“To the Dearest Intruder” ep 15 ~ Yan Hao:”Song Jia An I love you!”

You never know what you have…until you lose it. You never know that true love was right under your nose…until you lost it. Yan Hao always thought that he is in love with Shao Qing. And maybe he was…in college. Because they never had the chance to love themselves, Yan Hao couldn’t move on. The gunshot was his wake up call. After that accident, Yan Hao realized that he doesn’t love Shao Qing the way he thought, he realized that Jia An found her way into his heart. But it was too late for them.

Shao Qing thought that she could have the happiness she left and ruined Jia An’s happiness. In the end she couldn’t get what she wanted…

Episode 15

Shao Qing understood how wrong she was in trying to make Jia An the mistress in her relationship with Yan Hao. She feels sorry for hurting the two people that loved her the most. She made her mind for what she wants to do next. First Shao Qing asked Yan Hao to give Jia An an unforgettable birthday because Jia An’s birthday will be soon. Afraid that Shao Qing could go crazy again, Yan Hao refuses Shao Qing’s offer. She tells her to not think about the past and to always look towards the future.

Shao Qing:”I hope you can let her have a happy day…I will leave my love for Yan Hao in my dreams.”

Jia An is extremely happy with her new status of official employee. All day she wipes and takes pictures with her name plate. Since it’s her birthday and he didn’t prepare her any present, Zhen Lun gives Jia An the day off. But actually Zhen Lun already gave Jia An a present without knowing it. The day he wanted to apologize for hurting her feelings, Zhen Lun gave Jia An a preserved flower.

Jia An:”a preserved flower means that our friendship will never wither.”

Zhen Lun:”Friendship will never wither.”

After Jia An left, Zhen Lun called Shao Qing. She was the one that asked him to give Jia An the day off. While talking on the phone, Shao Qing asked Zhen Lun to hand over the letter she gave him to Jia An. Shao Qing decided to leave again. She returned after ten years, destroyed a family, destroyed Jia An’s happiness, when Yan Hao realized that he loves Jia An, Shao Qing forced him to divorce Jia An, then Shao Qing destroyed Yan Hao’s hard work of years and now she leaves…again. Couldn’t she do that from the start and not do so much harm to the once around her? But at least there are no secrets anymore.

Shao Qing:”Let the bluebird be truly freed.”

Coming out of the building, Jia An sees Yan Hao waiting for her with a flower. It’s the first time Yan Hao brings Jia An flowers. Then he grabs her hand and takes her to an orphanage. Since the children there know Yan Hao and are happy to see him, it’s not the first time he goes there. Before his accident Yan Hao came to that orphanage and told the people there that he and his wife don’t have children, but his wife wished to have a lot of children.

At the orphanage Jia An sees a little boy that hides. That little boy’s name is Yang Yang. He was involved in an accident in which he lost his mother. Since the accident Yang Yang refused to talk. Jia An goes to Yang Yang and talks to him and Yang Yang answered her.

Later, while Jia An and Yan Hao were talking, Yang Yang came to them. He has a small wish. Since it’s something that they can do, Jia An and Yan Hao fulfill Yang Yang’s wish.

Yang Yang:”Can you be my parents for a day?”

It’s getting dark and Jia An and Yan Hao have to say goodbye. Before leaving Jia An wants to know if Yan Hao has ever loved her. Yan Hao wants to answer her, but every time he opens his mouth something happens. The first time, Yan Hao remembered that Shao Qing send Jia An the bluebird necklace so he missed his chance to say what he feels for Jia An. Then he is about to tell her his feelings, but Jia An’s phone ringed. It was Mei Mei who is waiting for her with a surprise party. Jia An forgets about her question and leaves. Yan Hao can’t let her leave like that. He calls her name and tells her his feelings.

Yan Hao:”Song Jia An I love you!”

Jia An smiles and Yan Hao goes to her. But he wasn’t expecting her answer. Jia An is happy that Yan Hao felt something for her at some point, but now after they will turn around, they will forget the past and look towards their future. Both Jia An and Yan Hao turn their backs on each other and leave singing and crying.

Thinking about the moments she spent with Yan Hao, Jia An stops. She turns around and runs towards Yan Hao. Unfortunately Jia An didn’t look before crossing the street and a car was coming. It hit Jia An!

Shao Qing is on her way to the airport. Suddenly she received the news and rushed to the hospital. Everyone was there…crying. The police was handing over to Yan Hao everything the belonged to Jia An.

“Jia An is…dead!”

Jia An:” Don’t be sad because of me. Life will end. Love is infinite.”

