“Taste of Love” ep 8 ~ Wen Feng:”Your bed is so big, why can’t we sleep together?”

Qiao Ling’s classes go on, but Wen Feng doesn’t act the way she wants. She doesn’t intend to lose Wen Feng for the second time, but she already lost him. Wen Feng started to fall in love with Xiao He. When Xiao He went on a date with Jun Hao, jealous Wen Feng followed them. The moment Jun Hao and Xiao He were getting to close, Wen Feng goes to them and kisses Xiao He.

Episode 8

Qiao Ling is waiting for Wen Feng to come for her cooking lesson. While she waits, Qiao Ling daydreams about Wen Feng who will spend the night at her house instead of returning to Hong Li Village.

Wen Feng:”Your bed is so big, why can’t we sleep together?”

Wen Feng arrived and the cooking lesson starts. Qiao Ling hurts her finger while cutting the onion so they take a break. There is a CD that Qiao Ling has with a song that Wen Feng liked when they were together. She plays the song and they dance. In the middle of the dance, they stop and are about to kiss when Wen Feng received a text message. He checks the text and it was from Xiao He. She sent Wen Feng a few pictures with lingerie for him to pick which one is sexier. After seeing the pictures, Wen Feng leaves. Qiao Ling follows Wen Feng out and stays with him until his bus comes.

Jun Hao, saw Qiao Ling and Wen Feng on his way home.

Wen Feng arrives home and sees the bag with Xiao He’s lingerie. He looks inside to see what Xiao He bought and his jealousy rises.

Wen Feng:”Ye Xiao He, isn’t this one you bought too extreme?”

While Wen Feng was looking at the lingerie Xiao He bought, Xiao He comes in. Wen Feng hears a noise and hides, than runs to his room without Xiao He seeing him. She looks in the bag and the sexy lingerie from inside isn’t the one she bought.

The next morning, Wen Feng is in a bad mood when he sees Xiao He and remembers the sexy lingerie he saw the other night in her bag. They start bickering again. Xiao He is happy. She has a dinner date with Jun Hao that day. Wen Feng can’t lose so he also says that he has a date with Qiao Ling in the night and he may not be back until the next day.

Meantime in Macau, Wen Yi received an anonym letter with the souse recipe. He tries making that souse according to the recipe he received, but the taste isn’t the right one. Now Wen Yi wants to find out who sent the anonym, who knows that they are secretly looking for the souse recipe. Wen Yi’s assistant is acting strange, but Wen Yi trust his assistant too much to suspect him.

It’s night time, Wen Feng is walking around thinking about Xiao He and the fact that Xiao He is on her date with Jun Hao. He wants to call her, but he doesn’t. During that time Xiao He and Jun Hao were happily enjoying their outing.

Wen Feng follows Jun Hao and Xiao He. Seeing them having fun, eating cotton candy like a couple makes Wen Feng’s blood boil inside. Later Xiao He wants to confess her feeling for Jun Hao and ask him to date her. In the middle of her sentence, Xiao He tripped and fall in Jun Hao’s arms. Seeing that scene, Wen Feng can’t take it anymore. He runs over, pushes Jun Hao and kisses Xiao He.

Jun Hao gets angry. In his eyes Wen Feng is playing with both Xiao He and Qiao Ling. He wants to hit Wen Feng, but Xiao He stops him. Jun Hao holds Xiao He’s hand and they leave together.

After her date Xiao He calls out Ruby and Jing Yi. Confused Xiao He doesn’t know anymore who she likes more, Jun Hao or Wen Feng. Still, Xiao He denies liking Wen Feng.

Jing Yi:”Which man has the habit of kissing his friends? You only live once.”

Wen Feng helped Qiao Ling cook the whole night. In the morning she finally managed to get the taste write for what she was cooking. Qiao Ling is so happy that she hugs Wen Feng, but he is cold towards her.

Qiao Ling:”Are you really falling for a girl like Xiao He?”

Wen Feng can’t seem to understand what he feels for Xiao He either. He thinks that he is starting to like Xiao He, maybe because she is different than all the girls he met until now.

The contest day has come. Xiao He arrived first at the event. She looks online and saw that all her village is supporting her. They trust that Xiao He will recommend a good product. After reading all the comments from the people that know her, Xiao He realized that she can’t participate in that contest and recommend something that she doesn’t trust.

Qiao Ling and Wen Feng heard Bo Yu trying to convince Xiao He to change her mind and participate, but still she refused. Qiao Ling is angry. She spend a lot of time practicing in order to defeat Xiao He and also another reason to be angry is that she is losing Wen Feng to insignificant Xiao He.

Xiao He apologized. She doesn’t know what she wants, but she is sure of what she doesn’t want. After Xiao He left, Wen Feng followed her leaving Qiao Ling behind. Bo Yu also went after Xiao He and asks her to thinks about his marriage proposal. But Xiao He rejected him. She moved one. In order to convince Xiao He to get back to him, Bo Yu invited Xiao He to a move…as just friends. That moment Wen Feng arrived and took Xiao He with him.

Wen Feng tells Xiao He that he got the employee names list from Qiao Ling. They looks around the list and Xiao He saw a familiar name, Jun Hao’s father’s name.

On their way to see the mayor, Wen Feng brings up the kiss. He doesn’t have the courage to tells Xiao He openly that he kissed her because he likes her so he said that he kissed her the same way one kisses cats or dogs. They bicker for a while, especially after Xiao He told Wen Feng that she doesn’t like him at all.

Xiao He and Wen Feng met the mayor, but when he heard the name of the restaurant form Wen Feng’s mother’s card and Wen Feng’s mother’s name, the mayor pretended that the man on that list should be someone with similar name. The mayor was acting strange, but insisted that he doesn’t know Wen Feng’s mother or the restaurant.

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