“Cheese in the Trap” ep 2 ~ Jung:” It’s so hard just to eat a meal with you.”

Seol avoids as much as she can Jung, but she can’t continue to do so. They talk and became closed. But when she started to be closer to Jung, Seol encountered other problems. There are girls who like Jung and when they are rejected by him, they take it on Seol.

Everything was going well between Seol and Jung until Seol went on a blind date. At the restaurant Seol met In Ho. When Seol lost her phone, In Ho was the one that found it and called Jung.

Episode 2

Seol can’t do anything to change her class so she decided to give professor Kang a chance. For sure she will learn more from professor Kang than she would’ve learned from the other professor. Suddenly someone comes is. It’s Jung! He changed classes to be close to Seol. When the class finished Seol runs out as fast as she could to avoid Jung. For the rest of her semester she avoided as much as she could Jung, even if she always appeared next to her when it was lunch time inviting her to a meal. Seol always found an excuse to run away from Jung and not eat with him. But she can’t do that until she will finish school.

One day Seol tries to avoid Jung as she usually does, but she couldn’t. In the end Seol decided to talk with Jung and apologize for falsely accusing him of changing her class. But Jung doesn’t want an apology, he wants to share a mean with Seol. For the first time since they’ve met, Seol accepted Jung’s invitation to dinner.

Seol:”You can’t fall for that smile.”

During dinner both Jung and Seol apologized to each other. They’ve made peace and scheduled another dinner together. After dinner Seol introduced Jung to a friend of hers.

Seol comes to school and a strange man is approaching her. That stranger is In Ho. He was together with a beggar so Seol gets scared. When the security guard saw the beggar an accident happened and Seol fell on her bag. Unfortunately Seol had her laptop in her bag and in her laptop she had her homework for professor Kang’s class.

Seol wants to open her laptop, but it doesn’t work. She tries to borrow one from her classmates, but no one helped her. Seeing her worried, Jung gave Seol his laptop. During class, Seol rewrites her homework. Professor Kang saw her that she wasn’t paying attention to class, but thanks to Jung’s help Seol didn’t get into trouble. To give Seol time to finish her report, Jung offered to gather all reports and to bring them to professor Kang’s office. While waiting for Seol to finish her report, Jung goes near her and stares at her writing.

Jung:” Am I distracting you? You’ve been distracting me a lot too.”

When Seol finished her report, Jung helped her print it.

Joo Yeon saw that Jung and Seol are closer lately so when no one saw her, she took Seol’s report. She felt guilty after taking it, but still Joo Yeon didn’t put the report back. Seol forgot her USB at the printing machine and on her way to get it she met Joo Yeon. She realize that Seol took her report. The girls fight. Seol is upset that Joo Yeon is giving her a hard time since the day Jung returned to school. Meantime Joo Yeon is jealous that Seol is always around Jung. Unfortunately for Joo Yeon, Jung heard her threatening Seol that next time it won’t be just the report if Seol continues to stay around Jung.

Jung:”I never gave you special treatment.”

Seol ran to give professor Kang her report, but it was after the deadline so the professor refuses to take it. Fortunately Jung came in and took the blame for Seol’s giving late her report so professor Kang accepted Seol’s work. The professor accepted Seol’s homework, but with a condition. Seol won’t get full marks because she submitted the report late.

Seol is stressed out. If she can’t get a full mark on her report, than she has to get full mark on the group work and the test. Luckily Jung offered to help her with both of them.

Its exams time, but the library is full. Seol asked Eun Taek to let her use his club’s room. In the middle of the night, Seol was all alone in school. She was studying when suddenly she hears a noise. Joo Yeon met with the beggar and out of revenge sent him to Seol. If Jung rejects her because of Seol, than Joo Yeon plans to create trouble for Seol. After sending the beggar to Seol, Joo Yeon wanted to score more points with Jung. She looked for Jung and when she found him, Joo Yeon said that a beggar is following Seol in the clubs building and that Seol is in danger. But Jung realized that something isn’t right. The clubs building is in the opposite direction of the parking lot, where he was. If she really wanted to save Seol from danger, it would’ve been faster for Joo Yeon to get help from a security guard than look for Jung all over the campus.

Jung :” You made this happen so you take care of it.”

Scared, Seol got her things and want to go home. But on her way she met the drunk beggar. He grabbed her hand and in Seol’s fight to get away, the beggar cut her hand with his broken bottle. Luckily it wasn’t anything bad and the guards came to Seol’s rescue.

The next day Jung sees that Seol is hurt. He takes her books and brings her outside where he cleans her wound and put patch it.

Seol found out who really reported Sang Cheol for stealing the money so she feels guilty for blaming Jung. Actually it was Jung who pushed the other person to accuse Sang Cheol, but Seol doesn’t know that yet. Feeling guilty for wrongly accusing Jung, she goes to him and invites him to dinner. Now that Seol doesn’t push him away anymore, Jung took a picture with the two of them.

Seol comes to school when her friend Bo Ra and Eun Taek kidnap her. They lock her into an empty room. Eun Taek makes sure that no one enters that room. Meantime Bo Ra helps Seol to change, to wear makeup and takes care of Seol’s hair. Arrived to class in a dress, wearing makeup and high heels, Seol is embarrassed, but Jung likes her.

Jung:”You look pretty!”

Because her friend Ah Young likes Jung and asked for her help, Seol invited Jung to a meal after class. In the cafeteria Seol and Jung met Ah Young. During the meal Seol talks about Ah Young’s qualities and Jung realized what she is doing. Jung likes Seol, but she is setting him up with another girl.

Soon Seol leaves. Left alone with Jung, Ah Young told him the reason why Soel was all dressed up that day. She was going on a blind date that Bo Ra set for Seol. Jung is shocked!

In Ho has a job interview, but it didn’t go that well. The interview was at the same restaurant where Seol had her blind date. The man Seol met wasn’t her type. He was full of himself and liked to show off. Because that man was someone that Bo Ra knew, Seol held in as much as she could, but luckily for her In Ho intervened and the date was finally over.

Seol arrived home and in front of her house, Jung was waiting for her. Jung is furious.

Jung:” Lately I thought that we had gotten pretty close. But you had your own reasons for approaching me. You’re just like everyone else. It’s so hard just to eat a meal with you.”

When she left the restaurant, Seol forgot her phone. In Ho found it and plans to return it and get a free meal. He looks around Seol’s phone and sees the picture with Seol and Jung. In Ho calls Jung. They meet, but there is a lot of tension between the two of them. Jung is cold towards In Ho, but In Ho expected their meeting to be different.

In Ho:”The world is getting smaller.”

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