“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 5 ~ Huan Huan:”Looks like our fate has already been decided.”

Huan Huan and Justin continue with their mind game and relationship, but without them realizing their relationship becomes a real one. When she comes home one day, Huan Huan sees Justin there. Both are shocked! Since Justin knows where she lives, Huan Huan makes her way into Justin’s house. An accident happened there and Huan Huan had to spend the night at Justin’s house.

Episode 5

Finding out that Huan Huan and Justin kept in touch and they even went to the hot spring, Sheng Nan calls Justin. They meet. Sheng Nan is angry, but Justin wants Sheng Nan to tell Huan Huan that they broke up. He doesn’t have the time to explain Sheng Nan his plan because Huan Huan entered that same restaurant. Seeing Sheng Nan and Justin together after she asked Justin to break up with Sheng Nan, Huan Huan goes to their table. Sheng Nan doesn’t do as Justin asked her, she tells Huan Huan that Justin just spent time with Huan Huan out of sympathy because he didn’t agree with what Sheng Nan did at the wedding. But Justin can’t let his sister to ruin his plan either. He grabs Huan Huan’s hand and turns the table to his favor. Angry because things don’t go her way, Sheng Nan wants to throw a glass of water in Huan Huan’s face, but Justin jumped him and he was the one that got wet. That was his chance to tell Sheng Nan to break up in front of Huan Huan.

Justin:”Let’s beak up!”

Sheng Nan accepts the “break up” and runs back to the office crying. While Sheng Nan was pretending to cry and be sad, everyone in the company found out that Huan Huan stole Sheng Nan’s boyfriend and rumors against Huan Huan started. Of course Huan Huan is not a woman that will give up easily. She tells Sheng Nan what she plans to do next just to make Sheng Nan ruin herself. Huan Huan told Seng Nan that she will use a man to destroy Sheng Nan. For the following days, Sheng Nan runs away when a man gets closer to her. If it’s raining outside and a stranger offers her his umbrella, Sheng Nan thinks he was send by Huan Huan and doesn’t accept his help. If she is out drinking with her friends and a man buys her a drink, no matter how handsome that man is Sheng Nan thinks that he was send by Huan Huan and doesn’t accept. If a man tries to return her the wallet she lost, Sheng Nan runs away.

Since Sheng Nan seems to have a lot of admirers and Huan Huan made sure to send flowers to Sheng Nan to the office from an imaginary admirer, it’s time for Huan Huan to move to the next step. Pretending to be the victim, Huan Huan tells the women in Sheng Nan’s team that Sheng Nan was cheating on Justin when they were together and Justin used her to make Sheng Nan jealous.

Few of Justin’s clients canceled their divorces after seeing a fortune teller. Since the fortune teller it’s ruining his business, Justin went to see the situation. The fortune teller he went to see is Huan Huan’s mother. Without knowing that small detail, Justin gave the fortune teller all the information she needed for an astrology chart. The fortune teller can now see all she needed to see to be sure if Justin and Huan Huan are compatible. And they were. The astrological chart showed that Justin and Huan Huan are a match made in heaven.

While Justin was talking to the fortune teller, Huan Huan arrived home. Both Justin and Huan Huan are shocked to see each other. Every time Justin was taking her home, Huan Huan showed him another house and kept saying that she was moving.

Huan Huan drags Justin out to see why he is there. She can’t be the only one that showed her real home so now Huan Huan wants to see where Justin lives. With the excuse that she will help him clean, Huan Huan could go to Justin’s house.

Huan Huan:”Looks like our fate has already been decided.”

At Justin’s house everything is as he said. Since he really just moved there, he didn’t have enough time to arrange everything. Huan Huan can look around as much as she can, still she won’t find anything suspicious. The mind game between Justin and Huan Huan goes on at his house.

Huan Huan:”I trust you more than I trust myself.”

Huan Huan grabs Sheng Nan’s things and wants to throw them away. But Justin can’t let her do that. If he will let Huan Huan throw away Sheng Nan’s belongings than Sheng Nan will go crazy when she will find out. While trying to stop Huan Huan to throw away Sheng Nan’s things, a accident occurred and a flower pot was about to hurt Huan Huan. Justin saw what was going to happened and protected Huan Huan even if he ended up hurt.

Justin is hurt so Huan Huan drives him to the hospital, but because of Huan Huan’s dangerous driving Justin arrived at the hospital even more hurt. On their way back, Justin doesn’t let Huan Huan drive so they take a taxi. Back home they keep playing their boyfriend-girlfriend game, but without realizing their game becomes real.

While Huan Huan cooks, Justin watches her. He feels strange that she is there, cooking for him. She feels the same thing. Until the food is ready, they kiss. After eating, they wash the dishes together, while talking. Then they make the bed. Huan Huan is happy that she was the first girl Justin protected even if that caused him to get hurt. Later, Huan Huan helps him wash his hair and dries it for him. They forgot that they were playing a game and they act without thinking.

Huan Huan is about to go to bed and she noticed sleeping pills next to Justin’s bed. She goes to Justin and offers to talk to him until he falls asleep because pills aren’t good for his health. They start talking, but Huan Huan fell asleep first.

In the morning, Huan Huan and Justin woke up sleeping in each other’s arms. While Huan Huan runs to refresh herself, Justin pretends that he is sleeping. When she was in the bathroom, Justin refreshed his breathe and combed his hair. Then he run back in bed and pretended to be asleep when Huan Huan returned. She lies down in Justin’s arms and both pretend to wake up in the same time. Everything was well that morning until Justin’s phone ringed. It was Sheng Nan.

While making breakfast, Huan Huan is angry. She is jealous that Sheng Nan called Justin. He doesn’t like that fact that Huan Huan is angry with him and to make her feel better, Justin gave the key to his house to Huan Huan so she could come and check when she would want if Justin is cheating or not.

It’s time for Huan Huan to leave. She is about to go when Justin sees Sheng Nan. He hugs Huan Huan so she won’t see Sheng Nan.

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