“Taste of Love” ep 4 ~ Xiao He:”Perhaps we can still be friends.”

Every time Xiao He is depressed, Wen Feng is there for her and he knows what to do to make her feel better. While resolving president Lin’s problem, Wen Feng and Xiao He met Bo Yu who returned to Xiao He’s life. Wen Feng doesn’t believe Bo Yu’s lies and protects Xiao He from him.

Episode 4

Wen Feng sees Xiao He with Jun Hao and realizes that the reason Xiao He didn’t have success in any relationship was because she likes Jun Hao. Also she treasures all those teddy bears in her room because Jun Hao gave them to her. But unfortunately for Xiao He, Jun Hao only likes her as a little sister. Jun Hao is in love with Qiao Ling.

Wen Feng can’t understand how Xiao He can wish Jun Hao to be happy with Qiao Ling if she really likes him. In Wen Feng’s eyes Xiao He is acting foolishly. Because of that reason Wen Feng and Xiao He begin fighting again.

The next morning Xiao He went to wake up Wen Feng early. But he isn’t wearing any clothes so when Xiao He tried to remove his blanket, Wen Feng pulled Xiao He in the bed. Both Xiao He and Wen Feng start screaming and Ruby and Xiao He’s father rushed in.

Xiao He:”Taiwanese girls aren’t that cowardly!”

Xiao He took Wen Feng to the field and asked uncle Ah Tu to teach Wen Feng a lesson. Since Xiao He and uncle Ah Tu were talking in Taiwanese accent Wen Feng couldn’t understand anything. Xiao He was translating Wen Feng what she wanted. With uncle Ah Tu’s help, Xiao He worked Wen Feng until he couldn’t move an inch.

On their way back, Xiao He and Wen Feng met the gangsters who followed them the day they’ve met president Lin. They run away until they’ve met the mayor and asked for his help. The mayor couldn’t help them much, but the mayor’s wife is the gagster’s boss’s friend. President Lin was in charge of the catering for the gagster’s son’s wedding. That gagster’s name is Xiong. The supplies were stolen and the wedding was ruined. That is way Xiong tries to find president Lin and make him pay.

With the wedding list form Xiong, Xiao He and Wen Feng went to search for the thief. While they search around, they are followed. Xiao He recognized the follower. It’s Bo Yu, her ex fiancée. He apologizes for cheating on her, he promise that he will repay her the payment her father gave them for the house and he wants to start again with her. Wen Feng knows that Bo Yu is lying, that Bo Yu is taking advantage of Xiao He’s naivety. He tries to defend Xiao He. Wen Feng tries to explain Xiao He that if Bo Yu would’ve loved her, he wouldn’t have cheated on her. But he gets angry and leaves, when he has the impression that Xiao He believes Bo Yu’s words.

Xiao He believes that Bo Yu can change, but she already gave up on him. She hopes that Bo Yu learned from this experience how to appreciate the next woman that will love him.

Xiao He:”Perhaps we can still be friends.”

After Bo Yu left, Xiao He thanks Wen Feng for defending her, for having a good opinion about her. But Xiao He wants to know why she always gets dumped if she is as great as Wen Feng said. Seeing her so depressed, Wen Feng wants to console her. He extends his hand towards her, but then he suddenly changed his mind and hits her forehead. When Wen Feng hit her, Xiao He forgot that she was upset because of Bo Yu and starts fighting with Wen Feng.

Xiao He:”You are bullying someone shorter then you. My forehead isn’t there for you to hit it.”

All the fighting with Wen Feng made Xiao He hungry. They went to eat at a buffet. While Wen Feng got what he wanted to eat, Xiao He kept talking to everyone in order to find the person who stolen from Xiong. When she finished talking to everyone, Xiao He realized that she hasn’t gotten anything to eat for herself so she took Wen Feng’s plate. Then she sent Wen Feng to get more food for her. Obediently Wen Feng gets up and brings Xiao He more food. His reaction surprised even himself who isn’t that obedient usually.

Later Jun Hao called Xiao He because he discovered that the stolen food was donated to an orphanage. Xiong’s son didn’t like the food his father ordered for the wedding so he asked one of his father’s helpers to steal the supply and donate it to an orphanage.

Since the problem with Xiong was resolver, Xiao He and Wen Feng went to see president Lin and ask him what he knows about Wen Feng’s mother.

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