“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 3 ~ Justin:”No matter what happens next, I will always be by your side.”

Huan Huan’s wedding was ruined. She left the wedding with Justin and something happened between them that night. After that night Huan Huan continues to look for Justin and he, feeling guilty for what happen between them, runs to her and supports her when she needs it.

Episode 3

It’s Huan Huan and Shu Hong wedding day. To stop her uncle from marrying Huan Huan, Sheng Nan invited all ex boyfriends that Huan Huan had in the past. When all those men appeared at the wedding, Shu Hong realizes that Huan Huan lied to him when she said that she only had 2 boyfriends before him. While Shu Hong was asking for explanations, all Shu Hong’s family made a scene asking Shu Hong not to marry an immoral woman like Huan Huan. Of course Huan Huan’s parents couldn’t stay silent while Shu Hong’s family was insulting their daughter. But Huan Huan can defend herself. She looks at Shu Hong’s family and ask all the women that insulted her if their husbands where their first boyfriends. Then she asked the men the same question. She failed many times in love and had a lot of relationships in the past, but all of those heartbreaks made her the woman she is at the moment and made her realize what kind of man she truly wants in a man.

Huan Huan:” I won’t continue with this wedding.”

After saying what she needed to say, Huan Huan run away from her wedding. On her way out, Huan Huan meets Justin, who she still thinks its Sheng Nan’s boyfriend. She grabs Justin’s necktie and kisses him in front of her parents and Sheng Nan.

Huan Huan:”I’m escaping this marriage with this man.”

Huan Huan pulls Justin after her and pushes him in a taxi. They will leave together! Justin wants to escape, but Huan Huan threatened him with committing suicide. Since he is the last person everyone saw with Huan Huan alive and she accused him before with harassing her, if Huan Huan will die than Justin will be the first suspect. To be sure that Justin will stay with her, Huan Huan also said that she will write his name with her blood before dying so accuse him.

Scared that he will be accused of Huan Huan’s death if Huan Huan will do a stupid thing, Justin follows her. He tries to calm her down, but Huan Huan is furious. When Justin’s phone ringed and Huan Huan saw Sheng Nan’s name, Huan Huan answered the phone. She said what she needed to say and then she threw Justin’s phone into the sea. Angry Justin tells Huan Huan what she really thinks about the situation and Huan Huan starts crying.

The next morning the phone wakes up Justin. It was from the reception desk looking for Cai Huan Zhen. When she heard her name, Huan Huan took the phone and talked with the lady from the reception desk. After the phone call, Huan Huan and Justin realized that they slept together the night before. They are completely naked.

While Huan Huan takes a shower, Justin ordered breakfast and new clothes for Huan Huan. He has to resolve the situation somehow, but Huan Huan isn’t an easy competitor. She starts crying that if Sheng Nan wouldn’t have ruined her wedding than now Huan Huan would’ve had taken breakfast with her husband, not with the stranger she just had a one night stand. Later Huan Huan scares Justin with the way she acts. Huan Huan acts completely different then her usual self. She wants to clear up the misunderstanding with the police in which she accused Justin of sexually harassing her. Then she bought Justin a new phone and apologized for throwing his phone in the sea. Before leaving Huan Huan hugged Justin and thanked him for being there for her in one of the most difficult moment of her life. Huan Huan’s acting made Justin feel sorry for her and gave her his business card.

Justin tries to remember what happened the night before. He can only remember that he and Huan Huan took a taxi back to Taipei because Huan Huan wanted to drink. They went to a bar where they got drunk. Then they played in a fountain. With their clothes wet both Huan Huan and Justin arrived at the hotel.

Because he still can’t remember all that happened between Huan Huan and himself, Justin went to get hypnotized by a friend. The hypnosis session was recorded and Justin was shocked by what he saw in that recording.

Sheng Nan feels guilty for what she did so she came to apologize to Huan Huan. She pretended to forgive Sheng Nan, but Huan Huan continues with her revenge plan. Later Huan Huan calls Justin and tells him that she went to see a doctor because she didn’t feel well. Hearing that Huan Huan went to see a OB/GYN, Justin rushed to the hospital.

Huan Huan:”I’m afraid to be alone!”

Justin:”No matter what happens next, I will always be by your side.”

Justin feels guilty for what he thinks happened between Huan Huan and himself that night, but actually things are a little different than what he remembers. He got drunks first and Huan Huan took him to the hotel in order to undress him and lie that they’ve spend the night together to make Sheng Nan suffer. While she was undressing Justin, Huan Huan felt guilty and started crying for turning herself into something like that. Then the drunk Justin hold her in his arms and consoled her.

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