“Taste of Love” ep 5 ~ Xiao He:”Do you like me?”

Wen Feng and Xiao He went to see president Lin and get the information Wen Feng wants, but president Lin won’t saw a word until Wen Feng won’t win the new cooking contest from Qiao Ling’s program.

While spending a lot of time together Wen Feng and Xiao He bicker a lot. If Xiao He gets hurt, Wen Feng is the first one to run and help, but when he sees that Xiao He is well, Wen Feng scolds her. When he is with Xiao He, Wen Feng is a nice person and they have fun, but if Xiao He mentions Jun Hao or if Jun Hao is around, Wen Feng gets angry. He insults Xiao He without knowing why he does that. But Qiao Ling, who knows him well, tells Wen Feng what he doesn’t realized yet, that he likes Xiao He.

Episode 5

Wen Feng and Xiao He are at president Lin’s house. Wen Feng wants some answers, but president Lin isn’t giving him the answers he wants. While Wen Feng was trying to convince president Lin to tell him what president Lin knows, Qiao Ling called him. Since he wasn’t answering the phone, Xiao He did. When she heard Qiao Ling’s voice, Xiao He handed the phone to Wen Feng. Qiao Ling wants Wen Feng and Xiao He to participate again in her program and this time there will be a money prize.

Wen Feng:”I hate cooking!”

Since Wen Feng rejected her offer, Qiao Ling called Xiao He. Angry Wen Feng took Xiao He’s phone and told Qiao Ling that either he or Xiao He will participate in her program again.

The person Wen Feng is so desperately trying to find is his biological father.

After Wen Feng and Xiao He left, president Lin remembers that he met Wen Feng a long time when Wen Feng was a child. The day they’ve met, president Lin handed over to Wen Feng is prize. As a child Wen Feng participated in cooking contests and became a cooking champion. At that time Wen Feng loved to cook, he had talent and his dream was to become the biggest chef in the world.

Back to the village, Jun Hao was waiting for Xiao He to invite her to eat at the restaurant he works the next day. After Jun Hao left, the mayor came to Xiao He and gave her an envelope for her father. Happy that she will have dinner with Jun Hao at an expensive restaurant, Xiao He asked Wen Feng to give her the day off. When Jun Hao or Bo Yu are around Xiao He, Wen Feng is jealous, but he doesn’t realize it yet. Now that he sees Xiao He so excited to go and eat with Jun Hao, Wen Feng is jealous again. They start fighting and Xiao He throws her bag into Wen Feng. The moment her bag fell on the ground, the envelope from the mayor opened and from it fall a large sum of money.

Feeling guilty that her father works so hard to get the money to get her married and even borrowed money from the mayor, Xiao He goes to Wen Feng. She massages Wen Feng’s arms and back. She is acting strange so Wen Feng doesn’t know what to do. He is scared of how gentle Xiao He is around him and he asks her what she wants. Xiao He hopes to convince him to participate in Qiao Ling’s program and win the prize so she could help her father with money. Wen Feng refused. He prefers lending Xiao He the money she needs.

Suddenly Wen Feng received a text message and had to change his mind and accept to participate in Qiao Ling’s program. President Lin send Wen Feng a text in which he was telling Wen Feng to win the cooking contest from Qiao Ling’s program if Wen Feng wants to know the next clue to find his biological father.

The next day Wen Feng’s passport was returned to him. He now can pay Xiao He all the money he owns her. Since this time, Wen Feng is the one with money, he decided to treat Xiao He with lunch. For Xiao He was great because she knows a good restaurant around the airport. That place was crowded so they had to take out their food.

Wen Feng:”I will not eat with you by the roadside.”

Even if he was skeptical about eating by the roadside, Wen Feng enjoyed the mullet row fried rice. But soon they start fighting again when Xiao He noticed that Wen Feng was eating more than her.

Wen Feng:”You are smaller so why should you eat the same amount as I? Aren’t you worried of getting fat?”

After taking another bite, Xiao He remembered that she has to meet Jun Hao for dinner so she let Wen Feng eat the whole dish. After eating, Wen Feng saw Xiao He looking at a dress. He takes her to the store and lets her try on the dress. He liked the way Xiao He looked dressed like that. They have fun fooling around and Wen Feng is about to kiss Xiao He. But Xiao He ruined the moment when she talked about Jun Hao. She asks Wen Feng if he thinks Jun Hao will like that dress because she plans to wear it during her dinner with Jun Hao. When he heard that Xiao He plans to wear that dress at her dinner with Jun Hao, Wen Feng’s jealousy kick in again. He tells her that the dress doesn’t suit her, that the dress it’s too revealing and as tight as a sausage.

