“All about My Mom” ep 36 ~ “Congratulations on your wedding!”

Jin Ae reads her mother’s diary and finds out why her mother was so harsh with her. After knowing the truth, Jin Ae makes peace with San Ok and Hyeong Kyu. After the wedding Jin Ae and Hoon Jae heads towards their honeymoon, but Yeong Seon managed to ruin it.

From the first seconds she entered her new house, Jin Ae realized why her mother didn’t want her to leave with Yeong Seon.

Chae Ri feels guilty seeing Hyeong Soon working hard and reveals him that she isn’t pregnant.

Personal thought: So Yeong Seon hates Chae Ri’s grandmother because the old lady didn’t accept her as daughter-in-law. Now Yeong Seon is treating Jin Ae the same….or …if you ask me…even worse!

Hoon Jae turned out to be a mama boy…i didn’t expect that. I’m sure that will cost him sooner or later.

Episode 36

Reading her mother’s diary made Jin Ae realizes that it was her the one that hurt her brother and her mother protected her from knowing. As a child, Jin Ae always saw her mother and grandmother doing everything for Hyeong Kyu so she believed that she has to do the same thing. One day she wanted to give Hyeong Kyu to eat, but she dropped the pot with hot soup on Hyeong Kyu’s leg. Afraid that Jin Ae will feel sorry towards Hyeong Kyu all her life, San Ok took the blame on her. San Ok and Dong Chul thought that Hyeong Kyu doesn’t know either, but he always knew. Before going to the army, Hyeong Kyu revealed Dong Chul that he knew the truth about his accident, but he doesn’t want Jin Ae to know. Knowing everything, Jin Ae goes to Hyeong Kyu’s room. They make peace and Jin Ae hugs her brother.

The following days, Jin Ae together with Hoon Jae, San Ok and Chae Ri went to buy her wedding dress. Chae Ri was so happy that she wanted to try on a dress too. Then, they went to buy some new clothes for San Ok. At first San Ok refused, but her three children insisted until she had to accept.

Now that she knows that Hoon Jae is her grandson, Chae Ri’s grandmother went to see Yeong Seon. She apologized for mistreating and not accepting Yeong Seon as her daughter-in-law. The grandmother wants now to recognize Hoon Jae as her grandson legally, but Yeong Seon rejects the offer. More than 30 years ago Chae Ri’s grandmother rejected Yeong Seon, not it’s Yeong Seon’s turn to reject her.

On her way out, the grandmother met Jin Ae. Yeong Seon saw Jin Ae talking to Chae Ri’s grandmother and wasn’t pleased. She believes that the grandmother approached Jin Ae to her Hoon Jae.

Angry Yeong Seon met president Jang and told him what happened. She also asked him to tell his mother to never think about Hoon Jae as her grandson. When Yeong Seon wanted to leave, president Jang asked for a chance to repay for everything he did to Yeong Seon, but she rejected him.

Hye Joo took San to his dentist appointment. In front of Hye Joo, Seo Hyeon called Hyeong Kyu to invite him to dinner, but Hyeong Kyu lied that he has work do to because the next day he has a trial. Actually Hyeong Kyu was in front of Seo Hyeon’s clinic waiting for San and Hye Joo. When they came out, Hyeong Kyu pretended to pass by with business and invited them to dinner. Hye Joo didn’t want to go, but San is on Hyeong Kyu’s side. While the three of them were leaving, Seo Hyeon came out and saw Hyeong Kyu, Hye Joo and San leaving like a family.

Hyeong Soon wanted to give Jin Ae some money as wedding present, but Jin Ae returned to the money and added some from her. She can’t take Hyeong Soon’s money when he needs them more for his future baby. Returned to his room, Hyeong Soon talks to Chae Ri about how guilty he feels for ruining her life that could’ve been successful. But the one that is guiltier is Chae Ri…knowing that she lied and she isn’t pregnant. Meantime Hoon Jae has a pleasant talk with his mother the night before his wedding.

Jin Ae also has a final conversation with her mother. They spent together her last night in Jin Ae’s parent’s house. Both Jin Ae and San Ok apologize to each other for how they treated one another and confessed their love for each other.

