“All about My Mom” ep 38 ~ Hyeong Kyu:”We are getting married!”

Chae Ri wants to help Hyeong Soon with their finances so she applies for a job at the same company where Jin Ae works. On the other hand Hyeong Kyu can’t take it anymore and confesses his love for Hye Joo. Hyeong Kyu proposes to Hye Joo.

Episode 38

Jin Ae comes home after meeting her mother. In the living room Yeong Seon was waiting for her. She scolded Jin Ae for telling president Jang how Yeong Seon feels. She puts a wall between Jin Ae and Hoon Jae and herself. When she refers to Hoon Jae and herself, Yeong Seon always uses “we”, but she never included Jin Ae in “we”. While she was scolded, Jin Ae expected that Hoon Jae would say something, but he didn’t. He also used “we” while he was referring to his mother and himself, leaving Jin Ae out. Jin Ae apologizes and when Hoon Jae’s aunt took her side and motioned that Jin Ae spent her wedding night taking care of her mother-in-law, Yeong Seon stopped scolding Jin Ae. Since she was already scolded, Jin Ae asks Yeong Seon to stop calling her “Mrs. Lee” now that they are family. Yeong Seon refuses to call Jin Ae as she should call her daughter-in-law and decided to call Jin Ae on her name. In their room, Jin Ae tells Hoon Jae how she feels.

Jin Ae:”I can understand you mother. But…you felt like a stranger to me for the first time.”

Hoon Jae doesn’t understand what Jin Ae said, but seeing her upset he apologizes and promises that he will more careful from now on. But Jin Ae doesn’t believe him. She is sure that soon, he will side with his mother again leaving Jin Ae out.

Hyeong Soon is on his way home. He thinks about all the things Chae Ri had and lost after meeting him. Suddenly someone passes by and Hyeong Soon hears people screaming that someone stolen their wallets. He sees the thief and catches him. When he sees who the thief is, Hyeong Soon helps Aeng Du. Because Aeng Du hurt her leg while running, Hyeong Soon carried her on his back.

Chae Ri looks for Hyeong Soon who hasn’t arrived home yet. She sees him carrying Aeng Du and gets upset. She thinks that Hyeong Soon met Aeng Du behind her back because he is disappointed of her. Because Chae Ri misunderstood what he is doing, Hyeong Soon puts Aeng Du down and runs after Chae Ri. He explains that Aeng Du run into some bad people and hurt her leg. But Aeng Du didn’t run into bad people….she is the bad one, the thief.

Chae Ri:”When did she get between us?”

Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri told each other what they really feel and made peace. They took Aeng Du home together.

Tired Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon arrived home. When she saw them, San Ok prepared them something to eat.

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae came to visit Jin Ae’s family. While they eat, Jin Ae and Hoon Jae find out about Chae Ri’s fake pregnancy. The conversation leads to San Ok’s dream of the little cute dog. Dong Chul still thinks that they will get a grandson or granddaughter soon, either from Jin Ae or Hyeong Kyu.

The family tells Hoon Jae and Jin Ae about the dentist Hyeong Kyu met on the blind date, but Chae Ri thinks Hyeong Kyu will be a better match with Hye Joo.

Later Dong Chul takes Jin Ae to her old room and explains her why it could seem to her that Hoon Jae and his mother are teaming up against her. He explained that because Hoon Jae and his mother relied on each other for so long, now Hoon Jae might feels stuck in between his mother and his wife. After talking to her father, Jin Ae proposed Chae Ri to apply for an intern job at her company.

Chae Ri gets really serious when she wants something. She starts to study for the test she will receive at Jin Ae’s company. Wanting to get that job and help Hyeong Soon with money, Chae Ri doesn’t allow herself to get distracted. She doesn’t let Hyeong Soon get near her or kiss her until she will get the job.

Jin Ae is back to work. She gives her coworkers the presents she got them. Jin Ae also gave a present to Yoo Hui and thanked Yoo Hui for telling Yeong Seon that San Ok came at the office looking for Jin Ae. That really got Jin Ae into trouble with Yeong Seon.

