“Marry Me, or Not?” ep 9 ~ Justin:”I hate the feeling of liking you!”

Worried about Huan Huan’s safety, Justin doesn’t move from outside Huan Huan’s house. The next morning Justin and Sheng Nan saw Qian Yao picking up Huan Huan. That day Justin and Sheng Nan followed Huan  Huan and Qian Yao to the restaurant and the hotel. Huan Huan’s attacker keeps trying to set Huan Huan on fire to revenge on Justin, but luckily Justin and the police were close by. After the incident Justin and Huan Huan made up. Since she wants to be happy with Justin, Huan Huan reveals Sheng Nan what happened between her and Qian Yao during school years.

Episode 9

Worried about Huan Huan after she was attacked, Justin went to her house. She comes out on her balcony and calls him. She is still angry that Justin told the policeman that they are just friends, that he is just her lawyer, that they aren’t in any relationship. Huan Huan hopes that Justin will admit that he loves her, that they aren’t just friends, but Justin didn’t do so on the phone. His pride didn’t let him admit his true feelings. Furious, Huan Huan goes inside.

Wanting to protect Huan Huan from any harm, Justin adjusts the surveillance camera to not be any blind spots in front of Huan Huan’s house. Justin made sure that all the surveillance cameras work perfectly and that the police will have more patrols around Huan Huan’s house. Still he is too worried and stays in front of Huan Huan’s house. He is worried about Huan Huan, but Sheng Nan is worried about him so Sheng Nan stays and accompanies her brother in front of Huan Huan’s house.

It’s almost midnight and Justin is still in front of Huan Huan’s house. She brings him something to eat and tells him that her house is safe since she lives with her parents. After Huan Huan went inside, Sheng Nan asks her brother why he doesn’t let go of his pride and tells Huan Huan his feelings. She advises Justin to be honest with Huan Huan, that Huan Huan is waiting for him to tell him that he loves her, that he is worried about her. But Justin thinks that its best for him to stay silent for now.

Sheng Nan:”Why didn’t you tell her your feelings?”

Justin:”Sometimes silence…is the best choice.”

The next morning, Huan Huan sees Justin still in front of her house and she is happy. But the happiness doesn’t last long because Qian Yao came to pick up Huan Huan using business as excuse. Arrived at Qian Yao’s company, they enter the meetings room. Qian Yao closes the door and takes off his jacket. He comes closer to Huan Huan. She hits him, then takes out of her bag her weapon and electroshocks Qian Yao. But that was all in Huan Huan’s imagination. Qian Yao really brought her over to his company for business reason. After the meeting ended Qian Yao insisted to take Huan Huan out for a meat to apologize and to celebrate that their common business is working well.

Sheng Nan and Justin can’t concentrate on their work. They were together in the morning and saw Huan Huan leave with Qian Yao. Their jealousy doesn’t let them concentrate on what they have to do. Overhearing Huan Huan saying that she will meet Qian Yao, Sheng Nan and Justin followed her to the restaurant she was meeting Qian Yao. After eating, Huan Huan and Qian Yao left. Justin and Sheng Nan followed them to a hotel. The moment Huan Huan was about to enter into a room with Qian Yao, Justin couldn’t control his jealousy anymore and tried to stop Huan Huan from going in. But he was embarrassed when he found out that Qian Yao and Huan Huan are there on a business meeting.

Qian Yao:” You guys…haven’t misunderstood us, right?”

Huan Huan takes Justin away from there. She tries to explains Justin what kind of relationship she has with Qian Yao, but Justin doesn’t let her. He keeps mentioning that they are just friends. However Huan Huan isn’t able to take it anymore. Justin left everything he was doing and rushed over to save her when he heard she was in danger, he went crazy with jealousy when he saw Qian Yao kissing her and entering with Huan Huan into a hotel…what kind of friend would do that?

Huan Huan:” Why can’t you just admit that you like me?”

Justin:”I admit that I like you! I hate the feeling of liking you!”

Justin tells Huan Huan what he really feels about her, but he ruins everything in a few seconds. After telling Huan Huan what he feels, Justin also told her that he hates the fact that he likes her because she turned him into a person he doesn’t like. Justin said what he needed to say, turned his back and left. But Huan Huan also opens up and reveals what she really feels for him. But if for Justin is so hard to like her and wants to forget about her, than he can do so. Huan Huan turns her back on Justin and leaves. It was the right moment for Justin to run after Huan Huan, but he didn’t.

On the way, a man bumps into Justin. He realizes that the same thing happened the night before Huan Huan being attacked by the arsonist. Worried Justin tries to call Huan Huan while he search for her, but she doesn’t answer.

Huan Huan is in a parking lot. She’s being followed. A man suddenly shows up in front of her with a can of gasoline. It’s the same man that attacked her the other day. That man throws the gasoline on Huan Huan, but that moment Justin appeared and the gasoline ended up on him. Since the gasoline is on Justin, the arsonist tries to set Justin on fire. Huan Huan hits him and he drops the fire. But that man came prepared. He also has a knife. He fights and cuts Justin.

The police appeared in time to arrest the arsonist and safe Justin and Huan Huan. From the police Justin finds out that Huan Huan and the police have planned to let Huan Huan be the bait in order to catch the attacker. Justin gets angry with the police officers for putting Huan Huan in danger. The police and Huan Huan had arranged a less dangerous plan first, but Justin ruined their plan with all his did to protect Huan Huan at her house.

After that awful experience Huan Huan and Justin made up.

Huan Huan:”I like you!”

Now that they are back to be a couple, Justin calls Huan Huan to invite her to breakfast. Huan Huan is extremely happy, but as soon as she arrived at the restaurant she found out that Justin wanted to have breakfast to discus about her lawsuit. After breakfast, Justin took Huan Huan to work. In front of her office, Huan Huan met Sheng Nan who congratulated her for reconciling with Justin.

Huan Huan realized that if she wants to be happy with Justin by her side, she has to reconcile with Sheng Nan. She was about to tell Sheng Nan something when the rest of their coworkers congratulated Huan Huan for being promoted. According to their bet, since Huan Huan was promoted, Sheng Nan has to quit her job. It’s time to reconcile with Sheng Nan so Huan Huan takes Sheng Nan on the roof and tells her the truth about Qian Yao and her. Sheng Nan always believed that Huan Huan and Qian Yao dated even if Huan Huan knew how much Sheng Nan liked Qian Yao. But actually Huan Huan protected Sheng Nan from Qian Yao. During their school days, Qian Yao made a bet with his friends that he will use Sheng Nan. At that moment another schoolmate promise that he will repay the one that will get Huan Huan after she rejected his love confession. Qian Yao wanted to get the basketball shoes the other schoolmate promised so he planned to get close to Huan Huan by using Sheng Nan. Unfortunately for him, Huan Huan overheard his conversation with his friends. Hearing what Huan Huan said about Qian Yao’s plan, Sheng Nan remembered that Qian Yao treated her exactly the way Huan Huan was saying. Still she can’t believe that Qian Yao would do such thing, especially since she saw Huan Huan and Qian Yao together at school. But Huan Huan told her what really happened at that moment.

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