It’s the wedding day! Chae Ri is happy, jumping all over the place until she finds Hoon Jae. While the two siblings where talking president Jang and his mother arrived. Hoon Jae is awkward around them, but president Jang asked Hoon Jae to think of him as his employer not his father to feel more comfortable.

“Congratulations on your wedding!”

On the other hand Jin Ae couldn’t be happier. She takes picture with her friends that came at the wedding. The wedding starts and on her way towards Hoon Jae, Jin Ae remembers all the moments, pleasant or not, that she spend with her parents and with her brothers.

After the ceremony it’s time for the bride to throw the bouquet. All the single ladies pushed one another to catch the bouquet. Yu Ja makes sure that Hye Joo will be able to catch the bouquet. But unfortunately the bouquet landed on Yeong Seon’s lap.

The wedding it’s over and the groom and bride are leaving for their honeymoon. The past few days Yeong Seon kept feeling sick. After the wedding, when she arrived home, Yeong Seon’s condition gets worse. Her whole body aches and she has a rash on her neck.

On their way home, San Ok and her family met Aeng Du and Eun Ok. Meeting the two women ruined the good mood for San Ok and Chae Ri. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law doesn’t like Aeng Du and her mother.

Since it’s his day off, after the wedding Hyeong Soon went to meet some friends. On his way, Aeng Du shows up and follows him. Chae Ri was suspicious and followed Hyeong Soon. When she saw Hyeong Soon with Aeng Du, Chae Ri’s jealousy showed up.

Actually Hyeong Soon lied that he was going to meet his friend. He went to work on his day off too in order to get the money he needs to provide for Chae Ri and their child. Chae Ri comes in and sees him. She is more hurt to see Hyeong Soon work so hard because of her lie. The guilt makes her tell Hyeong Soon the truth.

Chae Ri:”Is it because of our baby? I’m not pregnant!”

Hyeong Soon doesn’t know how to react. At first he believes that Chae Ri lies because she is sad to see him working so hard, but Chae Ri told him how things were. She also believed that she was pregnant at first since she was having all the symptoms, but when she went to see the doctor she found out that it was a fake pregnancy because she wished too much to have a baby.

Hoon Jae and Jin Ae around about to get in the plane and leave for their honeymoon, but Hoon Jae is worried because he can’t reach his mother or his aunt. He keeps calling and finds out that his mother is sick, she has shingles. Seeing Hoon Jae so worried, Jin Ae proposed him to go home and postpone their honeymoon for when Yeong Seon will feel better. She was the one that proposed to postpone the honeymoon, but Jin Ae was hoping that Hoon Jae won’t take her seriously. But Hoon Jae did! He took the luggage and rushed home.

Arrived home, Jin Ae and Hoon Jae went to see Yeong Seon. She said that she is sorry to have made them lose their honeymoon, but at the same time Yeong Seon treats Jin Ae as an intruder. She pretends to be tired, but she is actually saying that to make Jin Ae leave the room and stay alone with her son.

Seo Hyeon asked Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu to meet her. She has a weird feeling and wants to clear it.

Seo Hyeon:”Do you have feelings for each other?”

Hyeong Kyu stutters before answering the questions. Before he gets the chance to answer, Hye Joo answers it first. She tells Seo Hyeon that she doesn’t like Hyeong Kyu as a man, she likes him as a boss and nothing more, there isn’t anything going on between them.

After answering Hye Joo left. Hyeong Kyu excuses himself and runs after Hye Joo. He wants to know if Hye Joo’s answer is really what she feels.

Hyeong Kyu:”Am I really just your boss and nothing else?”

She looks into Hyeong Kyu’s eyes and tells him that she doesn’t feel anything for her. She wants to leave, but Hyeong Kyu doesn’t let her. He holds her hand and is about to confess, but just then San Ok appears. As soon as he sees his mother, Hyeong Kyu lets go of Hye Joo’s hand. But just then Mr. Kim appears too. Hye Joo takes advantage and holds Mr. Kim’s arm. When Hye Joo left with Mr Kim, San Ok realized that Hyeong Kyu feels something for Hye Joo.

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