“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 8 ~ Justin:”We are only friends.”

Justin does everything he can to get back together with Huan Huan, but either one of them is willing to give up their pride. Huan Huan waits for Justin to apologize, but in the meantime she pushes him away. On the same time Justin wants to apologize, but his pride doesn’t let him and he doesn’t know how to do it either. When Qian Yao appears things start to complicate and Justin’s jealousy explodes.

Episode 8

The director of her old school called Sheng Nan to talk about the graduation trip. On her way back to the office, Sheng Nan passes by the basketball court. Suddenly a ball comes towards her. She hears someone telling her to be careful and scared Sheng Nan falls. In the fall Sheng Nan hurt her ankle. The person that told her to be careful was Qian Yao. He is also surprised to see her there. Qian Yao lives close by and often comes to play basketball there. He takes Sheng Nan into his arms and brings her to get help.

Qian Yao:”The same court, the same person. It seems like a familiar feeling. It looks like you always get his by balls easily.”

Meantime Huan Huan is being suited by her old company. The company she is now working for found her a lawyer to represent her in court. That lawyer is Justin. Back to the office Sheng Nan finds out the Huan Huan is being sued and that Justin is Huan Huan’s lawyer. Since Sheng Nan knows well both Huan Huan and Justin, she advises Justin to fight for Huan Huan if he really loves Huan Huan. Sheng Nan advises Justin to not be afraid of admitting his feelings just because he wants to maintain his pride.

Sheng Nan:”I believe that if you apologize to Cai Huan Zhen right now, she’ll definitely forgive you.”

Returned to the office, the first thing Justin does is to call Huan Huan and call her to his office. But Huan Huan lied saying that she has plans every nights of that week. After the call ended, Justin received a text from Huan Huan asking at what hour he will pick her up that evening. Then Huan Huan send another text apologizing for sending the previous text to the wrong person.

Jealous Justin offers to take his assistant home, but he takes Ah Xin to Huan Huan’s house. When Huan Huan saw him, Justin sends Ah Xin away pretending in front of Huan Huan that he didn’t came there to spy on her. They fight for a while because either of them is willing to give up their pride a little bit. Huan Huan waits for Justin to apologize, but in the meantime she tells him that she doesn’t feel anything for him. Also Justin was about to apologize to Huan Huan, but after she receives a text, Justin doesn’t apologize and insists that he isn’t interested in whom Huan Huan is meeting.

The person who called Huan Huan and whom she is meeting is Qian Yao. He knows that the CEO of his company put someone to follow him, but Qian Yao doesn’t want the CEO to find out that he is actually interested in Sheng Nan. For that Qian Yao uses Huan Huan. He calls her out in a department store to be photographed together. Huan Huan isn’t pleased to spend time with Qian Yao. She knows that he has an ulterior motive, but she thinks that Qian Yao plans to get revenge on her for something that happened in the past. Still Huan Huan helped Qian Yao chose a new necktie. After she picked a necktie for him, Qian Yao kissed her. That moment, Justin, who was following them, intervened and hit Qian Yao.

Angry, Justin takes Huan Huan home. At some point Huan Huan was willing to leave down her guard and make a step towards Justin, but he was to furious. Justin didn’t say a word on their way. Because Justin didn’t ask her who that man was and why he kissed her, Huan Huan is angry. She believes that Justin doesn’t ask her anything because Justin must think that she is an easy woman that goes with the first man that comes her way.

Justin comes out of his car, tells Huan Huan that he doesn’t believe that and hugs her. He tells her how he really feels. He tells Huan Huan that he didn’t say anything because he doesn’t know how to react, what to say in that situation. After he said what he needed to say, Justin leaves.

Huan Huan doesn’t move an inch, but when she came to her senses she went to Justin’s house. She wants to leave her guard down, to give up her pride and tell Justin “I like you”…“I love you”. Unfortunately Justin wasn’t home. He was drinking alone in a bar near his house. When Justin leaves the bar, drunk, a strange man pretends to bump into him and put something into Justin’s pocket.

In the morning Sheng Nan met with Qian Yao to introduce him the proposal for their business. While they were talking, Huan Huan called Qian Yao. Seeing Huan Huan’s name, Sheng Nan realized that no matter how good her proposal is or how fast she puts into Qian Yao’s hands, as soon as Huan Huan enters the game, Sheng Nan isn being rejected. Qian Yao tells Sheng Nan that he can’t accept her proposal, but he doesn’t tell her that his superior wants Huan Huan. Disappointed Sheng Nan leaves, but first she confessed Qian Yao that she liked him.

Sheng Nan:”I, Hao Sheng Nan, once liked, really liked Jiang Qian Yao.”

Sheng Nan said everything she needed to say, but because Qian Yao didn’t react at all, she left. There is something holding Qian Yao back, but still he runs after Sheng Nan.

Justin wakes up late and sees the pictures that the strange man put in his pocket. That man is the ex husband of one of Justin’s clients and wants to get his revenge on Justin for divorcing him and his wife and leaving him without anything.

On the phone, that man threatened Justin with hurting Huan Huan. Worried, Justin calls Huan Huan and hears her screaming. He rushes over to where Huan Huan said she was. The police was there.

The man that threatened Justin, set fire to his wife the other day and he wanted to do the same to Huan Huan. Fortunately Sheng Nan and Qian Yao saw everything and saved Huan Huan. When the police asked Justin what his relationship with Huan Huan is, Justin answered that they are just friends. Huan Huan was expecting more, but since Justin said they are just friends, she was disappointed.

Justin:”We are only friends.”

When everything passed, Justin wanted to take Huan Huan home, but Qian Yao, who understood the situation offered to take Huan Huan home and so he did. After Qian Yao and Huan Huan left, Sheng Nan tells Justin who Qian Yao is. She tells Justin that she is on bad terms with Huan Huan because of Qian Yao who is Huan Huan ex boyfriend and soon he will be Huan Huan current boyfriend.

Arrived at Huan Huan’s house, Qian Yao apologizes to stealing her a kiss the other day.

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