“Taste of Love” ep 3 ~ Wen Feng:” It’s not because you like me?”

To help Qiao Ling, both Xiao He and Wen Feng accepted to participate in Qiao Ling’s cooking program. They each cooked a dish and the winner was chosen by the normal people that were shopping in the supermarket where the show was filmed.

Later Xiao He and Wen Feng went to search for president Lin. They found him, but they also lost him before president Lin could tell Wen Feng what he is looking for.

Episode 3

Wen Feng and Xiao He are ready to start their cooking competition. They have to prepare a dish that will not cost more than the price they were told. Each of them went to get their ingredients. Wen Feng is confident in his skills and his dish. He knows what he will prepare and chooses what he needs with confidence. The same time Xiao He chooses her ingredients chaotically. She isn’t sure what to cook. Suddenly Xiao He saw a lady and her daughter and Xiao He remembered a dish that her mother used to cook for diner when Xiao He was a child. That dish is cheap and there is a lot of food in the plate.

The time it’s over. The dishes are both ready. Wen Feng’s dish is delicious and looks amazing. Still Xiao He’s dish won. The show was filmed in a supermarket and the winner was chosen by the normal people who were shopping there. Xiao He’s dish was something that they could easily do at home and also it remembered them of their own childhood.

After the competition Wen Feng leaves angry. Qiao Ling followed him. She has something to tell him. She regrets having let go of Wen Feng. She wants him back in her life again and she will not let him go this time. But the decision isn’t only hers to make.

Qiao Ling:”The worst mistake I made in my life was to let you go.”

Wen Feng:”Whether I go or I stay, is not your decision.”

The time Wen Feng allocated to Qiao Ling for her to say what she needed to say it’s over. He wants to leave, but Qiao Ling pulls him back and kisses him. Wen Feng still feels something for Qiao Ling, but he will not fall for her tricks again. He will not suffer again. Wen Feng pushes Qiao Ling away, turns his back on her and leaves.

On their way Xiao He told Wen Feng a lot of lame jokes to make him smile. And he smiled. They went to find president Lin, the person Wen Feng is searching for. They were able to find an address, but president Lin wasn’t there.

Xiao He and Wen Feng stop for something traditional to eat. But Wen Feng isn’t pleased with the dish. He can’t taste it, it’s too plan for him…even after he put a lot of pepper in the soup. Suddenly an old man approaches Xiao He and Wen Feng. That old man knows about the restaurant that was on Wen Feng’s mother’s postcard. When Wen Feng showed that old man a picture with his mother and the postcard with the address, the old man pretended that he knows nothing about Wen Ji, which is Wen Feng’s mother’s restaurant. At the moment that Wen Feng and Xiao He didn’t pay attention to president Lin for a few seconds, president Lin took a taxi and left.

Xiao He and Wen Feng returned home. Since they will stay for a while, Wen Feng will sleep in Xiao He’s room, while she will share a room with Ruby. When Xiao He was showing him the room, they had a pleasant conversation. But things changed when Wen Feng saw and made fun of her dolls. They argue for a little while and then Xiao He leaves.

In her room, Xiao He has a lot of teddy bears. They were given to her as presents by Jun Hao.

Wen Feng looks around the room for a while, but since he can’t sleep, he goes for a walk. He met Xiao He and they talk for some time. Xiao He is curious to know if Wen Feng still loves Qiao Ling. It’s important for her to know.

Wen Feng:” It’s not because you like me?”

Sitting there, Xiao He tells Wen Feng what type of man she likes, what she wants from a man and what type of life brings her happiness. Her wish is simple, but it’s all that she wants and needs.

The next morning, the people from the village prepared a meal to welcome Wen Feng there. The cooked traditional food, but Wen Feng isn’t in the mood for a party. Lost in his thoughts, Wen Feng leaves and goes to get some fresh air. Later he sees Xiao He and Jun Hao and realized that the reason why all of Xiao He’s relationships failed was because she likes Jun Hao.

Wen Feng:”So the reason why you always fail in romance is because you have someone else.”

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