“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 6 ~ Justin:”I’ve already started loving you.”

Because of Sheng Nan’s interferences, Huan Huan realized that she is starting to fell into her own trap. Afraid that she will fall in love with Justin and then suffer, Huan Huan decided to break up with Justin.

Episode 6

Huan Huan spent the night at Justin’s house. In the morning, she is about to leave when Justin hugs her saying he can’t be without her. Actually what Huan Huan didn’t know was that Justin was trying to stop Huan Huan from seeing Sheng Nan. On her way to work Huan Huan keeps thinking about her actions around Justin. She can’t understand why she felt happy while Justin was hugging her in the morning, why she felt jealous when Sheng Nan called Justin and why she took Justin’s key when he offered it if she’s only pretending to like him.

Meantime at the house Sheng Nan wants to know what happens between her brother and Huan Huan. She is also telling her brother about the bet she made with Huan Huan, that whoever makes Justin fell in love with her within a month will continue to work at the company and the one who loses Justin will leave her job and never appear in front of the other.

Huan Huan goes to meet someone and get that person as her new client. Arrived at the company she plans to get as her new client, Huan Huan is shocked to see that the person in charge is Sheng Nan’s first love, Jiang Qian Yao. In order to be better than Huan Huan, Sheng Nan also went to meet the same client as Huan Huan, but she wasn’t able to meet him. On her way to the company, Sheng Nan was about to be hit by a car. The driver was her first love, Jiang Qian Yao, but as soon as she saw him, Sheng Nan ran away like she used to do in school.

Justin keeps thinking about what Sheng Nan told him regarding her bet with Huan Huan. Upset about being the prize that Huan Huan wants to win after a bet, Justin treats Huan Huan coldly when she calls him.

Arrived home, Justin sees Huan Huan sleeping on his sofa. When she woke up, Justin was still cold towards her. He calls a cab and sends her home. Back inside his apartment, Justin sees that Huan Huan made dinner for him, that she prepared the clothes for his to change into before going to bed. Huan Huan even put toothpaste on Justin toothbrush since he can’t use his hurt hand.

Huan Huan is in her room. She can’t understand Justin’s behavior and she is furious because he hasn’t texted her. But when Justin texted her and apologized for being in a bad mood, Huan Huan was extremely happy. They made plans to have dinner together at Justin’s place the next day.

Justin is cooking and waiting for Huan Huan to come to dinner. He wants to call and see if she will be late, but he doesn’t want Huan Huan to know that he is waiting for her. Suddenly a text form Huan Huan came. She was saying that she can’t come to dinner because she is busy at the office. Actually Huan Huan lied. Earlier she talked to Sheng Nan and because of Sheng Nan’s interference Huan Huan realized that by using Justin she will be the one that will be hurt and heartbroken in the end.

The next day, Huan Huan wants to call Justin and tell him the truth, then broke up with him. She can’t find the courage to call, but suddenly Justin called her. Justin remembered what Huan Huan said about her dream date and prepared it for her.

As soon as Huan Huan came out of her house, she was Justin waiting for her next to a limousine. They took the limousine, until they’ve reached their destination. Then Justin rented a bike and they took a ride.

After they’ve took a ride on the bike, Justin and Huan Huan took a walk, holding hands, until the place where they were supposed to have lunch…in an eco-friendly zone. After lunch, Huan Huan and Justin have fun at the flower farm. Because Huan Huan got dirt on her feet, Justin washes her.

Huan Huan:” I’ve never met a man, because of what I said one night and gave me a dream on a planet. I’ve never met a man who held me, who would ride on bicycle, walk on muds and prepare a surprise for me in caring way. I don’t have to suck up to him or pretend to be someone else. I can always put my guard down and be touched by him. But I can’t really fall in love with him.”

Arrived home, Huan Huan sees Shu Hong waiting for her in front of her house. He regrets having broken up with her and came to ask for a second chance.

Huan Huan:”Li Shu Hong, you’ve liked…an imaginary woman. I liked…an imaginary man, too.”

Huan Huan refuses to give Shu Hong a second chance, returns to the car and leaves with Justin. Because Huan Huan was upset, Justin took her to the amusement park to console her.

Justin:”I want to make you happy!”

Huan Huan realizes that she is happy to have Justin around, but she can’t go on with that lie. She can’t let herself fall in love with Justin and then suffer. She has to break up with him so she could focus on finding her true love.

Huan Huan:”Let’s break up! I really cared about you. I’m afraid there will be a day in which I will really fall in love with you. I feel like you’ve never liked me.”

Justin:”I’ve already started loving you.”

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