After Jia An’s death, Yan Hao worked hard to get back on his feed. He recovered his company and began building the houses his father dreamed of building. Unfortunately for Shao Qing, she didn’t recover so well. She has lost her mind. Now Shao Qing believes that she is Jia An. She is even acting the way Jia An was…she talks like Jia An used to.

Shao Qing:”I’m Song Jia An!”

Leaving the place where Shao Qing lives, Yan Hao meets a woman that looks exactly like Jia An.

The end…

Thank you for reading my post of this drama! 🙂

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25 Responses to “To the Dearest Intruder” ep 15 ~ Yan Hao:”Song Jia An I love you!”

  1. Marinai says:

    What a frustrating end 😦
    Jia An and Yan Ao deserved another chance to love.

    • lemonmirae says:

      Yep, they did :(. At first i was hoping Jia An will find her happiness with Zhen Lun, but in the last episodes I kind thought Jia An and Yan Hao will get another chance to be happy…..but i didn’t expect this ending. It’s frustrating 😦

  2. Elle says:

    It is getting to where watching these dramas is becoming a waste of time because of their dumb endings….Really??? why did she have to die??????

    • lemonmirae says:

      So the people learn to live their lives, because it’s short and you never know when it will end. Also for people to learn how to appreciate what they have and not run after lost loves when they have their happiness closer than they think. The message behind the story is more important than the story itself.
      Thanks for reading and for your comm xoxo

      • Lou says:

        Are you the author of the recap? If so perhaps you can answer a question for me. What is YH’s comment as he pauses by the bench ? I know he says perhaps she is just like the others, but what does he say before stating that he really loved her ? Any clue you can give would be greatly appreciated.

      • lemonmirae says:

        Well….I wondered too when I watched that episode, but I couldn’t find the eng sub for that part. I suppose it was something good about Jia An…..Sorry I’m unable to help you :(, but if you find out let me know too.

  3. Lou says:

    Will do and thank you for responding to my question.

  4. Willy says:

    I was wondering what you think of the pairing of Shao Qing & Yan Hao? In my opinion, although her (or even both) actions were wrong, I could see how much they exactly yearn for each other. I just thought that Jia An deserved a person who truly loves her, not someone who has throughout the entire 10 years still have lingering feelings for another woman & only switched his feelings after the accident. Also, I think that Shao Qing deserved a better ending, it’s just she has been through so much in my point of view. Would love to her on your take on this drama, thank you!

  5. Sarah says:

    You see I am really disappointed with the ending I really wished that Shoa Qing and Yan Ao had got together. I mean you have to admit they looked good as a couple. Nonetheless I did expect this ending however, never wanted her to go cra cra. Like this girl made them get a divorce,destroyed their happiness and then just flipped at the end! I wished that the drama had went like this: Yan Ao falls in love with Shoa Qing, Jin Ai remains oblivious to this fact and continues to love Yan, Shoa leaves, Yan Ao marries Jin Ai due to loneliness, Shoa returns, Yan Ao realises he loves her, Jin Ai remains oblivious, Shoa remains to be the girl she was in the past: confident and mildly rude, Yan’s love grows stronger for Shoa to the point he divorces Jin Ai so that he can marry Shoa. However, she refuses his proposal so that she can remain best friends with Jin; Jin Ai believes Shoa betrayed her consequently leading to the crazy b**ch attitude. Shoa gives in to Yan’s persistence and marries him. Nevertheless there are obstacles that are blocking/destroying their happiness such as: Jin Ai trying to get rid of Shoa so that Yan can love her again, Yan’s younger brother and the guy from (I think) America who was the junior. You see if the directors had followed this plot this drama be on fleek ( slang word meaning excellent), prestine and just plain brilliant but no! They just had to make Shoa go “cra cra.” Brrrrr… If I had to rate this drama out of 10 I would give it 8.5. Don’t judge!! Peace ✌️✌!!!!!

    • lemonmirae says:

