“All about My Mom” ep 33 ~ Jin Ae:”Thank you for coming back to me!”

Everyone rushes to the hospital after they find out about Hoon Jae’s accident. Yeong Seon thinks that Hoon Jae got hurt while rushing to meet Jin Ae and blames Jin Ae. Soon after his surgery Hoon Jae wakes up.

On his way home, Hyeong Soon met a thief and all his money are stolen. Meanwhile Hyeong Kyu is jealous after finding out that Hye Joo will also go on a blind date.

Episode 33

Hoon Jae was hurt at the site in a work accident. Sang Hyeok accompanied him to the hospital. Then he called Jin Ae, who was waiting for Hoon Jae. Meantime Yeong Seon and president Jang where also announced about Hoon Jae’s accident. Arrived at the hospital, Yeong Seon fainted after she heard about Hoon Jae’s condition. When she came to her senses, Yeong Seon threw everyone out of Hoon Jae’s room and blamed Jin Ae for Hoon Jae’s accident.

Outside the room Sang Hyeok introduces Jin Ae, as Hoon Jae’s girlfriend, to president Jang.

Personal thought: Dear writers and producers, try to be more credible next time to have an accident in a drama. How in the world can Yeong Seon shaken Hoon Jae, who just came out of surgery and is hurt badly? What if his surgery opens?

Hyeong Kyu tries to catch up with some work late at night at the house, but he can’t seem to focus. He keeps thinking about Hye Joo. He is bothered by the fact that Hye Joo saw him on his blind date. It’s 10:45 pm and Hyeong Kyu calls Hye Joo to explain her why he had to go that blind date. Hyeong Kyu also told Hye Joo that he rejected that woman he was a blind date with because he didn’t like her.

While waiting for Hoon Jae to wake up, Jin Ae has a small conversation with president Jang. She tells him about Hoon Jae and how much Hoon Jae longed for his father. Then she consoled president Jang because he was feeling guilty for Hoon Jae’s sufferings. Meantime Hoon Jae dreams about being locked inside a basement again and calls Jin Ae’s name. The doctor came in and checked Hoon Jae. He told Hoon Jae to squeeze Jin Ae’s hand if he can hear and Hoon Jae squeezed Jin Ae’s hand. Since Hoon Jae woken up and heard the doctor, now the medical team thinks he is on the way to recover. Doing what the doctor said means that Hoon Jae doesn’t have any brain damages.

When Yeong Seon sent Jin Ae home, Jin Ae wasn’t able to leave. Hoon Jae was holding her hand and didn’t let her go.

In the morning, when Jin Ae arrived home, she told her family about Hoon Jae’s accident. Hyeong Kyu, San Ok and Dong Chul rushed to the hospital to see Hoon Jae, but Yeong Seon didn’t let them in. While Yeong Seon was talking to Jin Ae’s family, Yoo Hui arrived too, but Yeong Seon let her in to see Hoon Jae.

After work Jin Ae came to visit Hoon Jae. He told her about his dream while he was in a coma. Hoon Jae dreamed about being locked inside a basement and Jin Ae came to save him. She hugged him and whistled to calm him down.

Jin Ae:”Thank you for coming back to me!”

Yeong Seon remembers the moment Hoon Jae was holding Jin Ae’s hand so that she won’t leave and realizes how much Hoon Jae loves and needs Jin Ae.

Yeong Seon:”You love Lee Jin Ae that much?”

It’s time for Hyeong Kyu to leave and tells Hye Joo that he will take her home. But Hye Joo rejected the offer. She has plans. Leaving Hyeong Kyu curious about her plans, Hye Joo took San to his dentist appointment. San’s dentist turned out to be the same woman Hyeong Kyu went on the blind date.

On his way home, Hyeong Kyu passed by Yu Ja’s store and saw Hye Joo there. When Hye Joo was coming out to bring some empty containers to San Ok, Hyeong Kyu rushed in to his mother’s store. There Hyeong Kyu found out that his mother set up a blind date for Hye Joo with Mr. Kim, the man who was chasing after Jin Ae a while ago. Since Hye Joo accepted to go on a date with Mr. Kim, Hyeong Kyu got angry of jealousy, but he can’t say anything because his parents are there.

Hyeong Soon is on his way home. In the afternoon, Chae Ri’s grandmother came to see him. There is a French restaurant where Chae Ri eats every December so the grandmother gave Hyeong Soon some money to take Chae Ri there. a girl who was eating at the restaurant saw Hyeong Soo taking the money.

At night, when Hyeong Soo was going home, that girl stole Hyeong Soon’s wallet. Hyeong Soon follows the thief to a dead end. There the thief threw his clothes and remained in a dress and without shoes. She comes out in front of Hyeong Soon, how thinks that the thief was a man. The girl pretended to faint in Hyeong Soon’s arms. That moment Chae Ri showed up.

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