“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 7 ~ Justin:”Sheng Nan is my little sister.”

Justin confessed that he started to fall in love with Huan Huan, but because of a misunderstanding regarding Sheng Nan, they’ve broke up. Justin wants to explain the situation to Huan Huan, but when Huan Huan finds out that Sheng Nan is Justin’s sister, she feels betrayed and doesn’t want Justin near her. Meantime Sheng Nan meets her first love.

Episode 7

Huan Huan wanted to break up with Justin, but he confessed that he is starting to fall in love with her. Overtaken by passion, Justin and Huan Huan went to his apartment. They were in an intimate moment, but the moment was ruined when Huan Huan looked up and saw Sheng Nan watching them. Since Sheng Nan has to key to Justin’s apartment, Huan Huan thinks that Justin didn’t broke up with Sheng Nan as he told her. Justin tries to explain how thinks are to Huan Huan, but Sheng Nan meddles in. Hurting, Huan Huan slaps Justin and leaves.

Justin really likes Huan Huan. He runs after her to explain, to tell her Sheng Nan is actually his sister. But Huan Huan is too angry and to hurt too listen to him. She said what she needed to say, she said the reason she kept in touch with him, than Huan Huan left. That night, Justin kept calling Huan Huan, but she didn’t answer his calls.

The next day, Justin went to see the doctor about his heart problems. When he hurt his hand and Huan Huan took him to the doctor, she also told the doctor that sometimes Justin’s heart beats irregular. When he got the results, Justin realized that every time his heart skipped a beat, he was with Huan Huan.

Justin went to eat home and told his family that he and Cai Huan Zhen are dating. His mother and Sheng Nan went crazy, but no matter what they’ve said and how much they tried to make him break up with Huan Huan, Justin made his mind and won’t break up with Huan Huan because of his mother or his sister.

Huan Huan’s mother wants to know what happened that Huan Huan said she and Justin broke up. She went to see Justin and after she found out that there was a misunderstanding and Huan Huan doesn’t allow Justin to explain, Huan Huan’s mother decided to help Justin.

Huan Huan comes to get a cup of water and sees Justin in her house. Angry she drags Justin out. He explains Huan Huan and he and Sheng Nan never dated and that their relationship isn’t what Huan Huan thinks.

Justin:”Sheng Nan has never been my girlfriend. We weren’t dating before, we aren’t dating right now and we won’t be dating in the future either. Sheng Nan is my little sister.”

She doesn’t believe Justin so he had to show Huan Huan his identification card. Realizing that Sheng Nan and Justin lied to her, Huan Huan gets angrier. She hits and bites Justin. Then she breaks up with him saying that she never liked him, that she was bored while she was with him and now finally everything is over.

Huan Huan:”We’ve already broken up. From today onwards, please get out of my life.”

The next day, at the office, Huan Huan and Sheng Nan met in front of the lift. Seeing that Huan Huan is really upset, Sheng Nan thinks that Huan Huan must have truly loved Justin. Sheng Nan lowers her head in front of Huan Huan and proposes that they should make peace and that she will let Justin and Huan Huan be happy. But Huan Huan isn’t willing to forgive so easily.

The man from the company that Huan Huan wanted as client, Jiang Qian Yao, wants now to discuss with Sheng Nan. Without knowing that she will meet Qian Yao, Sheng Nan goes to the business meeting in order to get Qian Yao’s company as client and become manager. When she saw Qian Yao, Sheng Nan tried to run away, but Qian Yao stopped her and invited her to lunch. They talk about how they’ve been during the years they didn’t see each other and Qian Yao gave Sheng Nan his number.

After meeting each other both Sheng Nan and Qian Yao think about the other. Qian Yao remembers a day from their school days. He was playing basketball when a ball hit Sheng Nan in the face. Because she was bleeding, Qian Yao got her medicine, a pack of ice and helped her hide her red nose from others. Form that day onwards Sheng Nan always was avoiding and running away from Qian Yao.

Meantime since he broke up with Huan Huan, Justin became a workaholic. Suddenly he has the chance to see Huan Huan when he is asked to be Huan Huan’s lawyer. The former company Huan Huan was working for is suing her.

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