“Taste of Love” ep 6 ~ Xiao He:”I…am starting to think that you are interested in me.”

The night before their competition, Xiao He sees Wen Feng and Qiao Ling together in the room she is sharing with Qiao Ling. She doesn’t want to disturb so Xiao He leaves without them seeing her. In the morning, Wen Feng notices that Xiao He never came to sleep so for days he keeps asking her where she spent the night.

After the competition, Wen Feng and Xiao He return to Taipei and Xiao He asks Wen Feng to help her pursue Jun Hao.

Episode 6

Wen Feng and Xiao He walk around a market in Jeju Island. Xiao He is still upset with Wen Feng for revealing Jun Hao that she likes him. Wen Feng tries to make conversation, to make everything like before, but Xiao He asks him to not interfere in her personal life because he is just her client and they should have a professional relationship. Since that is what Xiao He wants, Wen Feng makes her guide him around the market. While they were walking around the market, someone hit Xiao He in the leg she hurt the other night when she fell. When Wen Feng sees that Xiao He was hurt, but still walked around without saying a world, he gets angry with her.

Wen Feng:”I am tired! You should sit down.”

Angry, Wen Feng makes Xiao He sit down. But he is standing. She doesn’t understand Wen Feng’s behavior.

Wen Feng:”Don’t try to influence me.”

Not being able to understand his own behavior, Wen Feng returned to the hotel. In the lobby he sees Qiao Ling, who wasn’t feeling that well and takes her to her room. Because she doesn’t eat on time and always puts other things first leaving her meals at the end, Qiao Ling has some stomach problems. Wen Feng got her something to eat and feeds her. But Qiao Ling’s phone ringed and mistakenly Qiao Ling spilled the food on Wen Feng. While Wen Feng was cleaning his shirt, Xiao He came in. Qiao Ling and Xiao He share the same hotel room.

When Xiao He came in she saw Qiao Ling sleeping and Wen Feng naked in the bathroom. She leaves the room without making a sound and waits for Qiao Ling and Wen Feng to finish their business. After cleaning his shirt, Wen Feng goes near Qiao Ling and she asked him to stay with her for a little while. Wen Feng fell asleep while taking care of Qiao Ling. Because Wen Feng didn’t leave the room the whole night, Xiao He had to spend the night in the lobby.

Early in the morning, Xiao He returned to her room the same time Wen Feng was leaving. She hid so that Wen Feng won’t see her. Then Xiao He told Qiao Ling that she, Xiao He, decided to become the woman that can make Jun Hao happy. During their conversation Xiao He asked Qiao Ling to stay away from Jun Hao since Qiao Ling decided to find her happiness with Wen Feng. Happy that she can have Wen Feng for herself, Qiao Ling doesn’t clear Xiao He’s misunderstandings, but on contrary Qiao Ling asks Xiao He to keep secret their small conversation.

It’s time for their competition. Xiao He and Wen Feng are getting their makeup done before the program starts. They are both angry with each other. Wen Feng asks Xiao He were she spend the night because he fell asleep in her room, but Xiao He is also upset with Wen Feng and doesn’t tell him. They start fighting again.

The competition started. Wen Feng is sure of what he wants to cook and prepares his dish with confidence. Xiao He on the other side, doesn’t know what to do. She gets some ingredients and starts preparing them. In the middle of her cooking, Xiao He gets an idea and cooks it. The dishes are presented to the judges. It’s time to pick a winner. Remembering how important is that win for Wen Feng, before the winner is announced withdraws herself form the competition.

Since Wen Feng won the contest, president Lin has to tell him the next lead to find his biological father. But president Lin doesn’t remember all the details. He remembers a few details of the story, including that someone who may know more is a woman from Hong Li Village, the same village Xiao He is from.

Wen Feng and Xiao He are in the plain going back to Taipei. Wen Feng gives the prize money to Xiao He since she needs them more. They made piece and start playing with each other. While they play, Xiao He noticed Qiao Ling and changed sits with her.

Sitting on Qiao Ling’s chair, Xiao He received her food. It the mullet row they’ve both enjoyed the other days. While eating Xao He remembers the happy moment she spent with Wen Feng eating the mullet row.

Arrived in Taipei, both Wen Feng and Xiao He are in a hurry to return to Hong Li Village. Qiao Ling stops them. She wants to spend more time with Wen Feng. Since Qiao Ling is also from the same village, Xiao He asks her if she knows anyone named Xiu Rong in the village. And Qiao Ling knows Xiu Rong, its Qiao Ling’s mother.

After they’ve been welcomed at the airport, Xiao He and Wen Feng went to wash Xiao He’s car. There Wen Feng continues to ask Xiao He were she spend the night she fell asleep in Qiao Ling and hers hotel room.

Xiao He:”I…am starting to think that you are interested in me.”

Xiao He still doesn’t answer him. She doesn’t want Qiao Ling to keep misunderstanding her relationship with Wen Feng. She avoids the answer and tells Wen Feng that if he isn’t interested in her than it has anything to do with him even if she spent the night with a stranger.

Wen Feng:”I just care for you as a friend.”

Wen Feng hasn’t realized yet that he likes Xiao He so he thinks that they are friends. During the time they’ve spend together, Xiao He was always there when he was depressed to make him feel better, she helped him find solutions when he thought that he has no options. If he really thinks of Xiao He as a friend, than he should do two things for her. First thinks Xiao He wants is for Wen Feng to stop hitting her and the second is for Wen Feng to help her pursue Jun Hao.

Xiao He:”Help me pursue brother Jun Hao.”

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