“Cheese in the Trap” ep 1 ~ Seol:”I feel like I’m being dragged into some plot.”

Cheese in the trap is a drama based on the webtoon with the same name. Hong Seol is a hardworking and earnest university student with a poor background. She works as a part timer to pay her daily necessities. Her live was well until she met Yoo Jung, who is handsome, athletic and smart. Since he couldn’t have all good qualities, Yoo Jung has a dark side too.


Park Hae Jin     as   Yoo Jung

Kim Go Eun     as     Hong Seol

Seo Kang Joon   as   Baek In Ho

Episode 1

Hong Seol is drinking with her school friends. She gets drunk and tells everyone that she will leave the school, but no one believed her. Her problems started a year before when Yoo Jung returned to school after finishing his military service. The night Yoo Jung returned to school, everyone was drinking. Yoo Jung is good looking and the girls follow him around. A girl goes next to Yoo Jung and offers him something to eat and drink. When that girl wanted to pour Yoo Jung something to drink in his cup, Yoo Jung refused. The alcohol was spilled on that girl. Hong Seol, who was sitting away from Yoo Jung and saw the whole scene. To her it seemed that Yoo Jung spilled the drink on that girl intentionally and Yoo Jung’s smile confirmed Seol’s suspicions.

Later that night, Seol comes out from the restroom and sees another school mate counting the membership fee money. On her way out Seol met Yoo Jung who was listening to what the one that was counting the money was saying. They were missing some money. The next day Sang Cheol, the one that was counting the money, approached Seol angry that she accused him of stealing the money from the membership fee. While Seol was defending herself in front of Sang Cheol, Yoo Jung came. He resolved the situation and accusing Seol, he pretended to help her with Sang Cheol. But Seol isn’t one of the girls that follows him around so in front of her friends and the girl that was with Yoo Jung, Seol revealed that he was also present the moment Sang Cheol counted the money.

The following days, Yoo Jung ignores Seol if they are the only once around. When other people are around, Yoo Jung is a totally different person. He salutes Seol, he treats her nicely, he buys her healthy drinks. Meantime Nam Joo Yeon, the class president and the girl that follows Yoo Jung around, started harassing Seol. If the professor was telling her they will start class at a certain hour, Joo Yeon will tell Seol a completely different hour.

Because people that admire Yoo Jung and don’t see his true colors, make her life impossible in school, Seol tries to avoid Yoo Jung as much as possible. But since things turned worse, Seol decided to take her leave from school.

Yoo Jung:”You should’ve been more careful.”

Unfortunately things don’t always go the way one want. Seol comes from a poor family and has to work hard to pay her tuition. But as soon as she made her mind to leave school, Seol received a scholarship. Happy with her scholarship, Seol returned to school. When things were going just fine, Seol found out that she got the scholarship thanks to Jung.

Seol:”I feel like I’m being dragged into some plot.”

Jung:”I’m glad to see you again.”

Now that she is back to school, Jung follows Seol around. He even invited her to have lunch together, but scared of him, Seol runs away from him as much as she can. The day Jung invited her to lunch, Seol was looking at her classes. Leaving in a hurry, Seol forgot to log out and Jung looked at her classes. Soon Seol found out that her the class she wanted and did everything she could to join was changed. Seol had a suspect when she realizes that she and Jung have similar classes, except for the one that Seol wanted.

A girl told Seol that she saw the person who changed Seol’s class. Hearing that Seol suspects him again, Jung made plans to meet her later and watch the surveillance cameras. Then Jung called his friends and announced them what he was going to do. After that Jung visited the guard in charge of the surveillance cameras.

Seol and her friends arrived at the hour they were supposed to meet Jung, but he never showed up. With her friend’s help, Seol was able to check the surveillance camera. They watch the recording and saw Jung leave soon after Seol. So he couldn’t have been him.

The moment Seol and her friends where checking the surveillance camera, Jung was meeting the actual culprit. It was Sang Cheol. He came in right after Jung left and wanted to take Seol’s spot in the class because he could pass faster that teachers exam. But as soon as he took Seol off from that class another person got in. So in the end Sang Cheol made things difficult for Seol for nothing because he either got in.

On her way home, Seol met Jung. She apologies for suspecting him, but still rejected his dinner invitation and run away from him. At his house, that night, Jung received a text from an old friend, Baek In Ha. She was telling Jung that her brother, In Ho returned to town.

Since there isn’t anything she could do, Seol decided to accept her fait and try to learn as much as she can from professor Kang. But suddenly someone transferred to her class. It was Jung!

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3 Responses to “Cheese in the Trap” ep 1 ~ Seol:”I feel like I’m being dragged into some plot.”

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  2. Blue says:

    This drama seems fun. I loved Park Hae Jin’s performance in You From The Start. Don’t know when I’ll have the time to give it a try but we shall see.

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