The seller brought Xiao He another dress. She tried the second dress, but Wen Feng doesn’t like this one either.

Wen Feng:”You’re too skinny and don’t look feminine in that dress.”

Too jealous to let Xiao He alone with Jun Hao, Wen Feng changed the rules. Since Xiao He is his exclusive tour guide, Wen Feng uses the agency rules to not let Xiao He move away from his side. If Xiao He wants to have dinner with Jun Hao, that’s just fine, but Wen Feng will also go to have dinner with them.

Arrived at the restaurant, Xiao He found out that Jun Hao asked her to dinner to find out her opinion about some dishes. Since Wen Feng came along, it’s also a good thing for Jun Hao’s restaurant to have the second son of a worldwide restaurant eat there.

Xiao He, Wen Feng and Jun Hao eat together. They enjoy the dishes. At some point Wen Feng and Xiao He start bickering over their dish. Xiao He let Wen Feng eat from her dish, but Wen Feng doesn’t want to share. While Xiao He and Wen Feng were bickering, Qiao Ling arrived. Seeing Qiao Ling, Wen Feng gets angry. After he makes a scene, Wen Feng leaves. Qiao Ling follows Wen Feng and Xiao He runs after them to bring them back.

Qiao Ling caught up with Wen Feng. She cries and talks about the past and how sorry she is to have lost him. At first Wen Feng was cold towards Qiao Ling. But seeing her crying, Wen Feng turns towards her and wipes her tears. Qiao Ling hugs Wen Feng. Xiao He and Jun Hao saw them.

Xiao He sees Jun Hao and wants to run to him to not let him see Wen Feng and Qiao Ling hugging, but she tripped and fell. The moment Xiao He fell, Wen Feng pushed Qiao Ling away and ran to Xiao He. Wen Feng helps Xiao He get up and screams at her and scolds her. Jun Hao can’t let Wen Fenf scold Xiao He and intervened.

Jun Hao:”It doesn’t matter if you like Qiao Ling or Xiao He. Please make up your mind and don’t be a two-timer.”

Angry Wen Feng revealed to Jun Hao that the one two timing is Jun Hao. Wen Feng told Jun Hao that Xiao He likes him.

Wen Feng:”Tell him you like him.”

Xiao He:”I like him! Am I not allowed to? What’s to you whom I like? Do you like me?”

Wen Feng and Xiao He start arguing. He is angry without knowing why and vents his anger with Xiao He. Hearing that Xiao He likes Jun Hao, but she doesn’t want to ruin what Jun Hao and Qiao Ling have, Qiao Ling thinks that Wen Feng could get the wrong idea and hurts Jun Hao. Qiao Ling tells Jun Hao that between them will always be just a nice friendship. Hurt, Jun Hao leaves. Xiao He follows Jun Hao to console him.

Left with Qiao Ling, Wen Feng asks himself and her what is wrong with him, why he got so furious all of a sudden and hurt Xiao He. But Qiao Ling knows him and she knows why Wen Feng reacted that way.

Qiao Ling:”You like Xiao He! I know what you’re like when you like someone.”

It’s time for Wen Feng and Xiao He to leave for Jeju Island where Qiao Ling’s program will be filmed. In the airplane Wen Feng looks at Xiao He and thinks about what Qiao Ling said. Xiao He sees him and asks why he is looking at her like that if he doesn’t see her as a woman. That was enough for Wen Feng and Xaio He to start a conversation, or more likely to start bickering again. The couple behind them hears them bickering and thinks that Wen Feng and Xiao He are newlyweds going on their honeymoon.

The stewardess also thought Wen Feng and Xiao He thought they were on their honeymoon and brought them a congratulation dish. Arrived on Jeju Island, the tour guide shows them the touristic objectives there. Then Xiao He and Wen Feng met the judges of their competition. One of the judges is president Lin and the other is a food Korean food critic.

It’s time to eat and Xiao He and Wen Feng went to eat with president Lin and the Korean food critic. While eating Xiao He and Wen Feng realized that president Lin hates Korean cuisine and the Korean food critic hates the Taiwanese cuisine.

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