Out of jealousy Yoo Hui does all she can to get Jin Ae in more trouble. She tells Yeong Seon that people in the company feel sorry for Jin Ae since Jin Ae had to cancel her honeymoon because of her mother-in-law. Then Yoo Hui invited Yeong Seon shopping at the exact department store where she heard that Jin Ae and Hoon Jae will go on a date.

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae met at the department store. He has a Christmas present for his wife.

Hoon Jae:”Jin Ae, thank you for being my wife.”

The moment Hoon Jae was giving his present to Jin Ae, Yoo Hui and Yeong Seon saw them. Yoo Hui uses that opportunity to turn Yeong Seon more against Jin Ae by telling Yeong Seon that is wasn’t that great from Jin Ae and Hoon Jae to meet behind Yeong Seon’s back.

Seriously???????? Mr./ Mrs. Writer were you serious with Yoo Hui’s line? Hoon Jae and Jin Ae are 30 years old and married. Do they need Yeong Seon’s permission to see each other, to date or to talk to each other????? That’s bullshit!

To stop Hye Joo from meeting Mr. Kim, Hyeong Kyu gave her a lot of work. When she finally arrived with San at her mother’s restaurant, Hye Joo met Hyeong Kyu, who went on a date with Seo Hyeon, and San Ok. After San Ok took San and Seo Hyeon to her restaurant for something to eat, Mr. Kim came out of Yu Ja’s restaurant with an expensive scarf for Hye Joo. Once again Hyeong Kyu gets jealous.

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae arrived home. Pretending that she didn’t saw them, Yeong Seon asked Hoon Jae why didn’t he bought any present for Jin Ae. With that small question, Yeong Seon took Hoon Jae to where she wanted. Hoon Jae brought presents for his mother and his aunt too. Yeong Seon wanted to get a jewelry too since Jin Ae received one, but Yeong Seon got a pair of gloves. She didn’t like the gloves, but Yeong Seon had to pretend her happiness. Serves you right Yeong Seon!!! Be nice to your daughter-in-law and that will get you more good things that you can imagine. Don’t know why mother-in-laws don’t know that?

Yeong Seon reserved a hotel room for Hoon Jae and Jin Ae and sent them on a trip. Jin Ae feels sorry so she calls Yeong Seon, but Yeong Seon encourages them to go and have fun.

Yeong Seon:”Make lots of beautiful memories, my daughter.”

Chae Ri received the result of her test, she is now an intern the company Jin Ae works. She jumps around of happiness and all her family with her.

Hyeong Soo:”Chae Ri, I love you!”

Hye Joo is meeting Mr. Kim on Christmas Eve. Hyeong Kyu doesn’t know that they are just friends so the jealousy doesn’t let him leave Hye Joo alone. He stops her from seeing Mr. Kim and drags her after him.

Hyeong Kyu:”Apart from being rich, what about Mr. Kim do you like?”

Hye Joo:” Mr. Kim isn’t the kind of man who’s embarrassed of me and let go of my hand. He is the kind of man who can tell everyone he has feelings for me.”

Hoon Jae and Jin Ae are together celebrating the Christmas Eve together. Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri celebrate together too. The only one who is alone is Hyeong Kyu. He returns to the office where Hye Joo was getting some of her things. Hye Joo plans to quit her job when Hyeong Kyu will find someone new. She is about to leave, but Hyeong Kyu grabs her hand and apologizes.

Hyeong Kyu:”I’m sorry…about letting your hand go like a coward. I won’t let you go no matter what anyone says. Let’s get married! I love you!”

Hyeong Kyu doesn’t let go of Hye Joo’s hand and to prove her that he is serious about her, he pulls her after him and tells his parents that they will get married.

Hyeong Kyu:” We want to get married! We are getting married!”

Finally!!!!!! Go for it Hyeong Kyu!!!

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