“All about My Mom” ep 40 ~ Chae Ri:”Every man in this world is interested in me.”

Chae Ri sees Hyeong Soon with Aeng Du and doesn’t go home for the whole night. With Jin Ae and Hoon Jae’s help, Hyeong Soon and Chae Ri get back together. Meantime San Ok realizes how much Hyeong Kyu suffers and accepts Hye Joo as her daughter-in-law.

Because Chae Ri’s grandmother keeps insisting to see Hoon Jae, Jin Ae accepts to help her. Unfortunately Yeong Seon didn’t liked what Jin Ae did and scolded Jin Ae. Once again Jin Ae feels hurt because her husband and her mother-in-law treat her like an outsider.

Episode 40

Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon were supposed to meet for a date to celebrate her first day of work. Because Hyeong Soon was late, Chae Ri went to look for him. She found him and was shocked. Hyeong Soon and Aeng Du were kissing. On his way to meet Chae Ri, Hyeong Soon stopped to save Aeng Du and was beaten.

Disappointed, Chae Ri leaves without saying anything. Hyeong Soon wants to go after her, but the pain doesn’t let him move that fast. Because Hyeong Soon is in pain, Aend Du runs after Chae Ri. Coming slowly, Hyeong Soon caught up with the girls. He explains Chae Ri what happened, but Chae Ri is too hurt and disappointed. Since Hyeong Soon was hurt because of Aeng Du than Aeng Du should take care of him.

Chae Ri:” You can have him. He’s all yours.”

Chae Ri goes home, but she can’t go in. She left her family to be with Hyeong Soon and now that she saw Hyeong Soon with Aeng Du, after she asked him to stay away of Aeng Du, Chae Ri can’t go inside. She leaves. The place Chae Ri went was her father’s house. When she was about to ring the bell, Chae Ri remembered that her father said that if she will go home, he will assume that Chae Ri and Hyeong Soon broke up for good. She changed her mind and left from there too.

Meantime Hyeong Soon arrived home and found out that Chae Ri didn’t come home. He calls Chae Ri, but she doesn’t answer. The place Chae Ri went was Hoon Jae’s house. Chae Ri now has a brother so she can rely on him. Hoon Jae, Jin Ae and Hoon Jae’s aunt gave Chae Ri something to eat. Being an honest girl, Chae Ri criticize the food she was given. Jin Ae is worried that she and Chae Ri could get in trouble with Yeong Seon, but since Hoon Jae brought Chae Ri inside, instead of taking her home, she can’t say a word.

Later Jin Ae called Hyeong Soon to tell him that Chae Ri is at her house.

Hearing people talking, Yeong Seon woke up and saw Chae Ri. Both Yeong Seon and her cousin think Chae Ri is bold to have dared to come so late at Jin Ae’s in-laws house. But Chae Ri isn’t intimidated and told Yeong Seon and Nan Seok that she didn’t came at Jin Ae’s in-laws house, she came at her brother’s house. Unfortunately Yeong Seon scolded Chae Ri because Yeong Seon is uncomfortable with the fact that both Hoon Jae and Chae Ri accepted each other as siblings.

In the middle of the night Jin Ae wants to drive Chae Ri home because she is in a difficult position with Yeong Seon who doesn’t like Jin Ae that much as it is. Between tears Chae Ri tells Jin Ae the reason she doesn’t want to go home.

Hoon Jae, Jin Ae and Chae Ri leave for work early in the morning. In front of the house Hyeong Soon was waiting for Chae Ri to explain her what she saw the other night and take her home. But Jin Ae takes Chae Ri to work leaving Hyeong Soon with Hoon Jae.

Hoon Jae:”I’ll teach Hyeong Soon a lesson.”

Instead of scolding Hyeong Soon as he promised, Hoon Jae takes care of Hyeong Soon’s wound and gives him advices to make Chae Ri forgive him. After all Hoon Jae’s been into a similar situation before when Yoo Hui kissed him in front of Jin Ae.

Hyeong Soo:”Why are women so scary?”

Hyeong Kyu is still upset. He didn’t get up from bed to go to work. He treats San Ok coldly and even covers his head with the blanket when San Ok came to his room. Later Hyeong Kyu got ready to go to work. He eats what San Ok made him and tells her to set another blind date for him because this time he will pick up and marry the woman that will make San Ok happy.

