“Taste of Love” ep 10 ~ Wen Feng:”I think…I am falling for you.”

Xiao He’s father has trouble selling his organic vegetables. Still he prepares a lot of presents for Wen Feng to take with him back to Hong Kong. Fortunately, Wen Feng decided to stay few more days and help Xiao He with the vegetables. He follows her around, even when Xiao He is busy with new clients, introducing himself as Xiao He’s boyfriend.

Wen Feng kisses Xiao He every time he has the chance and expects Xiao He to admit that she likes him. But Xiao He insists that she still likes Jun Hao. The same time Xiao He meets Bo Yu. Couldn’t handle his jealousy anymore, Wen Feng confesses that he loves Xiao He.

Episode 10

Xiao He’s father returned home with all the vegetables he wanted to sell. At his farm, Xiao He’s father has only organic vegetables. They are healthy vegetables, but unfortunately the organic vegetables aren’t as beautiful and large as the vegetables with pesticides. Xiao He tries to help her father sell the vegetables and asks Wen Feng to help her. Wen Feng only talks about the healthy properties of the organic vegetables and that Xiao He should raise the price. Then Wen Feng leaves. He looks from afar how Xiao He struggles to sell her vegetables, but no one wants to buy them.

The night before Wen Feng’s departure, Xiao He finds him sitting outside, depressed. She brings the masks Wen Feng bought when she needed to cry and puts the mask on Wen Feng.

Wen Feng:”Every person has his own way to express his love.”

Xiao He consoled Wen Feng who was sad after finding out that the person who he was looking for, his father, is death. While crying Wen Feng puts his head on Xiao He’s shoulder.

Xiao He takes Wen Feng out to eat. He thought that Xiao He would take him out to a nice restaurant since he will leave soon, but Xiao He took Wen Feng to the market. There he tries all kinds of street food. To experience the true life and culture of a country you visit then you should eat and do the things that the locals do, instead of tourist attractions.

When things were going well, Bo Yu called Xiao He. Hearing Xiao He talking to Bo Yu and making plans to see each other, Wen Feng became acting strange. He starts eating everything, even if Xiao He was telling him to save some for her. The moment Wen Feng wanted to eat the last piece of their dish, Xiao He turned off her conversation with Bo Yu and wanted to take the food piece before Wen Feng would eat it. But Wen Feng removed his hand and he kissed Xiao He on her forehead. After that they both are awkward, but they start bickering to remove the awkwardness between them. Of course, while they were bickering, Wen Feng and Xiao He encountered another awkward moment. They were playing in each other’s head when Wen Feng wanted to stop Xiao He. For a few seconds Wen Feng and Xiao He are staring into each other’s eye while holding hands. Embarrassed Xiao He removed soon her hands and left.

Back at the house, both Wen Feng and Xiao He think about their feelings towards the other. Xiao He is confused. She thinks that she might start to fall in love with Wen Feng. Meantime Wen Feng also feels that he likes Xiao He, but he doesn’t want to fall in love with her because he feels like he doesn’t need love in his live. Wen Feng looks around the room, takes a picture with Xiao He and puts it in his luggage.

Xiao He:”Am I falling for him?”

Wen Feng:”I…may like you by this little bit, but that is it, because I don’t need something like love.”

In the morning, Xiao He’s father gave Wen Feng few bags with things to take with him back in Hong Kong. While Xiao He’s father was showing what he got, Wen Feng announced that he will not leave that day. Wen Feng decided overnight to stay for a few more days. The news made Xiao He’s father happy because now he can get more things for Wen Feng.

Pretending that he delayed his departure because Xiao He reserved his ticked on economy class instead of business class, Wen Feng asked Xiao He to tell Bo Yu that she is too busy to go out to dinner with Bo Yu.

Later Wen Feng sees Xiao He with a large amount of vegetables. She has to sell them soon, but the ideas Xiao He, Ruby and their father have aren’t good. Wen Feng offers to help, but his pride doesn’t let him admit that he wants to help Xiao He so he pretends that he stayed to help Xiao He’s father.

In order to make a selling plan, Wen Feng needs his laptop so he sends Xiao He to get it. After Xiao He left, Wen Feng remembers that he put in his luggage one of Xiao He’s pictures and runs to stop Xiao He from seeing it. But it was too late. Xiao He already saw the picture. When Xiao He asked him why he had her pictures, Wen Feng pretended that he knows nothing about that picture. He accused Xiao He of putting the picture in his luggage because she likes him.

Wen Feng:”There are too many girls who like me.”

Xiao He denies that she likes him and to prove that she keeps repeating Jun Hao’s name. Wen Feng doesn’t like to hear that so he kisses Xiao He to prove her that she actually likes him, not Jun Hao.

Wen Feng:”I think you like me. I want you to admit in your own words that you like me.”

Later Wen Feng cooks some dressing that will go well with Xiao He’s vegetables to sell them as a salad. Afraid that Wen Feng will kiss her again, Xiao He comes all dressed up and even wearing a mask and glasses. While they taste the dressing, they talk about the differences between cooks meals and manufactured once.

Wen Feng:”Real food can warm people’s stomach and their heart.”

Xiao He was assigned another client by her agency and Wen Feng accompanied her. The new clients were a newlywed couple. The bride was in a wheelchair. The first place Xiao He took the couple was a studio where the couple got their pictures taken. The groom asked who Wen Feng was and Wen Feng introduced himself as Xiao He’s boyfriend. Then the groom encouraged them to get married as soon as possible and not wait for a long time like he did. The couple dated for a few years and got married when they were announced that they can’t postpone the marriage for long because the bride is sick and doesn’t have more time to live.

At night Xiao He has dinner with Bo Yu. He took her to an expensive restaurant where Xiao He always wanted to go together when they were still a couple. During dinner Bo Yu is really curious to know why Wen Feng came to Taiwan and what he visited during the time he was there. Xiao He didn’t say anything to Bo Yu, but Bo Yu was shocked when Xiao He told him that Wen Feng is returning home soon.

Meantime at the house, Wen Feng is boiling with jealousy. He talks to Xiao He’s teddy bears and can’t understand why Xiao He is so late.

Xiao He comes home in the middle of the night and finds Wen Feng waiting for her. He is jealous. He’s been waiting for hours for Xiao He to come home. Wen Feng also asked Xiao He’s father to call her and ask her to come home, but Xiao He’s father didn’t do so. When Xiao He arrived, Wen Feng confesses.

Wen Feng:”I think…I am falling for you.”

Unfortunately, after he confessed, Wen Feng ruined the moment. He told Xiao He that he is better than Bo Yu, who cheated on her, and Jun Hao, who loves someone else. Wen Feng wants to date, but that it’s it, they will not talk about their future together or marriage.

Xiao He:”If you are serious who would confess this way? I don’t like you at all.”

Wen Feng:”Ye Xiao He, the fact that I consider you is a privilege.”

Upset about the way Wen Feng confessed, Xiao He rejected his feelings. In his room, Wen Feng is upset that Xiao He rejected him and hits a teddy bear. Meantime Xiao He thinks about Wen Feng’s confession and suspects that he was making fun of her.

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