“All about My Mom” ep 34 ~ Chae Ri:”I’m not pregnant!”

Jin Ae changed her mind and tells Yeong Seon that she will not go to America. When she sees how happy Hoon Jae and Jin Ae are together, Yeong Seon gives up and allows them to get married. But this time San Ok is the one that will not give her permission. San Ok can’t forget how Yeong Seon mistreated her daughter so she will not allow Jin Ae and Hoon Jae to get married until Yeong Seon apologizes.

Jealous that Hye Joo is going on a blind date, Hyeong Kyu invited Seo Hyeon to dinner.

Aeng Du gets a job where Hyeong Soon works and Chae Ri makes a scene out of jealousy.

Episode 34

On his way home, Hyeong Soon met a thief who took his wallet with all his money in it, including the money he received from Chae Ri’s grandmother. He follows the thief until a girl shows up and faints in his arms. That girl was the thief, but since she was wearing different clothes than earlier, Hyeong Soon didn’t recognize her. While Hyeong Soon was holding the fainted girl, Chae Ri appeared. Chae Ri gets jealous when any girl, except Jin Ae, is around Hyeong Soon. Because Chae Ri seemed suspicious of the fainted girl, that girl woke up and lied that she suffers from anemia and that is why she fainted.

Hyeong Soon carried Chae Ri home. From behind the thief was watching them. She seemed surprised to see Hyeong Soon’s name when she opened the walled she stole from him.

Hoon Jae wakes up. He is thirsty, but there is no water around him and he can’t get up. The only person next to him is president Jang. At first Hoon Jae was a little reticent to accept help from president Jang, but in the end Hoon Jae let president Jang help him.

Jin Ae is at the hospital’s cafeteria talking to Yeong Seon. She told Yeong Seon that she will not go to America, that she realized how happy she is knowing that Hoon Jae is alive and breathing. Hearing Jin Ae talking about what she really feels, Yeong Seon realizes that Jin Ae truly loves Hoon Jae. Back to Hoon Jae’s room, Yeong Seon feels guilty for what she did to separate Hoon Jae and Jin Ae when she sees Hoon Jae and Jin Ae smiling happily at each other.

Left alone Jin Ae and Hoon Jae spend some time talking about Hoon Jae’s accident. She tells him how everyone felt when they heard the news, how worried everyone was. Also they’ve talked about their future.

Hoon Jae:”This is all yours, so I won’t ever make you worry again. Jin Ae, I love you!”

When he arrived home, Hyeong Soon told Hyeong Kyu that someone stole his wallet. Hyeong Kyu scolded him and the two brothers begin fighting. Chae Ri heard them and as a revenge she threw Hyeong Kyu’s shoe on the house. In the morning Hyeong Kyu can’t find his shoe. On his way to work, Hyeong Kyu met Hyeong Soon and gave him some money to take Chae Ri out to a nice restaurant.

Hyeong Soon went to work. As soon as he arrived to the restaurant he is working at, Hyeong Soon saw the girl who fainted in his arms the night before. Her name is Go Aeng Du and she is the new employee.

While making breakfast, Chae Ri found out about Hoon Jae’s accident. Later she went to see him at the hospital. She barely caught him on his way out. Soon after Chae Ri arrived at the hospital, her father came too.

Hyeong Kyu eats lunch alone. Hye Joo used her lunch break to go to a salon and get herself ready for her blind date. Jealous that Hye Joo is going on a blind date, Hyeong Kyu told her that the new hairstyle doesn’t look good on her. Then, in order to make Hye Joo jealous, Hyeong Kyu arranged for a date with Seo Hyeon later that day.

The day Hoon Jae came home from hospital, Yeong Seon gave him permission to marry Jin Ae. Yeong Seon always hated president Jang that he couldn’t make his mother accept Yeong Seon so he just gave up on their love and did as his mother wanted. After seeing how much Hoon Jae and Jin Ae love each other, Yeong Seon didn’t want his son to be like president Jang so she gave in and accepted Jin Ae. Surprised and extremely happy, Hoon Jae hugs his mother and promises her that both Jin Ae and himself will be good to Yeong Seon.

Hyeong Seon shows Aeng Do what she has to do at the restaurant. But he doesn’t realize that Aeng Du is trying to seduce him. He takes her for an innocent and nice girl. Aeng Du pretends that something entered her eye and asks Hyeong Soon to blow for her. The moment Hyeong Soon was blowing Aeng Du’s eye, Chae Ri entered. She made another scene there. Jealous of all the girls that are around Hyeong Soon, Chae Ri decided to work there too. Unfortunately for her, Hyeong Soon doesn’t agree with Chae Ri’s decision. She has to take care of her since she is pregnant.

Chae Ri:”I’m not pregnant!”

Luckily for Chae Ri, Hyeong Soon didn’t understood what she was saying. He thought that Chae Ri is just saying she isn’t pregnant so she could get a job there. Later, when she was alone, Chae Ri remembers the day she went to see a doctor. At the hospital, the doctor told her that she isn’t pregnant. Maybe she had all the symptoms because she was eager to get pregnant since she thought that if she was pregnant her father will accept her relationship with Hyeong Soon.

While she was thinking about her fake pregnancy, Chae Ri saw San Ok. Sitting there, the both of them saw Yu Ja’s new part timer, Eun Ok. That part timer is a coy woman that Dong Chul knows so San Ok is jealous of her. Chae Ri understands exactly what San Ok feels because she feels the same when it comes to Aeng Du.

It’s time for Hye Joo’s blind date. Jealous, Hyeong Kyu follows her and observes from another table how Hye Joo and Mr. Kim act. That nigh Hyeong Kyu was supposed to meet Seo Hyeon so she came too. When Mr. Kim saw Hyeong Kyu, he introduced Hye Joo as his future wife. Happy to have met Hye Joo, Mr. Kim invited Hyeong Kyu and Seo Hyeon for a double date. They went for dinner to Yu Ja’s chicken restaurant.

Jin Ae is about to enter the house. She wants to call Hoon Jae, but she doesn’t want to disturb him since he should be resting. But he wasn’t. Hoon Jae couldn’t wait any longer and came to bring Jin Ae the good news, that his mother gave them permission to get married.

Hoon Jae:”Let’s get married soon!”

Hoon Jae and Jin Ae gave the good news to San Ok and Dong Chul. But San Ok isn’t happy at all. She will not give her permission for Hoon Jae and Jin Ae to get married until Yeong Seon apologizes for mistreating Jin Ae. Upset, Jin Ae takes San Ok to her room where they fight. Still San Ok won’t let her daughter be mistreated. Since she is Jin Ae’s mother, she can’t treat Jin Ae badly, but she has to protect Jin Ae from other’s who mistreat Jin Ae. Hoon Jae heard the conversation and understands San Ok’s point of view so he set a date with San Ok and Yeong Seon to meet.

Chae Ri helped San Ok dress and got her makeup done. Then Chae Ri encouraged San Ok to not bow her head in front of Yeong Seon.

On their way to meet Yeong Seon, Jin Ae asked her mother to not be too harsh with Yeong Seon because she is afraid the wedding will be canceled. When they’ve met Yeong Seon, San Ok sent Jin Ae away. San Ok wants to be alone with Yeong Seon so they could talk in peace.

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