“All about My Mom” ep 35 ~ Hoon Jae:”I feel like I have stepped into a power game my mother and Jin Ae are playing.”

Yeong Seon and San Ok meet and decided to allow Jin Ae and Hoon Jae to get married. Thinks went well until San Ok found out that Jin Ae plans to live with Yeong Seon after the wedding. Not wanting her daughter to suffer while living in the same house with the mother-in-law, San Ok gets angry and fights with Jin Ae.

Chae Ri discovers that Hoon Jae is her brother and mistakenly tells her grandmother.

Episode 35

Yeong Seon and San Ok met. San Ok asked Jin Ae to leave the room and let the two mothers alone. San Ok is still upset of how Yeong Seon mistreated Jin Ae and told Jin Ae that she hates Jin Ae. At first San Ok expected to receive Yeong Seon’s apology, but then she started crying and spoke from her heart, telling Yeong Seon what she’s been keeping deep inside her heart. Because Hyeong Kyu was sick and weak as a child, San Ok neglected Jin Ae and paid more attention to her eldest son. Knowing how much she neglected her daughter, San Ok always hoped that Jin Ae will have a mother-in-law that will love her. When she finished crying, San Ok reveals Yeong Seon that she envies Yeong Seon because Jin Ae likes and respects her. San Ok believes that if Jin Ae could pick a mother for herself, Jin Ae for sure will choose Yeong Seon. She listened carefully to what San Ok had to say and in the end Yeong Seon apologized for only thinking that her son is important and for mistreating Jin Ae.

Jin Ae heard from outside what her mother was telling Yeong Seon and wants to enter and drag her mother out. But Hoon Jae didn’t let her. He knows that it’s better for the two mothers to tell each other what they really feel.

In front of the restaurant Yeong Seon and San Ok met Hoon Jae and Jin Ae. As soon as he saw San Ok, Hoon Jae is really nice towards San Ok. Seeing her son treating San Ok as if she was his mother, Yeong Seon is getting jealous again. Jin Ae realizes the situation and tries to treat Yeong Seon the same way Hoon Jae is with her mother.

Hoon Jae took Jin Ae and San Ok home. There he met Chae Ri who was extremely happy to see him. Later, when they were alone Jin Ae asked Hoon Jae to tell her parents about his and Chae Ri’s relationship. To be sure that Chae Ri won’t find out the truth, Jin Ae send Chae Ri to watch San Ok’s store.

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae are in San Ok and Dong Chul’s room telling them the truth. Suddenly they hear a noise and open the door. Chae Ri wanted to bring sweet and sour pork to Hoon Jae heard what they were saying. She found out that Hoon Jae is her brother.

Since Chae Ri already knows the truth, Hoon Jae explains her all that he knows about this situation. Hoon Jae isn’t ready to accept president Jang as his father yet, but he wants to be a good older brother to Chae Ri. Happy that she finally has a brother, Chae Ri jokes around telling her brother how Jin Ae mistreats her. Unfortunately for Chae Ri, when it comes to Jin Ae, Hoon Jae can’t help her.

Hoon Jae:” Jin Ae might be “your brother”, but she’s my wife, too.”

Hyeong Soon finished his work and goes home. Since Aeng Du lives in the same neighborhood and she likes Hyeong Soon they go together. Chae Ri was waiting for Hyeong Soon to come. She can feel how sly Aeng Du is.

Han Eun Ok, Yu Ja’s new part timer and Dong Chul’s old friend, is Aeng Du’s mother, but in front of everyone Aeng Du and Eun Ok pretended to be cousins.

Arrived home, Chae Ri tells Hyeong Soon that Hoon Jae is her half brother. Meantime Hoon Jae is at home telling his mother exactly what Jin Ae asked him to tell Yeong Seon. Jin Ae knows that Yeong Seon will want Jin Ae and Hoon Jae to live with her after their marriage, but Yeong Seon will say that she doesn’t want it. Jin Ae thought Hoon Jae what to tell Yeong Seon and he did as Jin Ae said making his mother happy. Later he called Jin Ae to tell her how things went.

Hoon Jae:”I feel like I have stepped into a power game my mother and Jin Ae are playing.”

Hye Joo is ready to go to work, but Mr. Kim came with a bouquet of flowers. He wants to take Hye Joo to work. That morning Mr. Kim met San also.

San:” You’re not my mom’s type.”

Mr. Kim took Hye Joo to work. In front of the office they’ve met Hyeong Kyu. Seeing Mr. Kim around Hye Joo made Hyeong Kyu’s jealousy appear again. He keeps scolding Hye Joo at work. At some point a courier appears with some flowers. Hyeong Kyu thinks that Mr. Kim sent Hye Joo flowers and he is scolding her again, but the flowers where for him, from Seo Hyeon. When Seo Hyeon calls him, Hyeong Kyu pretends to be happy to talk to her and thanks her for the flowers just to make Hye Joo jealous.

Chae Ri went to visit her grandmother. Thinking that the grandmother already knows the truth, Chae Ri reveals her grandmother that Hoon Jae is her father’s son. Shocked, the grandmother rushed to president Jang’s office where she met Hoon Jae. The grandmother always wished to have a grandson and now that she has one, she plans to get him away from Yeong Seon.

At the house Jin Ae received the money that Hyeong Kyu prepared for her wedding. They didn’t get along, but Hyeong Kyu opened a savings account to give Jin Ae when she will get married. Everything went well until San Ok found out that Jin Ae plans to live with her mother-in-law after the wedding. San Ok gets angry and leaves the house. Jin Ae follows her, but Hyeong Kyu appears in her way and she argues with him.

After arguing with Hyeong Kyu, Jin Ae goes after her mother and finds San Ok crying at the story. Back at the house, Jin Ae finds San Ok’s diary and after reading it, she realizes how her mother really feels.

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