“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 4 ~ Justin:”Red wine…is like a lie.”

Huan Huan continues with her game to get everything that belongs to Sheng Nan. Justin discovers the truth about what happened between Huan Huan and himself. Even if he knows the truth about what happened between him and Huan Huan, Justin proposes her to date for real. Both of them accept. Each of them has his own plan for being in a relationship with the other.

Episode 4

Following her revenge plan, Huan Huan quit her job and got a new job at the same company as Sheng Nan. Then she asked for her mother’s help to make Sheng Nan being hated by everyone she knows and for Sheng Nan to lose her luck. As a result, the next morning Sheng Nan didn’t feel so well. And if that wasn’t enough, Huan Huan told Sheng Nan that she stole Sheng Nan’s client. Also, the same day, Huan Huan brought cake for Sheng Nan’s coworkers and friends and got them to her side.

Meantime, Justin was taking care of a new case. A man is accused of adultery. In the room where he was with the girl whose husband is accusing him had a recording device. That man gave the recording to Justin. While looking at that device, Justin noticed that after the man and his mistress left, Huan Huan brought him in drunk. After seeing that recording, Justin realized what actually happened the night he and Huan Huan spent together.

After work hours, Justin met Huan Huan for dinner. But this time he knows the truth and doesn’t have to feel guilty towards her.

Justin:”Red wine…is like a lie.”

Justin continues with Huan Huan’s game. He proposes her to date since they both like each other. Huan Huan accepts, but first she wants Justin to break up with Sheng Nan. Well…that isn’t too hard to do since Justin and Sheng Nan are siblings, not a couple.

Justin:”Don’t let go of me that easily.”

After dinner, Justin took Huan Huan out for their first date…to a hot spring. Arrived there, Huan Huan wanted to escape while Justin was changing into his bath robe. But Justin came out and saw her. Since he provoked her, Huan Huan accepted the challenge and took of her dress, remaining naked in front of Justin. He turns his head and gives her the bath robe. They are both embarrassed, but neither of them will show it to the other. In the hot spring they both keep provoking and seducing the other. Still Huan Huan isn’t the type of woman Justin can play with so she won this time.

Later Justin accompanied Huan Huan home. Strangely this time he had to take her to a different address then few days ago. Knowing that she is lying, Justin asks Huan Huan to invite him in. But Huan Huan found a lie easily and told him that she just moved and everything is a mess.

Huan Huan gets out of the car and looks back to see if Justin left. Justin on the other hand was waiting for her to go in, since he knows that she is lying. Luckily for Huan Huan a lady came out and opened the door for her. To be able to enter, Huan Huan told that lady that she lives on the third floor. Unfortunately for Huan Huan, she found her match. Justin parked across the street and saw her coming out and going towards her real house.

The reason Justin proposed to date Huan Huan was to beat her at her own game. While he gives Huan Huan a lesson, Justin can get rid of all the blind dates his mother is sending him. Justin’s mother insists that Justin gets married as soon as possible and for that she sends him to blind dates. Since Huan Huan was about to get married to his uncle, Justin knows that his mother won’t ever accept Huan Huan. Because of that he is more willing to date Huan Huan and when his mother will find out who his girlfriend is, she will do anything in her power to break Justin and Huan Huan. Justin’s mother is willing to accept him not getting married ever if he will ever get a girlfriend like Huan Huan. Knowing that, Justin will date Huan Huan.

That night, after their first date at the hot spring, Huan Huan and Justin texted to each other until they fell asleep. They both think that they are fooling the other, but actually they both are in love with each other without realizing. While sleeping they dreamed about each other. In the morning, when they woke up…something is strange with them both.

At work, Huan Huan continues with her plan to take everything Sheng Nan wants. And for showing Sheng Nan that she is wining, Huan Huan told Sheng Nan that she was with Justin at the hot springs the other day.

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