“Taste of Love” ep 9 ~ Wen Feng:”You still won’t admit that I’m more attractive than Shen Jun Hao.”

Wen Feng and Xiao He found a new lead and followed that lead. Unfortunately the person who Wen Feng was looking for was already death. A lot of things happened between Wen Feng and Xiao He on their journey, but it’s time for Wen Feng to return home.

Episode 9

Wen Feng and Xiao He went to see the mayor after finding his name on the list from the restaurant that was on the card Wen Feng’s mother had. But the mayor denied having ever met Wen Feng’s mother. After Wen Feng and Xiao He left, the mayor called president Lin and another person and told them that Wen Feng found him.

Later the mayor went to look for Xiao He and Wen Feng and told them the name of the person that Wen Feng’s mother was looking for.

Wen Yi and his assistant, Hai Ping, arrived in Taipei. Without knowing that Hai Ping is betraying him and is trying to sell Wen Ji’s signature souse recipe, Wen Yi trusts Hai Ping more than he trusts his own brother. Wen Feng and Wen Yi met. They have different opinions about what they should do next. For starters Wen Feng believes that they should close Wen Ji restaurant until they find the souse recipe using renovation as an excuse. But Wen Yi refuses to do so. Wen Yi is suspicious on his brother, he doesn’t trust Wen Feng and he doesn’t trust that Wen Feng is actually trying to find the souse recipe.

Wen Yi:”Even though we are brothers, we don’t have the same father.”

Wen Yi’s answer disappoints Wen Feng and the two brothers start arguing. Later, following their new lead, Wen Feng and Xiao He went to find the man that Wen Feng came to see. On their way to find that person, Xiao He’s car broke down. They found the nearest car service, but it was closed. They decide to spend the night there and return in the morning when the service will be open. Before finding a hotel, Xiao He is hungry so they buy something to eat. After eating Wen Feng and Xiao He looked for a hotel to spend the night, but the hotel had only one room.

Xiao He goes first to take a shower. The shower was broken and she wet herself. Hearing Xiao He screaming, Wen Feng rushed in to see what happened and Xiao He wet him too. When Xiao He comes out from the shower, she and Wen Feng start bickering again. First they bicker because Wen Feng wasn’t wearing any shirt. His shirt was wet after Xiao He sprayed water of him. They bicker over who will sleep on the bed and who will sleep on the sofa. To get the bed, Wen Feng threatens Xiao He that he will take of his pants too because they seem wet. While Xiao He was covering her eyes, Wen Feng sat in on the bed ready to sleep.

Xiao He tries to pull Wen Feng out of the bed, but Wen Feng is stronger. He pulls Xiao He into the bed. Caught in the moment Wen Feng kisses Xiao He and she answered him. When Xiao He realized what she was doing she pushes Wen Feng away.

Wen Feng:”You were the one who said that I hold no appeal to you. You still won’t admit that I’m more attractive than Shen Jun Hao.”

Since Wen Feng doesn’t want to sleep on the sofa, Xiao He handcuffed him. That way she can sleep peacefully. In the morning, Xiao He was sleeping on Wen Feng’s chest. He couldn’t move, but she could. Unfortunately Xiao He didn’t have the key to get off the handcuffs so they had to go the car service with two problems. There Xiao He and Wen Feng are embarrassed after they discover that they didn’t need any key to take off that handcuffs.

Wen Feng:” My girlfriend’s idea. If I didn’t need someone to drive, I’d handcuff you here.”

The car is fixed so Wen Feng and Xiao He continue with their search. They were able to find the person they were looking for. But unfortunately that man was death. Disappointed Wen Feng leaves without asking anything about that man’s live. On his way back, Wen Feng reveals to Xiao He the real reason he came to Taiwan. Now that the only person who could’ve told him the souse recipe is death, it’s time for Wen Feng to return home.

Wen Feng call Wen Yi to give him the bad news. He wants to make a plan to save Wen Ji with his brother, but Wen Yi pushes Wen Feng away.

Wen Yi:” I have a way to save Wen Ji. I can save Wen Ji by myself.”

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