“All about My Mom” ep 39 ~ Hyeong Kyu:” Do you know how hard my life has been?”

Hyeong Kyu finally found the courage to confess and propose to Hye Joo, but San Ok said no to Hye Joo. Hurt, Hyeong Kyu gets drunk and reveals the resentment he felt all his life for being the eldest son and San Ok favorite. He reveals the pressure San Ok put on his shoulders all his live.

On his way to meet Chae Ri for a date, Hyeong Soon is attacked while trying to help Aeng Du. Looking for Hyeong Soon who was late, Chae Ri sees Hyeong Soon and Aeng Du kissing.

Episode 39

Hyeong Kyu mustered the courage to confess his feelings to Hye Joo and proposed to her. Then he pulled Hye Joo after him and told his parents that Hye Joo and he will get married. Both Dong Chul and San Ok like Hye Joo. She is a nice girl and there were moments in which San Ok wished that Hye Joo was her daughter. Still San Ok can’t accept a divorced woman with a child to be the wife of his precious son. Because there is no way to make Hyeong Kyu change his mind, San Ok uses San to persuade Hye Joo. And she got what she wanted. Hye Joo apologized for accepting Hyeong Kyu’s proposal and broke up with him.

Forgive me, but I don’t understand San Ok’s position. She herself said that she likes Hye Joo because Hye Joo is a wonderful girl, but that wonderful girl isn’t enough for her precious son. San Ok loved Hyeong Kyu more than her other children, but she is the one making him suffer the most. It’s not San’s fault that his parents divorced. It doesn’t mean that if she was married and divorced once, Hye Joo can’t be happy again. If Hye Joo and Hyeong Kyu are in love and the fact that Hye Joo is a divorcee and has a son doesn’t bother Hyeong Kyu why it should bother his parents? After all if Hyeong Kyu and Hye Joo will get married, Hyeong Kyu is the one that will have to take care of San, not his parents. Also there are no complications with San’s father…..so what’s the problem?

Hyeong Kyu went after Hye Joo, but she doesn’t answer his calls or open her door to him. She tells her mother what happened and doesn’t let Yu Ja open the door to Hyeong Kyu either. Hyeong Kyu goes home and tries to call Hye Joo again, but still no answer. When San Ok and Dong Chul come home and what to talk to their son, Hyeong Kyu refuses. He is too upset to talk to his mother.

Jin Ae and Hoon Jae are on their trip, but they have to return. Once again Hoon Jae postponed the honeymoon and returns home. This time it wasn’t because of his mother, but because of work. Hoon Jae keeps getting phone calls from work so Jin Ae enters first. As soon as she came in, Jin Ae saw president Jang and Yeong Seon, holding hands. Knowing that Yeong Seon will be alone that nght, president Jang went to see her. They talked, they drink and when things were going alright they were disturbed. When Hoon Jae comes in and sees president Jang, Yeong Seon and president Jang at to shocked and unable to say a word. Jin Ae helps them while finding excuses to why president Jang was there. Jin Ae told Hoon Jae that president Jang came by because Yeong Seon didn’t answer her phone and he was worried that something might have happened to her.

Later, when they were alone Yeong Seon is embarrassed to face Jin Ae, but still she pretends that nothing is wrong and asks Jin Ae why she found excuses for her in front of Hoon Jae. Jin Ae also doesn’t understands at first why she helped Yeong Seon, but while cleaning up the living room after Yeong Seon and president Jang, Jin Ae realized the reason she helped another woman in an embarrassing situation.

The next morning Chae Ri is getting ready for her first day of work. Everyone is happy, encouraging her, except Hyeong Kyu. Between Hyeong Kyu and his mother is a awkward silence. Hyeong Kyu doesn’t even look at San Ok.

The first person who Chae Ri met at work was Jin Ae. She is so excited that jumps and hugs Jin Ae. But Jin Ae wants them to keep the privet live outside the office and asks Chae Ri to do the same.

Before entering her new office, Chae Ri met Yoo Hui, but since Yoo Hui doesn’t make that much impression, Chae Ri is rude to her. Unfortunately Chae Ri regrets having been rude to Yoo Hui in a few minutes when she finds out that Yoo Hui is her new team leader.

Arrived at work, Hyeong Kyu received a bad news. Hye Joo gave Hyeong Kyu her resignation letter. For Hye Joo, Hyeong Kyu was willing to change, to be a better man, to marry someone he loved, but since Hye Joo let go of his hand so easily, Hyeong Kyu is willing to be the man he was in the past and see marriage like business.

Chae Ri worked until late. Realizing that she is alone in the office, Chae Ri calls Hyeong Soon, but he didn’t answer. Hyeong Soon is being fooled by Aeng Du. She turned things her way so she and Hyeong Soon could work the same shift and leave together. When Hyeong Soon realized that Chae Ri was calling him, he lied that Aeng Du wasn’t at the restaurant with him. Unfortunately for him, Aeng Du, knowing that Hyoeng Soon was on the phone with Chae Ri, went next to him and talk to him.

While visiting shops with Chae Ri, Jin Ae met Chae Ri’s grandmother. Arrived home, Jin Ae tells Hoon Jae that his grandmother wishes to see him. Hoon Jae also wants to see his grandmother, but something stops him.

Hyeong Soon is on his way to meet Chae Ri, but he sees Aeng Du hurt. Aeng Du wanted to quit stealing as Hyeong Soon asked her, but her team didn’t agree and beat her up. Hyeong Soon stops to help the hurt Aeng Du, but the other thief appear and beat him up too.

Hyeong Soon:”I have plans with Chae Ri.”

Left alone Aeng Du cleans Hyeong Soon’s wounds and kisses him. That moment Chae Ri, who was looking for Hyeong Soon because he was late for their date, saw Aeng Du and Hyeong Soon kissing.

Hyeong Kyu drinks by himself, hurt from all the things that happened recently with Hye Joo. He was supposed to meet Seo Hyeon and her parents for dinner, but Hyeong Kyu canceled the dinner at the last minute. Seo Hyeon called Hyeong Kyu, but he isn’t in the mood to talk to her. Because Hyeong Kyu doesn’t talk to her, Seo Hyeon called Hye Joo and scolded her. Angry that her daughter has to suffer, Yu Ja vents her anger with Hyeong Kyu when she sees him. Hye Joo tries to stop her mother from saying she wanted to say, but Yu Ja isn’t easy to stop when she has to protect and defend her daughter. Knowing that Yu Ja is right, Hyeong Kyu can only bow his head and apologize.

Arrived home, Hyeong Kyu fights with his mother. He tells San Ok that she shouldn’t have treated Hye Joo the way she did after she suffered so much when Jin Ae was mistreated by Yeong Seon.

Hyeong Kyu:” Being the eldest son, being your eldest son, do you know how hard my life has been?”

Being drunk and upset, Hyeong Kyu has finally the courage to tell his mother how he felt because San Ok always loved him more than his siblings. The pressure that San Ok’s love put on Hyeong Kyu’s shoulders since he was born, suffocated him. Her high expectations of Hyeong Kyu were a burden for him.

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