“Taste of Love” ep 7 ~ “Women’s last layer of clothing must be taken off by a man.”

Wen Yi can’t wait more for Wen Feng to find the souse recipe and calls him. Meantime Wen Feng is happy after finding out where Xiao He slept the other night, but he gets jealous when Bo Yu proposed marriage to Xiao He.

A food company proposed Qiao Ling and Xiao He to compete against each other in a cooking contest. Since she can’t cook, Qiao Ling takes advantage of the situation and asks Wen Feng to teach her how to cook.

Episode 7

Wen Feng is surprised by Xiao He’s request to help her pursue Jun Hao, but he accepts with the condition that Xiao He tells him where she slept the other night. When Xiao He told him that she spelt in the lobby after she saw him and Qiao Ling, Wen Feng explained her that she misunderstood the situation. Wen Feng is happy that Xiao He slept in the lobby and not with a man.

Wen Feng:”We need to be happy and optimistic.”

Jun Hao’s mother likes Xiao He and now that Xiao He broke up with her boyfriend, Jun Hao’s mother is pushing Jun Hao and Xiao He together. Since Jun Hao in moving back to Taipei, his mother asks Xiao He to send him to the town. Arrived in Taipei, Xiao He helps Jun Hao with his luggage. After she helped Jun Hao move, Xiao He found out that Jun Hao moved right next to Qiao Ling.

Meantime back in the village Wen Yi calls Wen Feng. The restaurant is going from bad to worse. If Wen Feng can’t find the souse recipe, Wen Yi wants Wen Feng to return to Macau and let Wen Yi find the recipe. Not only that the restaurant has problems, but also the employees are pushing Wen Yi to take over the restaurant because they thing he is better to get along than Wen Feng.

Xiao He returns home and finds Wen Feng outside lost in thoughts. Because Xiao He’s back was hurting from moving Jun Hao’s boxes, Wen Feng offers to massage her.

A food company wants Xiao He to participate in one of their contests to promote their new products. Xiao He went there. Qiao Ling was also there as another competitor for the contest. The person in charge on the contest from the company is Bo Yu, Xiao He’s ex boyfriend. When she sees him, Xiao He leaves. Bo Yu runs after Xiao He, apologizes and proposes her in front of everyone in the company.

Qiao Ling returns to Hong Li Village where she meets Wen Feng. She threatens him with not helping him get the list he wants from her father if he won’t teach her how to cook. Qiao Ling’s mother had the list of the employees of the restaurant from Wen Feng’s mother’s postcard. After Qiao Ling’s mother died, all her belongings remained with uncle Ah Tu. On the other hand Qiao Ling needs to learn how to cook so she could defeat Xiao He in the contest of the food company.

Wen Feng is in his room. He receives a video with Bo Yu proposing to Xiao He and leaves angry to find Xiao He. But he hears Xiao He talking to Ruby.

The next day Wen Feng is angry with Xiao He. They talk and he can’t understand how Xiao He can think about accepting Bo Yu’s proposal. She should’ve rejected him in the first place. He is jealous on the men around Xiao He, but he doesn’t realized it yet. He uses Jun Hao as an excuse to make Xiao He fight for her happiness. For years Xiao He liked Jun Hao, but she didn’t do anything to make him like her back. She only liked him from far away encouraging Jun Hao to pursue Qiao Ling.

All that Xiao He wants is to have a husband that loves only her, to have a house of herself, to not be cheated again and for her mother to love her.

Wen Feng arrived at Qiao Ling’s house to start teaching her how to cook. But that it’s like mission impossible since Qiao Ling barely knows how to hold a knife. She can’t chop an onion. She can’t cook an egg…she is putting the egg in the microwave.

While Qiao Ling takes notes Wen Feng starts cooking. When the dish is ready, Wen Feng asks Qiao Ling to close her eyes and to tell him what flavors she could sense. A text came for Qiao Ling. While Qiao Ling reads her text, Wen Feng tested the dish he prepared. But he can’t feel any flavor. Even after he put in a lot of pepper, Wen Feng can’t taste anything. There is something wrong with his palate.

Xiao He is also getting help from a chef. The person who she asked help from is Jun Hao. Instead of focusing on cooking, Jun Hao teaches Xiao He the difference between natural foods and processed foods.

Wen Feng and Xiao He met. While they were eating a cake they were talking about each other’s progress. Xiao He asked Wen Feng about Qiao Ling’s progress in learning how to cook. Meantime Wen Feng asks Xiao He if Jun Hao figured out that she asked him for help because she likes him.

Wen Feng:”Men don’t talk to women about food ingredients and food impact on health.”

Xiao He asks Wen Feng what she can do to make Jun Hao like her. But Wen Feng answers Xiao He that even if she will walk in front of Jun Hao in sexy clothes, Jun Hao won’t feel anything because Xiao He isn’t that feminine and doesn’t have the necessary assets. Then Wen Feng gets up and leaves.

Wearing a mask and glasses, Xiao He enters into a women lingerie store to buy something sexy. There she met Ruby and Jing Yi.

“Women’s last layer of clothing must be taken off by a man.”

Why would Xiao He mask herself like that to go into a store? Why would she be embarrassed to by her own lingerie? Women lingerie stores are for women to buy what they need. If Xiao He is ashamed to buy her own underwear who could buy it for her????? That was kind stupid from the writers. Also they’ve made Xiao He’s character a woman who was living with her boyfriend so why would she go incognito to buy underwear….

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