“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 2 ~ Huan Huan:”I don’t have anything to do with them.”

Justin and Huan Huan met on the street several times. Every time they’ve met, Huan Huan got Justin in trouble with the police. Because of his problems with the police, Justin got thrown out of the house by his mother.

Episode 2

Huan Huan is on her way to pick up the tickets for her honeymoon. On the way she met Justin, who stopped his car after seeing a sick street dog. He doesn’t have the time to take the dog to a hospital so he just wants to put the dog in a safe area to not be hit by cars and let the animal protection take care of him. But Huan Huan has other plans. She took a picture of Justin holding the dog and removed Justin’s car’s camera, than she threatened Justin with reporting him to the police if he will not take the dog to the hospital.

Justin gave in and both him and Huan Huan took the dog to see a veterinary. On the way Huan Huan forces Justin to take a left turn on a street where the left turn was illegal. Because of that Justin received his first traffic penalty. After the doctor checked the dog, Huan Huan left, but before she made sure that the dog will get all the treatment he needs and that Justin will pay for it.

Huan Huan, her parents, her fiancée and Sheng Nan went to look for Huan Huan’s wedding dress and Sheng Nan’s bridesmaid dress. Then they went to the place where the wedding was supposed to by, but the place was already occupied. Sheng Nan called after she found out that Huan Huan will marry her uncle and made sure that there won’t be any place available for the day of Huan Huan’s wedding. But Huan Huan’s isn’t the type that accepts a no for an answer and won’t let anyone ruin her wedding.

After signing up for a place to hold the wedding, Huan Huan sees Justin with a woman. He was on a blind date forced by his mother. She takes a picture on Justin and that woman to show Sheng Nan that Justin is cheating on her. Justin saw Huan Huan and followed her to delete the picture, but Huan Huan refuses. The fight over Huan Huan’s phone and Justin touches, in the struggle Huan Huan’s breasts. The police came and both Huan Huan and Justin ended up at the police station. There Justin tries to defend himself and tell the officer what happened, but Huan Huan plays well the victim role. She tells the officers that Justin is pervert that sexually harassed her on the streets.

Since Justin left in the middle of his blind date, his mother is now angry and threw him out of the house. Angry that because of Huan Huan he has trouble with the police and was also thrown out of his house, Justin decided to help Sheng Nan stop Huan Huan’s wedding.

Justin went to his uncle’s house and tried to make him rethink the idea of marrying Huan Huan. But Huan Huan isn’t an easy woman to fight against so she managed to convince her fiancée to continue with the wedding. During the conversation she had with her fiancée, Huan Huan lied him about how many boyfriends she had in the past.

On her way home, Huan Huan called Sheng Nan, but Justin answered. She told Justin that no matter what Sheng Nan will do, she will continue with the wedding.

It’s the day of the wedding! Justin is on his way. Shu Hong and Huan Huan are about to her married when all of Huan Huan’s ex boyfriends show up. Sheng Nan met all of them and told them that Huan Huan is getting married to forget about them.

Huan Huan:”I don’t have anything to do with them.”

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