life. As an incurable romantic, Huan Huan strives to find love in all her relationships.

Hao Meng is a successful divorce lawyer who never lost a case. Unfortunately the side effect of his job is that Justin doesn’t believe in happy marriage life. He struggles to avoid marriage so he won’t have to divorce someday.


Roy Chiu            as      Hao Meng / Justin
Alice Ko             as     Cai Huan Zhen
Joanne Tseng   as     Hao Sheng Nan
Harry Chang    as      Jian Qian Yue

Episode 1

Cai Huan Zhen is a 28 years old woman who works as a sales manager. Once she wants to get something, she gets it because winning is better than losing. She was born with public relations talent and she is able to turn her shortcomings into her advantages. Those who didn’t go against her look up for her.

One day Huan Zhen meets Justin in an elevator. Justin is a divorce lawyer that is a legend in the field. Once he finds out the enemy weakness, he will attack until he will destroy his enemy. Unfortunately because of his job, Justin doesn’t believe in a happy marriage. During their short ride with the elevator Justin and Huan Zhen had enough time to fight ever each other’s job is better than the other. That day Huan Zhen was on her way to her class reunion. After she made all her old classmates feel awful, Huan Zhen was the humiliated one. Sheng Nan, another of Huan Zhen’s classmates that work in the same field as her, came wearing the exact outfit as Huan Zhen. Both Huan Zhen and Sheng Nan were shocked to see that they were wearing the same shoes, the same bag, the same skirt, the same blouse and the same jacket.

While Huan Huan and Sheng Nan were competing with each other, Justin comes over and drags Sheng Nan with him. Justin in Sheng Nan’s brother, but no one knows that. He was there with a client and when the client began flirting with him, Justin brought Sheng Nan over and introduced her as his fiancée. After she helped her brother, Sheng Nan got an idea to how to win over Huan Huan.

Sheng Nan brought Justin to her reunion table and introduced him as her boyfriend. When they were in school Sheng Nan and Huan Huan were good friends. Everything changed when Sheng Nan fell in love for the first time. She liked a guy in school and told Huan Huan. But Huan Huan after following him for a while, told Sheng Nan that Sheng Nan should stop liking an player. Still Sheng Nan couldn’t give up on her love and got the courage to confess. The day she wanted to confess, Sheng Nan saw Huan Huan with the boy she liked and believed that Huan Huan betrayed her.

Huan Huan is at the house talking to her mother who is against her wedding. Huan Huan’s mother looked over Huan Huan’s boyfriend’s chard and saw that they aren’t compatible. Since then she insisted that Huan Huan should stop the marriage, but Huan Huan refused.

Justin received a text from his uncle and went out for drinks. His uncle will get married soon and called him out to give him the invitation. The next day is Justin’s grandmother’s birthday. At the party Sheng Nan was shocked to discover that her uncle fiancée is the woman she hates the most, Cai Huan Zhen. Of course they both came wearing the exact same dress too….An accident occurred because of Sheng Nan and the cake landed on Huan Huan’s dress, who ended up wearing something from Sheng Nan’s grandmother clothes.

The next day Huan Huan leaves her house early to pick up the tickets for her honeymoon. On the way there she met Justin again.

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