      I’m disappointed by the ending of this drama too. I never expected Shao Qing to go crazy or Jia An to die. Jia An deserved to be happy…and I thought that Zhen Lun was her happiness…that Jia An and Zhen Lun would fall in love and be happy for ever (I know I’m a dreamer :P). But I have to admit that I understand what made Shao Qing go crazy at the end. She felt guilty of destroying her best friend’s happiness and when Jia An died… she couldn’t do support it.
      Don’t know if Yan Hao really married Jia An out out loneliness. Maybe he always liked her, but as usual one always sees what is further away instead of seeing what is closer to him. Or maybe Yan Hao understood that only Jia An was always there for him when he needed help. She was always behind him, giving him support, giving him a shoulder to cry on when his father died… helping him raise his younger brother.
      Well….Shao Qing betrayed Jia An. Shao Qing didn’t have the courage to tell Jia An that she and Yan Hao like each other and preferred to disappear. Yan Hao had the intention to tell Jia An, but because Shao Qing left he didn’t needed to do so. What I don’t understand is if Shao Qing chose to disappear and abandon Yan Hao for Jia An then why Shao Qing appeared 10 years later when Jia An and Yan Hao were married. Isn’t that more stupid? I mean she didn’t want to hurt Jia An when Jia An was secretly in love with Yan Hao, but Shao Qing didn’t have any problem with hurting Jia An when Jia An and Yan Hao were married. They weren’t happy, but the accident made Yan Hao realize who he really loved and wanted to save his marriage. But because of Shao Qing’s evil interference Yan Hao and Jia An divorced.
      When did Jia An tried ti get rid of Shao Qing? I think I missed that episode.
      No judges. It’s your opinion. You gave this drama a bigger grade than me! I think I’ll have to give it an 8! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting 🙂 Sorry for the late response.

      • Venus says:

        Maybe because Shao Qing didn’t want to be like her mother being a mistress to her father so she went away left Yan Hao while in college , For the second time she was planning to get away but Yan Hao stop her on the airport that’s why she had a reason to stay, then the accident came, I think this is the brightside of the story.

      • lemonmirae says:

        Maybe it’s like how you say, but if she decided to go when Jia An and Yan Hao weren’t married, Shao Qing should’ve destroyed her friend’s marriage…By doing so she became exactly like her mother. From my point of view Shao Qing and Yan Hao are the “bad guys” in this story. Yan Hao shouldn’t have married a woman he didn’t love, he shouldn’t have given Jia An false hopes and then go after Shao Qing. They both did chose the wrong path and unfortunately Jia An paid the price…they also. But Yan Hao and Shao Qing only suffered the consequences of their actions and decisions.
        Anyway it’s a good drama.
        Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  6. vivy says:

    i fall in a deep love with this drama. but the ending make me sad. We dont know wether Yan Hao will marry with Shao Qing tht have sense of Jia An or the woman who looks like Jia An. When the season 2 is cominggg?!! Srsly i dont like Jia An because the writer make her looking sooooo stupidd.

    • lemonmirae says:

      There is a season 2???? I didn’t know that and I don’t think that it will be 😛
      I didn’t like Jia An for the same reason ether…in the beginning. The writers made her first looks like an incredibly stupid woman and then all of a sudden, after she found out about Yan Hao and Shao Qing, Jia An became wise… I’ve imagined a different ending to, but…

  7. Venus says:

    Well said, thanks can’t understand clearly but now I do, I relay only on the action with no english subtitle. I don’t think there will be S2 but I’m hoping….

  8. Sahlee says:

    Heavy hearted with the ending… How lovely to see if Jia An been loved genuinely by another person, as she has genuine heart and didn’t die… It is just fair in my own opinion that Yan Hao and Shao Qing didn’t end up together….

    • lemonmirae says:

      Even if Shao Qing and Yan Hao would’ve ended up together I doubt they would’ve lasted or they would’ve been happy. Their relationship would’ve been destroyed by their quilt for Jia An’s death….
      When Zhen Lun appeared I was hopping he and Jia An would fell in love…

  9. jean says:


  10. just a simple reminder that we dont know the real value of what we have until we lost it….

  11. Didz Abdah says:

    What a bad ending. The writer did not even give the character of Jia An the chance to feel a total happiness. Like being with Yan Hao. I think it’s more better if the story ended up with Jia An and Yan Hao’s second wedding. A wedding which they are already sure of their feelings for each other. Or best if Shao Qing and Yan Hao got married and Jia An find true love with Zhen Lun.But anyway it’s a good story after all!

    • lemonmirae says:

      Well you are kind of right, but in live things don’t always have a happy ending and maybe the writers wanted that.
      I wouldn’t have wanted a second wedding between Jia An and Hao Wei. He didn’t do anything to deserve that. Hao Wei used Jia An when he was alone and needed support, but threw her away when Shao Qing appeared.

  12. kirk says:

    I loved the story until the peak parts, AND the converations/exchanges were so damn good and well written. Over-all, I give a perfect score in cinematography, film editing and of course the acting. It felt so genuine, every emotion the actors put into them was hell better than any other soap opera I watched. But the ending was totally ridiculous, and downright bad, like they flushed the whole story down in a toilet bowl. After watching Episode 15 I suddenly wished I hadn’t watched this drama-series. Totally, felt numb and lifeless afterwards.

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