Hyeong Kyu:”I’ve done great so far that I wouldn’t want to let you down with whom I marry.”

San Ok love and treasured Hyeong Kyu more than her other two children. She pressured him to be the person she wanted him to be and become a lawyer. But when Hyeong Kyu finally found something or better said someone that made him happy, San Ok didn’t agree with his chose. So now Hyeong Kyu’s behavior hurts her the same way she hurt Jin Ae all those years. Karma is a funny thing…

Hyeong Kyu arrived to work, but he doesn’t look at Hye Joo or talk to her more than he should talk regarding work stuff. She wants to ask Hyeong Kyu something, but a woman came in for an interview. Since Hye Joo said she will quit her job and asked Hyeong Kyu to not make things difficult for her while holding her back, Hyeong Kyu decided what he will do next with his life. From now on Hyeong Kyu will move on and find a woman to marry and go on with his life.

Jin Ae and Chae Ri have dinner with their team. To help Hyeong Soon, Jin Ae sent him a text with the place they are and told him to come and beg Chae Ri to forgive him. Then she called Hoon Jae and asked him to go together to her parent’s house. When Hoon Jae called his mother to announce her that they will be late, Yeong Seon remembered that Yoo Hui told her earlier that Jin Ae was talking on the phone and making plans with someone Jin Ae was calling “grandmother”.

Hyeong Soon arrived at the restaurant his sister told him about and saw Chae Ri talking to a man. That man is Park Seung Wan from Design team. He will work temporary with Jin Ae’s team. Seung Wan is interested in Chae Ri and wants to know if she is seeing someone at the moment.

Chae Ri:”Every man in this world is interested in me.”

When Seung Wan was insisting to know if Chae Ri is seeing someone, Chae Ri was keeping him at distance. She told Seung Wan that she is seeing someone, but Chae Ri was too embarrassed to tell Seung Wan that Hyeong Soon is a part time worker at a barbecue restaurant. Chae Ri tells Seung Wan that Hyeong Soon is the owner of the restaurant he works at.

Hyeong Soo approached Chae Ri and Seung Wan, but Seung Wan already knew him. Seung Wan met Hyeong Soon when Hyeong Soon was president Jang’s chauffeur.

Seeing Hyeong Kyu suffering and turning back into the cold person he was before meeting Hye Joo, San Ok called Hye Joo over. She apologized to Hye Joo for hurting and mistreating her and asked Hye Joo to marry Hyeong Kyu.

San Ok:”Hye Joo, be my family! Be my daughter-in-law.”

Hoon Jae arrived at his date with Jin Ae and finds out that they aren’t going to Jin Ae’s parent’s house. Soon Chae Ri’s grandmother arrived too. She begged Jin Ae to convince Hoon Jae t see her until Jin Ae couldn’t refuse anymore. Unfortunately for Jin Ae, Yeong Seon came to check what Yoo Hui told her in the afternoon and arrived the moment Hoon Jae, Jin Ae and the grandmother were together.

Back at the house, Yeong Seon scolds Jin Ae for making her a fool and letting the grandmother see Hoon Jae. But Jin Ae fights back telling Yeong Seon that she wants to be a bridge between the two families since things are going well between Yeong Seon and president Jang.

Jin Ae:”I want you and president Jang together.”

Hoon Jae is present and he also screams at Jin Ae for going against him and his mother. Upset that since she got married into that family, Hoon Jae and Yeong Seon leave her aside as she would be a stranger not part of the family, Jin Ae talks back. In front of the whole family she tells Hoon Jae how upset she is because Hoon Jae and Yeong Seon always are siding against her and Jin Ae wants to be part of the family too.

Jin Ae:”Let me be part of that “we”.”

Hyeong Kyu is meeting Seo Hyeon when suddenly Hye Joo comes in and confesses her feeling for Hyeong Kyu openly.

Hye Joo:” I have feelings for lawyer Lee. I love him.”

Hye Joo grabs Hyeong Kyu’s arm and drags him after her outside, where she tells him that San Ok gave them permission to get married. Because Hyeong Kyu was confused about the situation, Hye Joo kissed him.

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