“Bubblegum” ep 16 ~ “ That’s how a new spring approaches though the gaps. “

Sun Young gets lost, but luckily she has a card with her details and the police is able to find her family.

To us, who have been through a difficult autumn and winter…and to the gaps that will never be filled…and there it was…a new spring was approaching. “
Personal thought:
About this drama…its kind complicated. I like Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jong Hyuk and Jung Ryeo Won. All three of them are good actors and the story could be a good one. To tell the truth I didn’t really like this drama. The problem is that I’m not eager for the next episode once I finish an episode. I’m not that curious about what could happen. I think the problem is the way it was written. From what I’ve heard the writer of this drama is a beginner… so that must be the reason why.

Personally I would’ve wanted to know more details about Sun Young’s disease. They kind pass by really fast. Now she found that she has alzheimer’s disease and the next second she forgot her son… I would’ve liked if this drama was more focused on the diseases progress and how the family took it… Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah just accepted the situation and knew from starters how to react and how to treat Sun Young. There was no shock after finding out the news, there was no transition period for them to learn more by making mistakes. I doubt that in real life the families of this kind of patients know from starters how to treat them….But that’s just my opinion…
The way Lee Dong Wook plays Ri Hwan reminds me of his character in Iron Man too.
I don’t understand the role of the radio show host, Oh Se Young, and Ye Joon Soo…I pass on their parts.

PS: I still think that Lee Dong Wook has the best chemistry with Lee Da Hae!

Episode 16

Ri Hwan has lunch with his mother’s doctor. Sun Young and the doctor are friends since they were in collage. He knows a lot of things about Sun Young that even Ri Hwan doesn’t know.

Because everyone is busy, Dong Hwa is the only one who can accompany Sun Young to the hospital. There, while Dong Hwa was picking up all the things that fell from Sun Young’s bag, Sun Young saw a lady doctor in her white gown and follows her. Scared Dong Hwa calls everyone to tell them that she lost Sun Young.

While everyone was looking for Sun Young all over, Sun Young forgot her way back. She was staying lost in the middle of the road. An young man stopped the car and took her to the police station. Because Sun Young was wearing an card with all the details, the police were able to reach Sun Young’s family. Dong Hwa and her parents, Ji Hoon, Tae Hee, Se Young, Joon Soo, Haeng Ah and Ri Hwan rushed over to the police station as soon as they heard the news.

Haeng Ah cooks for Ri Hwan and Ji Hoon in the morning, but she doesn’t eat. It’s a nice gesture, but for the two men, Haeng Ah’s cooking is more like punishment. When Haeng Ah mentioned that she will cook for them every morning once she will move there, Ri Hwan had to tell her the truth. He was honest and told Haeng Ah how awful her food taste is. Taking advantage of te situation, Haeng Ah also asked Ri Hwan to stop singing for her because he isn’t a good singer.

As a good boyfriend Ri Hwan teaches Haeng Ah how to drive. But while he was teaching her, Ri Hwan was about to get a heart attack. They were on an empty large field, but Haeng Ah managed to hit a tree. To angry to continue, they stopped the lesson as soon as they start and they will continue another day.

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