“Taste of Love” ep 2 ~ Wen Feng:” You should feel honored that I kissed you.”

Xiao He has nowhere to go so she went to her father’s place. There she discovered that her father is in serious financial problems. She tries to borrow money from her mother, but her mother doesn’t want to be disturbed from people from her old life.

Wen Feng is around Xiao He and consoles her when she needs it. In Xiao He’s village, Wen Feng met his ex girlfriend, Qiao Ling, who is a friend of Xiao He.

Episode 2

The only place Xiao He can go after being betrayed and thrown out of her house is her father’s house. She took Wen Feng with her. When they arrived, Xiao He’s father made something for them to eat. Both Xiao He and Wen Feng were crying while they were eating because they were both remembering sad memories.

In the morning Wen Feng gets scared as soon as he opens his eyes because he sees a strange woman over him. That strange woman was Ruby, Xiao He’s sister. During breakfast Xiao He and Wen Feng found out that Xiao He’s father took a mortgage using his farm as collateral and helped Xiao He pay for the apartment where she was living with her ex boyfriend.

Later Wen Feng goes on a walk around the village. An incident occurred and Wen Feng fell and hit his head. Xiao He, Ruby and their father come looking for Wen Feng and find him unconscious with everyone in the village looking over him.

When Wen Feng recovered Qiao Ling arrived. Qiao Ling is from the same village as Xiao He. Now she works in Taipei as a producer of a cooking program. When she saw Wen Feng, Qiao Ling recognized him. They had a relationship.

Seeing Qiao Ling, Wen Feng grabs Xiao He and drags her away. Qiao Ling follows them. Wen Feng stops and lies saying that he came to Taipei to look for Xiao He.

Wen Feng:”I’m her online friend. I came here looking for her. I already forgot about you.”

Xiao He wants to explain Qiao Ling what is going on. She tells Qiao Ling that Wen Feng is lying, that she isn’t interested in him, but Wen Feng continues.

Wen Feng:”The person who’s interested it’s me.”

Wen Feng tells Qiao Ling that he likes Xiao He and he even kisses Xiao He on the cheek. After Qiao Ling left, Xiao He and Wen Feng fight. Of course Wen Feng finds a way to make fun of Xiao He, while she was upset with him.

Wen Feng:” You should feel honored that I kissed you.”

Later, Xiao He went to see her mother, who divorced her father and remarried another man. Wen Feng hears the conversation, he hears Xiao He’s mother telling Xiao He to stop bothering her because her husband doesn’t want her to be in touch with her old family. Xiao He went there to borrow some money from her mother, but her mother rejected her coldly and sent her away.

Hurt and crying, Xiao He doesn’t even notice a scooter that is about to hit her. Luckily Wen Feng was there and saved her. Understanding what Xiao He must feel then, Wen Feng buys a mask for Xiao He to cry without worry that anyone will see her and consoled her.

Xiao He is calmer. She and Wen Feng are near the house when Xiao He’s mother comes to them. She brought some money to Xiao He, but she is giving Xiao He the money with the condition that Xiao He won’t bother her ever again. Xiao He understood what her mother asked her and she didn’t accept the money.

Wen Feng can’t watch Xiao He crying and he hugs her. After Xiao He finished crying, Wen Feng gave her his watch as collateral until he will get his passport and everything that was stolen from him. But Xiao He doesn’t want his watch, she prefers to trust that Wen Feng will give her the money that he has to pay her agency.

While Xiao He and Wen Feng were playing with the watch, one was giving the watch and the other was returning it, Qiao Ling came. The guest of her program can’t come so she asks Wen Feng to participate. At first Wen Feng didn’t want to participate, but in the end he gave in. Arrived at the station where the program was supposed to be filmed Xiao He finds out that her client Wen Feng is the second son of Wen Ji restaurant.

Wen Feng is getting his makeup done for the show. All the employees are paying attention to him. The other guest of the show wants something to drink, but no one is paying attention to her. She confounded Xiao He with an employee that work for that program, but without knowing that the guest is allergic to hazelnuts, Xiao He gave her hazelnut coffee. When the second guest is on her way to the hospital, Qiao Ling asks Xiao He to participate in her program. It’s too late for Qiao Ling to find another guest and all that Xiao He has to do and make sure that Wen Feng wins the cooking show.

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